This weekend folks - Gears and Grit at The Carlise Bike Fest

Come one, come all to Carlisle to enjoy something very unique, an area specific to fans of homebuilt bikes, Café racers, choppers, bobbers, rockers, mods, rat bikes and more. There will be onsite vending catered to the homebuilt crowd, including vintage, new and custom parts. You'll be able to move your parts too within the Bike Fest swap meet. In addition, don't miss out on the great array of live music including country, rockabilly, blues and rock.

Bike Fest wraps Sunday with a Rat Rod Revival and Cruise-In, plus there is a Pinup Girl contest with cash prizes awarded for the top three ladies. All of this fun takes place at Carlisle Bike Fest in 2013. Call 717-243-7855 for more information on swap meet spaces and pricing.
Be there!

CARLISLE, PA – Summer is here and that means your bike has been taken out of the garage and you are actively on the open road. Open air enthusiasts will want to be sure to mark Carlisle Bike Fest on the calendar in 2013. The event runs July 19-21 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds and offers entertainment and fun for everyone. Bike Fest features live bands, stunt shows, test rides, bike-related vendors and a special ride-in bike show for anyone wishing to have their machine judged.

With the U.S. Army War College close by and the Gettysburg battlefield just down the road, everyone at Carlisle understands, admires and respects the sacrifices every veteran has made for our country. In honor of those who served and those who are still serving, Bike Fest is proud to offer a display of some of the finest military-related bikes around. Onsite enthusiasts can expect an array of vintage military and military tribute bikes in one of Carlisle’s special display buildings. Anyone with interest in entering a bike for display is encouraged to visit or call 717-243-7855. Whether a bike is being shown or admired, everyone is invited to join in a celebration to honor those who put their lives on the line for our nation.

Another unique feature to this year’s Bike Fest is the live build of a café racer by J&B Moto Co. Located in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, J&B is quickly becoming a well-known name in the café world. Patrons can watch as the J&B crew turns a bin of parts into a café racer right before their eyes! This is a great display for the café fans as well as the gearheads who attend Bike Fest. J&B will also have a vendor booth on the Manufacturers Midway and will be unveiling their finished product Sunday, July 21.

Speaking of the Manufacturers Midway, this is a great location to see some of the top names in the motorcycle hobby. Shop for seats, apparel, parts, accessories and more, often times with vendors offering show specials. Major brands will be represented onsite too as well as custom builders and suppliers for V-Twin and sport bikes. Shopping continues with the Appalachian Harley-Davidson Dealer Mall. The mall is for more than just Harley-Davidson gear and apparel. It also offers a huge selection of pre-owned motorcycles as part of the third annual Bike Fest consignment sale. Bike Fest is also a regular stop on the national circuit for many national and regional vendors providing the opportunity to get you or your bike fitted for parts, supplies and motorcycle-related products. Demo rides will also be a popular hotspot as the top names in the industry bring their two- and three-wheeled best to Carlisle. All demo rides are free with a paid admission; however, anyone riding must possess a proper riding license, wear proper attire and have a helmet.

Sunday wraps the event with the ever-popular Rat Rod Revival, complete with live music. These works of drivable art are an interpretative restoration of bikes or cars, using whatever tools and materials the builder can find. These unique rides will be on display all morning with awards at 2 p.m.

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About Carlisle Events: Carlisle Events is a partner or producer of 17 annual collector car, truck, motorcycle and outdoor-themed events. Events are held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds (Carlisle, PA), Bloomsburg Fairgrounds (Bloomsburg, PA), Allentown Fairgrounds (Allentown, PA), Auburn Auction Park (Auburn, IN) and Festival Park (Zephyrhills, FL). The season schedule hosts a sports and outdoors event, seven automotive swap meets of varying size, six auctions, as well as individual specialty shows featuring Corvettes, Fords, GMs, Chryslers, trucks, motorcycles, imports and kit cars and tuner and modern customs. Founded in 1974 by friends Bill Miller and Chip Miller, events hosted at Carlisle attract more than a half a million enthusiasts annually from all corners of the globe. More information is available via

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What can I say about Todd Muller other than that he is "the Ohio wizard of Triumphs". You would think a man that surrounds himself with something at work all day would go home and just relax, kick his feet up, and forget about his day job but not Todd. His passion is clearly motorcycles and he shows particularly a lot of love towards Triumphs. As an employee at Lowbrow Customs, he surrounds himself with motorcycle parts and bikes everyday, just to go home and work countless hours in his own garage to build his own bikes from the ground up. I think I have seen 6 or 7 of his Triumph builds in the last few years and each and everyone of them has it's own distinct style and grace. He pays particular attention to details and keeps things classy. Almost as if Triumph were to have a factory chopper or bobber style that is absolutely amazing, he would be the one to design them. I could literally sit and listen to his stories for days. With his plethora of knowledge when it comes to all different types of motorcycles, I feel like I learn something new every time I talk to him. I am so excited Todd is displaying one of his immaculate Triumph builds for Fuel Cleveland, I just don't know which one yet ahahaha. It's a surprise I guess. Make sure to say hi to him and check out his bike on May 9th, you won't be disappointed.

