So, what did you do this weekend? ....THE PILGRIMAGE CAMPOUT pt.1

Just started downloading all the photos from this weekend's extremely awesome, yeah, you missed it, DIY campout... THE PILGRIMAGE CAMPOUT!! 

More pictures coming all week long. Cheers!!

This guy! And the guy in the background did a 100% solid job of putting this thing together!!! 

Congratulations Ben & Gabe!

October 20th 2018

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Quick Throttle Magazine November Issue

One million thanks to the fine folks at Quick Throttle Magazine for supporting our show and the featured artists over the years. Click here to read their article with Irene Airbrush and check out her David Mann inspired mural on Moreland Choppers' van. Thanks!

RIMAC Valve Spring Tester

Manufactured by: Rinck McIlwaine Company.  Now I can test valve springs for pressure at installed spring height, and cam-open position.  Vintage Tools.  Made in USA.  Restoring Vintage Motors.

Help Joe Koenigsmark at Angel Dust Paint

"We made this Angel Dust shirt happen with a small group of our friends. Joe Koenigsmark doesn't know a thing about it. Joe IS Angel Dust Cycle Paint! He is probably reading this right now, pissed off but feeling the love as well. Joe had some surprise health issues earlier this year, so we decided to do something to help him out. He is a second generation hot rod and custom painter, a one-man shop, doing paint work full-time for over 30 years.
We think that Joe is one of the best people in the world. If you are one of Joe's many friends made through bicycles, motorcycles, hot rods, skateboarding or music then you understand. Buy a super cool shirt, and 100% of the purchase price goes to Joe for medical bills. He will probably try and refuse it, but we won't let him.
 Shirt artwork by Joe's brother from another mother, Shawn Long / Imperial House 71. Please spread the word and tell people to visit this page by going to Thank you!"- Lowbrow Customs

Studio Shoot

Some Things Never Change

Ol' Noot's still workin' on bikes in his garage.  Wall to wall sissy bars.  He even got me my own sissy bar, for my 20" Murray. 

This shit sucks . . .

TV ads at the pump.  When you pay with your credit card, the gas station sends your information to the advertising company.  The station is paid by the advertising company.  Now the advertising company knows... Where you live, Your address, What time you got fuel, What items you bought at the station(if you purchased food, etc.) . . . Now the advertising company can sell your information to Wendy's Hamburgers, Marlboro, Wal-Mart, whatever local business is in your area.  They may call you (telemarket) for more services.  I might have to start paying cash and shutting off my pump TV with my ball peen hammer?  Stick a big microwave magnet on the screen.  This is war now !  This is coming from a guy who usually has to buy a new television remote 'cause the MUTE button on my original remote is worn out from silencing all the commercials when I watch a program.  This gas station deal is just the latest invasion of privacy - no wonder they what to do away with cash sales !  I feel sorry for you people in the big cities - now you'll have to wait to use your card until you watch the ad (ends in 5 seconds).  At least small town Iowa has old gas pumps left. 

Flat Out Friday Pre-Sale Tickets w/ special code!

Flat Out Friday in connection with Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is happening on Friday, February 15 at 7 pm at the UWM Panther Arena. Pre-sale tickets for soon to be sold out event available 11/14 -1 1/16 go on sale today at 10 CST. Be sure to enter our unique pre-sale code: chopcultfof.

TECH: Intake Valves

I like these valves available from Eastern Motorcycle Parts.  They have nitrite coating which allows you to set-up your valve/guide clearance a bit tighter (especially with cast iron guides).  The valves can be cut and machined to suit your seat size.  Shown below:  I'm using the larger KH Intake Valve, but cutting the head dia. to 1.750 to fit the smaller K Model Intake Seat.
I had the valve head "lip" machined off (uncut valve on the right) to aid in flow between the valve and the head.  Jerry Branch found the best flow with +.120 to +.150 above the intake valves.  The Eastern Part No. 18070-54N(N for Nitrite).  Nitrite coatings are proven to decrease valve "stick" and add to the life of your valve and guide.  Kibblewhite valves are also a good choice. 
After I grind the 45 degree on the valve, I re-adjust our Kwik Way valve grinder to 15 degrees and take that small edge off at the top of the 45 . . . Our engine building friend (I'll just refer as, Radar) told me that little bevel increases port air flow and efficiency "about as good as anything."  Since the air and fuel is coming in - flowing towards the bottom of the valve, we don't need that lip messin' up our path.
Bottom Valve: The bottom valve just looks better . . . There are few aftermarket products that are ready "right out of the box" . . . but these valves at least may be modified to your liking.  It was easy, everybody would do it. 
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