Webby's tins.

Met a real cool cat through Preacher a couple weeks ago that goes by the name Webby. He's been building a '54 panhead for a couple years now and asked me to paint the tins for it. I saw this thing a couple years ago in some shop in Va. Beach and was immediately stoked on it. Wishbone frame, I-beam springer, 18"-21" combo, all the proper fixin's as far as I'm concerned.

Well the paint's done and the chrome's home so it shouldn't be long now.

Stay tuned.

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2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 6

There was so much to see at the 2016 Minneapolis IMS that I'm glad I went both Friday and Saturday.  This BMW really caught my eye.  Stripped down BMWs aren't something you see everyday and this one is awesome.

While I know the focus of this show is new bikes, there were lots of other vintage and custom bikes to see too.

In addition to bikes, Makoto Endo was there painting live.  I first saw prints of his work at the Oil & Ink Expo (blog posts here and here).  He paints with chopsticks and the results are beautiful!

I stopped by multiple times Friday and Saturday and you can see the steady progress in the photos below.

Of course, no series of blogposts about the IMS would complete without a few of the ladies that staff the displays and deal with endless annoying requests for photos.

That wraps up the 2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  As a friendly reminder, it's less than one week until Mama Tried!!!

For Sale! Harley-Davidson XLH1000 1972 EURO 8500,00!

NEED MORE MONEY! So for sale our 1972 XLH1000 Ironhead Sportster. Runs very good, new selenoid/starter. 1986 H-D Wheels and frontbrake, fresh gloss black paint, Biltwell mini mufflers/pegs. Comes with a different seat, you can choose out of any Biltwell seat you want. Sportster 39mm fork, Lowbrow fairing, new Odyssey battery etc etc. EURO 8500,00 or make me an offer I can't refuse.

For Sale! BUELL X1 2000/2001 Millenium Edition #195 out of 800 EURO 5500,00!

I NEED MONEY! So for sale again: BUELL X1 2000/2001 Millenium Edition 195 out of 800.
10.750KM so brand new, New rear tire, new oil/filter comes with the bike, GPS not included but can be bought seperatly for Euro 399.00 extra (Never used so far). Carbon fiber tailsection, Bags included, Universal Motocross handlebars, extra windscreen included but can be removed without marks. This is not MARKTPLAATS so don't even try to lowball me with a silly bid, its an almost new REAL BUELL and for Hoodlum Society readers it is EURO 5500,00!

1962 Harley Servi Car / 2005 686 mile Heritage For Sale

Jose is selling a really nice rebuilt 1962 G model Servi car w/ RL springer and a almost brand new 2005 Heritage with only 686 miles on it. Email him directly for the details
Or trade for old car or old motorcycles

Peoples Champ - Generator Magneto

I always wanted to make a gen mounted magneto. Never for a fancy "show motor"... just for fun. I made a cone mounted magneto a few months earlier which really gave me an understanding of some of the basics. I noticed that everyone this year was getting really turned on to the Wico design but when I researched it myself I realized 2 things that I WAS NOT down with. First, you need to alter the inside of the case byP= machining the idler gear boss casting and ultimately removing it. This edit to the case is just silly and shortsighted. Second, the price tag for the kit is $2k!!! I'm a normal person with a normal job who makes regular pay with 2 kids and a wife at home. $2k just ain't happening. The other option is the Morris H5 which is super rad but again, at $1600, unfortunately I'll have to pass. I looked at the inside of my case and the gears and I looked at how the old Harley XR magnetos operated. They were gear driven. Well wouldn't you know... the Morris design is gear driven too! I bought a shitty FM-XD mag from ebay and butted it up to the gen hole. Surprise, it's a very close fit! Not perfect but close. More important, the FMXD has an impulse winding just like the H5. IMG_4418 IMG_4425 IMG_4427 IMG_4443 After reviewing the case, the mag and the gears I had a good overview of the project. 1. A collar is required to mount the mag to the case. 2. The magneto needs to spin in reverse. 3. The impulse winding needs to be reversed. 4. A gear set is needed to adapt the idler gear to the magneto. 5. The magneto must spin at exact 1:1 ration with the cam. 6. A fresh FM-XD magneto must be converted to a dual fire coil.   More to come on this in my next blog post.

~ Speed Bump

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 5

Jordan from Union Speed and Style had two bikes in the 2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  His craftsmanship is top-notch and both bikes are beautiful but I'm partial to the knucklehead.

This is Jordan's panhead, the "Frost Buzzard".

Pete also had two bikes in the show.  You've likely seen many photos of these bikes on the blog.

Swamp Witch!

I'll wrap up coverage from the show tomorrow with bikes, girls, and chopsticks.  Makes sense, right?

Workshop Wednesday 2016 #6

Hard week, not a real WW but after changing an innertube I made my pedals gold for Dave Mirra.

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