Scott hard tails the ironhead

I met my neighbor Scott a few months back. Turns out he has an old ironhead project laid up in his garage for year. After a night of two of introductions and beer drinking the decision was made to chop it. Scott went ahead and picked up a weld in hard tail from Led Sled. It took a month plus to arrive and it was a bit pricey but the qulity looks good and will cut down on hours of bending grinding and missed measurements.
Unfortuatly we junped right in and started cutting. This is moments before I cut the bottom tubes about 3/4" too short.
Scott mocking in the motor to install the tail.

Jens stopped in on chop nasty. Check out that ugly red wire loom. We gave him a a hard time until he fianlly removed it. Unfortuanalty this was a fatal step which later that night when he went to leave resulted in the wireing harness completely melting down.

The top tub on the iron head had been recessed above the motor mount, possibly for wiring. This bump in the frame made it impossible to install the plug so an attempt was made to head and straighten the tube from the inside. It was not a complete sucess but did close out the night.

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