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Why did we send you to Earth?



Just a couple more goodies to add to the raffle mix. Some Ladies T's and some Wife Beaters (again for the ladies... there's a ton of raffle prizes. Hell, even I might go home with something. Probably a Interplanetary STD? Anythings possible in Rachel Nevada....)

NDWS 4 REVIEW (the end)

Part 6

The Exodus

There's an old sticker. Don't see too many of those around.

Gotta have at least one shot with a porta-a-pottie in frame! Represent.

Someone left their underwear hanging from an electrical wire last night?
I wonder who...

One more thanks for 24 Cycles and Beerbreed for putting on a super fun super rad camping trip! Gotta love good times with good peeps. One of the many honest to god grassroots events out there, and it happens every year! Hope to see you there next time...

Jesse Basset The Gasbox

Cleveland's own Jesse Basset owner of The Gasbox, and one of the curators for Fuel Cleveland is one of the most talented bike builders in the Midwest. His vast knowledge of everything two wheeled is far past many and he does it with a distinct style and grace. When you see a bike come out of Jesse's shop you can expect nothing but the highest quality builds; with perfect lines, beautiful proportions, extremely clean and polished overall look, all while having a small touch of class. Every bike build of Jesse's is truly timeless and you know it was built with the upmost craftsmanship. He has won countless awards, and has been featured in tons of magazines and other online publications through out the years. From super high end and rare builds, to one of a kind choppers, whatever bike Jesse puts his hands on it's done masterfully. It's really amazing to have someone so close to home with the knowledge and experience that Jesse has; he's always willing to offer help where he can and his knowledge of pretty much every type of motor makes life a bit easier on the Greater Cleveland area. Over the past 6 months, I have been working with him on Fuel Cleveland and we have become closer friends. To see his passion for motorcycles is truly remarkable and refreshing to see some one who cares so much about these machines. I'm excited to say Jesse will have on display his Born Free 6 Knucklehead build on May 9th for the show. I asked a few questions the other day to the man who hides behind the scenes and let's his bikes do all the talking; heres what came of it, enjoy!

-Mikey Revolt

When did The Gasbox open it’s doors?

J- Gasbox opened in 2009.

Have you always been a Cleveland Native?

J- I have always lived in cleveland, I grew up right on 88th and Denison. 

How long have you been Building motorcycles?

J- I started working in a local custom bike shop when I was 10 yrs old sweeping the floors.

What is your favorite bike you have ever built and why?

J- So far my favorite bike I have built is this '76 Ironhead I did a few years ago. The customer wanted a chopper and I built something I wanted to do instead, I later bought it from him haha. Not sure why it's my favorite, maybe because there is nothing I would change about it.

What was the most insane bike you have ever worked on?

J- The most insane bike I ever built was when I worked at Huey's. It was a supercharged 100 ci Shovelhead with 2 rear wheels driven through a jack shaft and air ride. Not really my style but it was a ton of work since I had to make every part of it. There was nothing that would bolt on.

Who or what inspires your style? You have a lot of timeless bikes that look vintage yet new. Is there a certain time period you like more when it comes to style of motorcycles?

J- I am not inspired by any particular era in motorcycling, I just believe when you look at a bike you should not be able to tell when it was built.

What is the most challenging thing for you when it comes to building a bike?

J- I think the most challenging part of building a bike is establishing the proportions.

How many bikes do you work on in a week? I see one on every lift table you have in your shop and a few even on roll carts ahahah. 

J- We are usually building a dozen bikes at time. This is not just full blown customs but a lot of mild stock modifications and restorations. 

Where has been your favorite place to ride motorcycles?

J- For me the best motorcycle riding is Cali, no potholes and windy roads.

If you could own only one bike, what would it be and why?

J- If I could only own one bike it would have to be a 1976 Superglide. Looks cool, goes fast enough for me, and parts are everywhere.

Anyone you would like to give shout outs to or thank?

J- I would like to thank in advance everyone helping with the Fuel Cleveland show and everyone who will be attending.

For more of Jesse's amazing bikes go to and be sure to see his Born Free 6 Knucklehead build in person at Fuel Cleveland on May 9th. 

Win a 1946 Knucklehead Chopper

*Win a Knucklehead built by Max Schaaf from 4Q Condition in Oakland Ca.

 Max is hard at work getting the 46 in shape for some update pics. We should have something for you real soon. If you have not got ur BF7 Giveaway promo poster/ticket combo to win the Knuck & the 2 H-D Lowriders (2015 & 1977 ) you need too...they are going fast and if we sell out before the show that's it. $ 25 bucks could take home a Knuckle built by Max Schaaf and 2 Lowriders. You must be present to win. Go to the BF Page on Loser Machine website to get the poster/ ticket combo, grass pass admission bands and new merch.

coming up on the end of an era....

Ok, an era makes it sound like a long time, but trust me, 3years in Kansas feels more like a 10year prison sentence..... Allright, maybe not that bad, but not that great either. Today I have to do a presentation on my senior project that I've been working on for the last year, next week is the deadline on paperwork, and after that, finals week. Talk about high stress levels. But on the bright side, it's all downhill after that. No more pencils, no more books! No more teachers, dirty looks!

yup, it's almost that time again....

sliding door out back with a fold down deck- what more do you need?

 so wanna build this bike.....
and so wanna take it here.

Kev, I still think you should build your pan this way.

Grandma, exploder of brains.

If you're tired of seeing this one posted here, you obviously don't belong here.
Flashback Friday.... do those even exist in the blogosphere?
Kev, way off in outer space somewhere, en route to California...
...where we finally landed at Born Free 2, packed to the gills.

...we literally rolled into the show to the as the winners were being announced, almost exactly how Kev and I had joked that our Born Fred experience would be. That's Joe's CB750 on the left side of the pic, packed down as well.

year or so prior to the Cali trip, in Milwaukee.

Pink Skinned Retardlians gather in Rachel Nevada!

Gonna party with some Pink Skinned Retardlians' from the Sol System tomorrow... Wuz up with you, Oh Oh Ah Ahhhhh???

::: PROBE UP or SHUT UP :::


It's about 3 weeks away and it's free as usual.

Bring your own beer, food, friends and family.
We'll supply the place and some chopper action.

Spread the word. See you there...

::: The Great CHOPPER Swindle COMING IN MAY :::

In May, we'll* be returning to the dry humor lampooning roots of the Lady Hump and posting a series of informative ekspoza' on today's vibrant "modern chopper" scene.

Remember originality? Remember the February Blogosphere Challenges? Those are DEAD.
(not really, but it's for dramatic purpose)

From the distortions of "Big Business" marketing strategies to Instagram meme humor... we're going to examine today's pale replica of yesterdays fascinating community.

What are the Chopper Mythos?

Who or what successfully challenged and sterilized the "Chopper Elite" with an overwhelming mediocrity and mass marketing appeal?

How did the momentum of a long dead social grouping, snowball into one of today's most enthusiastic novelty fads?

All this, and more, will be our primary mission in life focus (aside from all the regular shit). Hopefully blogger will not shut down before that (because as you all know, we're merely "blogging a dead horse" around these parts)...

Nobody reads blogs anymore.

"Oh Mai Gawd.... He said whuuuu?"

"I never knew lifestyle branding was so common...."

* I say "we'll" but it's just me behind a computer (with a few people slipping me bits of dirt from underneath the carpet who want to remain anonymous).

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