Shawn's "other" roller, and....someone returned my camera!

I can post up these photos of Shaw's "other" roller that  I was completing simultaneously with his 4 speed frame project. I'm able to do this because someone found my camera! If you remember from before, when Shawn picked up his roller last Saturday, I shot these photos below, then sat the camera down on the trunk of the OL's car. She was running late for work, and took off while we were loading Shawn's roller up......with the camera still on the trunk!

Someone from the neighborhood found the camera in the intersection by our place (must have been right after it slid off, because I re-traced her work drive route), looked at the photos, recognized the house, the Russian Olive tree, and my truck. He told his wife "Hey, I know who owns this, the guy that builds those cool bikes!". He dropped the camera off today, and wouldn't take anything for returning it, just a handshake. Wadda guy! Restores my faith in my fellow man. Thank you very much.

Anyways, here's Shawn posing with the completed roller. He doesn't look pleased, but, he was stoked. It was just COLD!, then it snowed a few inches again that night. This is the Chassis Design Co. "Bling Cycles" frame I raised the backbone up 1", took the entire drop seat frame section out of, then shortened up the whole rear section about 2 1/2". The backbone had to raise up to fit Shawn's 130 Evo elephant motor.....
Here's the sissy bar for the bike. Shawn wanted just a shortie, and I carried the fender's crowned shape up into the top of the bar, and added my trademark "bungy-bar" above the fender, too. I think the bar has a really nice shape. I bend every one of my sissy bars free-hand, no jigs or patterns.
I also fabbed up one of my "Heavyweight Champion" tail light/license plate mounts for him, with a lighted LED plate frame. I sell these in various steps of completion, and I'm taking orders, so....

I call it the "Heavyweight Champion" plate mount, because if you'll recall, Wade went down at 50 mph, and skidded on an exact match of Shawn's plate mount for over 40 ft., and the thing never budged - it kept that side of his bike up and off of Wade all the way until he stopped.
Here's a couple of photos Shawn sent a few days ago, of where he's at on his mock-up. As you can see, no problem sliding the elephant motor into the frame now. Shawn also has plenty of room between his starter motor and the bottom of the oil tank, another clearance problem area before.
38 degree rake, 3 degree trees, and 4 over tubes. I'm diggin' the stance.
Man, will you look at the size of those cylinders??? Also check out the 16 cell Antigravity battery that I notched into the back of the transmission plate area. 1/2 the size of a comparable Deka Softail-application battery, 1/3 the weight, and 480 cold cranking amps! The Deka would be around 320 cca. With the compression releases, no worries starting this motor. Fab Kevin tested, and approved!

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