Webby's tins.

Met a real cool cat through Preacher a couple weeks ago that goes by the name Webby. He's been building a '54 panhead for a couple years now and asked me to paint the tins for it. I saw this thing a couple years ago in some shop in Va. Beach and was immediately stoked on it. Wishbone frame, I-beam springer, 18"-21" combo, all the proper fixin's as far as I'm concerned.

Well the paint's done and the chrome's home so it shouldn't be long now.

Stay tuned.

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Strange Days 5 Pre-Party

The STRANGE DAYS 5 pre-party will once again take place at the Vernon Inn outdoor tiki bar on Friday July 10th 2015, 7:00pm - 11:00pm:  340 Rt. 94, Vernon, NJ 07462.  Here's an old shot of the building in 1939 after it caught on fire.
There will be live tunes from the one and only Big Boss Sausage!
We will be unveiling the '74 Harley Fuckin' Davidson Shovelhead giveaway bike in the bar, and tickets to win it will go on sale as well:  $10 apiece, or 3 for $25.
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Charlie is looking for a stock 67 XLCH seat for his sickle. If you can help him please email

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BF7 Invited Builder : Scott Stopnik

Big Scott is back after taking a year off and has big plans for BF7. He has been hard at work and checks in for the first time...He writes::
So again with this bike much like the Zombie Child Knuckle for BF5 ,the  inspiration comes from late 50's early 60's show bike era. This has always been my favorite time for custom motorbikes and cars! I have a ton of respect for the guys building them at that time! Doing things that wasn't being done and as Tom Fugel was quoted saying
"We just used whatever was available! Didn't matter if it was Jap, British ...!wilder the better! As long as it was cool! For me it's all about trying to do something that looks like it was from back in the day and gives tribute and respect to the real dudes that were thinking outside the box!
I am using a 1949 Panhead motor, a modified 53 wishbone frame and a inline BT springer,custom seat, molded tank ect... Kustom paint will be done by the Harpoon! Stay posted for his video and more updates!

Chaintentioner WL 1942 and Wheeldiscs

The BMX industry is full of amateurs, not a bad thing but when they think they make "something new" they are almost always wrong. No built in chaintentioners are not "new", check this 1942 Harley-Davidson Flathead. But on the other hand, BMX had these wheeldiscs in the '80's and now they are going to be popular in the Harley-Davidson chopper scene. I have these EMD's at home waiting to go on the '67 Ironhead.
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