Webby's tins.

Met a real cool cat through Preacher a couple weeks ago that goes by the name Webby. He's been building a '54 panhead for a couple years now and asked me to paint the tins for it. I saw this thing a couple years ago in some shop in Va. Beach and was immediately stoked on it. Wishbone frame, I-beam springer, 18"-21" combo, all the proper fixin's as far as I'm concerned.

Well the paint's done and the chrome's home so it shouldn't be long now.

Stay tuned.

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Full Tilt Boogie 2014 - Part 9

To wrap up the Evo Sportsters at Full Tilt, here are mine and Scott's.

Scott's bike went by "project pink eye" for a while and later "droopy eye" and it probably has lots of other names too. Is it an homage to Then Came Bronson? I have no idea and never asked him that. I've never seen the show anyway. The color is hard to describe and was a bit of an accident as I understand it. It's sort of like hot pink meets fluorescent orange, but mostly orange. Regardless, I think the bike is very cool.

I think that's dirt on the tank.  Scott might have brought part of the commune with him to the show.

As I've said before, it's a shame it rained so much but it was still a fun day and I'm glad so many people brought their bikes out.

Overall, Full Tilt was awesome again.  This was the first year without live music so I hope they bring it back next year.  Hopefully the weather is a little less wet next year too.  It's a great time no matter what so, rain or shine, don't miss it!!!


The Analog Run and Motorcycle Gathering is taking shape. Some very kind and generous sponsors have jumped on board to help out. I'll have more details on the event in the coming weeks. Make your plans now!!!

Triumph Chopper For Sale

Zack has his Triumph up for sale::
1966 TR6 650
Fresh rebuild 650 Motor. Cases split, new bearings, all new gaskets, cylinders honed, new pistons and rings. First kick machine.
clear matching title. 
david bird 0" stretch, 0" drop hardtail.
new boyer electronic ignition
4 cell antigravity lithium ion battery
original MCM fork covers
original wassell ribbed fender
new Amal premier 930 Carbs
Avon Speedmaster and Safety Mileage 
vintage 21" front week with neat spool hub.
16" rear wheel, chromed hub with new brake shoes.
polished engine covers, blasted cases and fresh painted cylinders.
has about 500 mile on the rebuild that was done by a professional Triumph mechanic.

That's all folks.... for Punk Rock Wednesdays, but wait there's still one more Schaidy party day ahead...

Schaidy's moving next week, so tonight was the last Punk Rock Wednesday at the Gasser Lounge.
Everyone in Oregon better watch out, he's coming at you!
The last Schaidy party will be Satruday July 26th.
We're holding a ride from the Gasser Lounge (meet at 1PM / 2PM KSU) to see Fartbarf play in Downtown Santa Ana (All ages, FREE entry)(they go on at 3PM)

...then we're meeting at 10:30 PM at Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach (142 Pacific Coast Hwy.)(21/over, Free entry if you mention Curly Wolf at the door) and then it's back to the Gasser Lounge (21/over)

Wolf Tee's In Stock

The original Wolfman tee and the Wolf Wheelie Tee are back in Stock. I have a small run of WOMENS OG Wolfman too...Get some in the BL Store.

Born Free (22/20) Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!

Just another shot from the Harley Davidson DUI Simulator

Did you get a chance to visit the Harley Davidson THUNDERDOME!?!
"One Man Enter, A Finance Plan Leaves..."
I didn't have the guts to go inside.


That's straight out of Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse...

(anyone get my jokes anymore? prob not.)

Looky Looky, there's CRFyou's Panhead Chopper with a #wussarmy Kit helmet paint job ~ Schwing!


Jeff Wright of Church of Choppers fame is finishing up his FXR for the Brooklyn Invitational. I have always been a fan of Jeff's work, his approach to bike design is truly unique. That being said, I think he is outdoing himself with this one. Check out the build HERE.

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