Some Fab and Powder Coating

Deuce fabbed up some peg mounts for the FXR. 
The electric pink bear traps look good against the chrome and white. 
Also powder coated the wheels for the 82 Virago. The polyester blue powder came out great. 

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Beck Grips from Lowbrow Customs

From the annals of motorcycle history, Beck Grips have been brought back in modern, injection-molded Krayton rubber to fit the make and model motorcycle of your choice. Straight black or marbled, whichever suits your fancy, this narrow profile grip looks right at home on vintage motorcycles as well as custom bikes of all eras and styles. 

- Now with more style! 

- Injection-molded Krayton rubber

- Available in 1" and 7/8"

Taco Moto Tuesday, February 9th 2016

Taco Moto Tuesday takes it from Long Beach to Orange, CA., for an evening of beers and $2 taco specials at Moreno's Mexican Restaurant. Good times! Every week a different location, a different adventure. Follow @kultofspeed for weekly details.

Parking lot full? No problem. Park on the Patio.


We are giving away a brand new S&S Knucklehead motor at the upcoming Born-Free Party in March. Details soon. How To Enter: If you have already bought a BF8 Promo poster/ticket combo you are entered. If you have not you need to! Buy a poster/ticket combo online and you will be entered. ((On this motor giveaway you do not need to be present to win)) After the motor giveaway every ticket stub will go back in the hopper to win the bikes at Born-Free 8..Please note: To Win the Bikes You Must Be Present at BF8. Winner will get choice of 74" or 93" motors. More info on the party & giveaways coming soon.  

51 Panhead Chopper For Sale

Pete is selling Panhead Chopper.Email him directly for details.

I’ve got nice clean HD title in my name, lots of nice parts on this thing. Original Harman, oe wishbone modified, all stainless hardware except colony kits on both the motor and trans. Motor is 87” STD heads, Lightened T&O rotating assembly, Lienweber L3S cam, S&S and OE stuff completing the camchest. Invaders are old, Haifley covered seat, oe oil tank, Vulcan trans plate (cut down), trans is OE FLH rebuilt james gaskets, new bearings, controls/sissy/bars are all stainless 304, Nash sticky throttle, lights are Nos Aris, hard oil lines made to this bike are nickel plated (modern oil filter hidden in tank). Probably bored you by now. I have pictures of all the metal work pre and post weld, pictures of all the motor internal, trans internals, etc etc, no cut.

New setup

Pretty happy with this new gas lens setup by @mfurick.  Time to sharpen some tungstens and put the hood on.

Making risers

2016 Progressive International Motorcycle Show - Part 3

I watched Jason Britton, Ian Gaines, and Jay Stuntz put on a great show Friday and Saturday at the Minneapolis IMS.  My daughter was with me on Saturday and they were great, taking photos and signing autographs - really nice guys and fun to watch work.

Here's a bunch of photos from the two shows.  Jason was on the black bike...

...Ian was on the green bike...

...and Jay was MC'ing the event while riding a hoverboard (no, he didn't fall off and no, it didn't spontaneously burst into flames).

Here are a bunch of wheelies, stoppies, and assorted moves that I don't know the names of:

The "riding while dragging both feet off to the side" move was awesome.  I'm sure it has a cooler name.

They do a routine where Jason makes his bike bunny hop, sometimes multiple times in row (which is amazing) and then Ian tries but fails (humorously) to mimic him and looking very frustrated when he fails (just for show, I'm sure).

Another routine is where Jay sit on the floor with his legs spread.  Jason rides quickly towards him but stops.  Then he heads back across the floor to do it again.  Ian then sticks a bag on Jay's head as Jason rides even faster the second time and does a stoppie just inches from Jay's crotch as Ian pulls the bag away.  Jason seems to find the whole thing hilarious.  There's no way I would do this.

Full speed...

Jay is a brave dude.  Here he is in the middle of Jason and Ian as they ride wheelies around him.

Even the dismounts were awesome.

I'll showcase some of the custom bikes from the show tomorrow. Come on back!
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