One zillion air cleaners assemble & packaged yesterday.
OK it was more like a hundred.

The stance & tail section of this Norton has literally haunted me for years.
After a few changes in suspension I got the stance where wanted it, then I ask Evan Wilcox to rework the tail section more to my liking.  When I went to mount the tail/seat for the third time, I was frazzled, busy with parts, MBob & had 30 other semi legit excuses why I could make it happen. 
So I took up to Kiyo, after a short brain storming session he said  "yes, I'll do it". a
And he did. 
It's exactly where & what I was trying to conger up.
I picked it up yesterday, I had a hard time not going and having a look every 10 minuets.
Thanks Kiyo.

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Commented on 5-21-2012 At 08:01 pm

I want........

Commented on 5-21-2012 At 11:02 pm

Same here.
Where do I get one?

Commented on 5-22-2012 At 12:46 am

The store's stocked men.

Commented on 5-22-2012 At 12:46 am

The store's stocked men.

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This weekend folks - Raven's Run

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Before and after

Going thru some pics and found these. 

Thought I would do a little before and after. 

After. Tank and paint , bars , trees shaved internal fork stops, different headlight setup , new levers and MC. Fork shrouds
Top end rebuilt and new cam. 3" primary changes out for 1.5". Mids fabricated. Sissy bar fabbed and different fender , tailight. Completely rewired. New rear wheel with disc brakes. Pipes.    

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff. 

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Here's a long-distance selfie taken with my GoPro:

The sky was covered in a thick blanket of fast moving clouds that made for an ominous backdrop.

However, the sun did peek through every once in while.

This road made for some good photos because of the vanishing point.  It was sandy and quite slippery in some sections.

As I mentioned, I took quite a bit of video.  Here are a few stills from the forest section:

However, the most fun I had was in this part where there was standing water from the rain showers on Saturday.  I started cautiously just riding through the edge of the puddles before taking a chance closer to the middle.

It was cold, wet, and very dirty but I was grinning ear to ear.  I felt like a little kid jumping in puddles.

The bike was (and at the moment I'm typing this, still is) absolutely filthy.

Here's the video:

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