Webby's tins.

Met a real cool cat through Preacher a couple weeks ago that goes by the name Webby. He's been building a '54 panhead for a couple years now and asked me to paint the tins for it. I saw this thing a couple years ago in some shop in Va. Beach and was immediately stoked on it. Wishbone frame, I-beam springer, 18"-21" combo, all the proper fixin's as far as I'm concerned.

Well the paint's done and the chrome's home so it shouldn't be long now.

Stay tuned.

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Biltwell Made My Monday

Sunday night, I posted this photo on Instagram and tagged Biltwell in it because I was wearing their helmet and bubble shield (if you look closely, their handlebars are gloves are in the bubble shield reflection too).  It's not the first time I have tagged them in a photo, but nothing has ever happened.

Well, Monday morning Biltwell re-posted my photo on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and my Instagram feed proceeded to blow up with new likes, comments, and new followers, which was awesome.  It was simply incredible to watch the "Like" count rise on their pages to over 2,500 combined.  It certainly helps that Biltwell has about 45,000 followers on Instagram.

I have been a fan of Biltwell and their products for years.  I have had their Clubman bars on my Sportster since 2010 and have been wearing their Moto Gloves nearly as long (I actually have a backup pair new in the package, just in case).  I put their Sanderson pegs on my bike in 2012, bought their goggles in 2013 (which performed great in Arizona), and I picked up a Gringo helmet and a pair of bubble shields earlier this year that I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Now I'm just waiting patiently for my Super Selfie Award to arrive in the mail.

ACAB (All Cars Are Bastards)

We're stoked to be able to run this shirt for our boy Wesley, and ALL proceeds will be going to Candra and Wesley for his recovery efforts!! You can grab one in the Death Science store, which we brought out of retirement solely for this benefit. Orders can be placed until Monday, August 25th, and then the store will be closed and the shirts will be printed and shipped.

Big thanks to our homeboy Marco, over at Mach Modified, for capturing Wesley's pre-wrecked Panhead on this design! If you look close, you can see Wesley's new mantra painted on the gas tank...

And just in case you're not a fan of the shirt, see the previous post for how to donate to Wesley's GoFundMe account. Also, Show Class magazine is doing some cool stuff to help Wesley out as well, so check them out when you get a chance!

High Seas Open Roads.

September 6th. NJ. More details H E R E my lovelies.

Get your Jay's Shirt HERE

This is a pretty "interesting" incident if you've been following the news, but the chance of you buying a shirt only lasts for a few days. These are pre-order only limited edition one time only shirts I'm willing to make for you because the mere fact that you'll be able to wear this to the bar is priceless if Jay Wischman shows up!!!

Everything Went Braaap !!!

Everything Went Braaap
Don't you just love how wonky Raymond's grip looks like it's totally throttling down?!?

Back in town. Will be catching up on all shop orders and everything Hazzard today.

(L-R) David, Lacey, and Steffan
Thanks for the memories!

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New product from Led Sled Customs


These floorboards fit 2004 to 2014 and are designed to bolt up to your stock forward controls. All hardware is included they have specially designed Led Sled rubber mats. The floorboards are offered raw, powdercoat gloss/flat black, or polished.

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