-Mikey Revolt

I have been into bikes since I was very young. I always wanted one of the Indian branded dirt bikes from back in the 70's, but my mom wasn't having it. A few years later my best friend got a Chaparral dirt bike we took turns riding the wheels off of that thing since I still had no bike of my own. When I was in my teens, several of my buddies were into racing motocross and we would go to all of the amateur races in our area on a regular basis. I honestly do not know how they would be able to race on Sunday after camping out and drinking an entire keg of beer the night before.

While living in southern CA I got my first Triumph. It was only a 250 single but I loved that thing. When it had some mysterious electrical issue, I took it to a local British Harley shop to have it repaired. Long story short, they moved away and took my bike and a bunch of other bikes with them. After that I picked up a 500 BSA and a book I swore I would never take another bike to a shop after getting my Triumph ripped off. Needless to say that bike eventually needed some stuff fixed so I did it myself, that where it all started, my interest in working on British bikes.

I met my awesome wife in Pacific Beach at the boardwalk. She was attending law school in San Diego and I was a beach bum. I eventually graduated from living on the beach to living in a '59 GMC school bus. I had my bus parked on the hill in Encinitas and was buying and selling Triumphs working in a makeshift shed. It only had a roof on one side but it does not rain much in SoCal.

A few years later and several more bikes later all while on tour with the Dead I decided I was going to go to MMI to get certified to work on Harleys. At that time, I had bought my friend's '68 XLH so he could buy a gold dredge. There was gold in the creek where we lived in Oregon but it turned out to be a better deal for me as my friend never found much gold. I ended up riding that bike for over 10 years.

After I got out of school, I lived in Phoenix, AZ for an extra year because I could not afford to move. Finally, I got a job here in Ohio because my wife was originally from here. I have worked at a couple of different H-D dealerships and the Easyriders store here in Cleveland. At first I was pretty stoked to be fixing bikes and getting paid for it but after 15-20 years of that I was pretty burned out on the modern Harley scene and I always liked vintage stuff way more. 

Nowadays, I pretty much only work on pre-70's Triumphs and 650's both stock bikes and bobbers. I build several bobbers every year but I did just buy a '67 XLH because I missed my old bike so much. I met Tyler, who owns Lowbrow, when I bought a 650 pre-unit he had for sale on eBay. We hit it off pretty good and I used to stop by his place pretty regularly and help him with bikes he would drag home. I ended up bugging the shit out of him enough to give me a job and have now been with Lowbrow for 4 years. I do not really miss the Harley shops at all.

I do not work on any customer bikes but I am in my garage every night after work and on weekends doing my own thing rebuilding Triumph engines and building custom bikes. I just love motorcycles and the thrill I get every time I fire up one of the bikes I have built from scratch and putting these vintage bikes back on the road!


Keep up to date on Todd's newest builds on Lowbrow Customs' Chop Cult feeds and you can always bother Todd at work on!

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Pics from the LBCS March 29th 2015 (pt.2)

The Long Beach Veterans Stadium Sea of Baggers... So imense in it's collection of violating Baggers that Oceanographers gather in Long Beach to study the migration patters and twin cam ocean currents culminating in this single area. "Amazing" as the French would say (add accent).

An actual Oceanographer studying the incoming Bagger tide... within several hours, the invading tide withdraws and subsides. It's a very very facinating science to study.

"The Bagger Tide"
NEW on the Discovery Channel
Tuesday's in May (2015)


Have you seen this bike? It's a HighNoon Classic Sportster that's featuring a TOP OF DRAIN Jockey Shift kit...

more info on getting yourself a jockey shift kit @TopofDrain (on Instagram)

Pics from the LBCS March 29th 2015 (pt.1)

Tough as nails little Sporty!

These two kids (above) always causing trouble... I called the Event Security, but they didn't show up in time to apprehend them. And when they did, they're all like, "There's nothing we can do if they're just being annoying..." I was like whateva'

 Lady Alizon slinging Lady Hump books! Thanks to everyone who came out and bought a book!

24Cycles taste testing the highest octane rocket fuel I've ever tried! I sawd Gawd Dawm!!!

Now here's a Single done right!

Tomorrow at the 24 Cycles booth...

Lady Alizon will be bringing a box of books tomorrow to the Long Beach Cycle Swapmeet. Swing by the 24Cycles booth and buy your very own copy of the 2014 Waterloo annual photography annual. Also available in the online store, but why not save on shipping? You'll be at the swap meet anyway...
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