This is a pic of my friend ryan. I had the chance
to meet him this year in sturgis and what a great guy
he is just a down to earth guy who doesn't give a FUCK
kinda like me ...this is the trailer i hit in the mountains.
Ryan builds some really kool shit check him out at...


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First Thursday - August 2014 - Part 3

At first glance, this Sportster appeared to have a bunch of pieces riveted to it.  Upon closer inspection, it was all bolted together.  From all the insane bodywork to the Clockwork Orange seat, this bike stood out more than any other.

This Sporty stood out thanks to its frame.

Neat speedometer placement among other things on this Iron:


Check out the carbon fiber body on this 1996 Sportster called Crossbreed from Brett Ohland.

There was a wide variety of other Harleys there too including this trike...

... a shovelhead...

...a flathead...

...and a local favorite, this 1922 JD that actually gets ridden.

Shovelfest VII Thursday/Friday

Finally at the party. I think that's Julia's "don't take my picture" face.


Philosophical discussions about relativity, inter-dimensional travel, and other fatuities.

How big was that fish?


Brake problems and a saddle bag with some history.

Jason managed to ride his here. It was a long story and getting it home was even longer.

I should have had the camera in movie mode to catch the cannonball that followed this picture.

More philosophicalitizing.

Off to Cave in Rock, IL.

Hanging out.

On the banks of the O-HI-O.

That's a cave alright.

Tripod selfie with the group.

The Love Shack in Elizabethtown, IL.

Arley tries to avoid the lime light.

Back to the party.

Jason's shovel needs more attention.

A lot more attention.

STAG - Sophisticated Taste Amongst Gentlemen. Huck is correct. Notice that Mr. Pibb has a Bud and Mark has a Busch Light.

Huck moves on to share a STAG with Chris Oldham, the mayor of Old Shawneetown, Clearly a more sophisticated gentleman.

It seems there are really big fish in Old Shawneetown, too.

We ended up meeting up with Chris again at the bar and he gave us a great walking tour of Old Shawneetown. It was really cool and Chris' knowledge and love for the history of Old Shawneetown made it a really unique experience. This is Chris and Renee sitting on the steps of the big old bank.

This is me between the big bank and the Hogdaddy Saloon. It's empty now and I think it's for sale.

Chris is also a Tug boat pilot on the river and offered to take us out on the boat on Saturday afternoon.

Shovelfest VII getting there

Loaded for bear. Let's get gone.

Rally point number one. Pick up Rob at the gas station. "Hang up and ride!"

All the way to Tulsa. First clutch issue, the tab lock washer wasn't tight enough and one clutch stud nut got loose. So the clutch was not releasing correctly. Easy fix.

Rally point two, Super Dave's place.

Dave's ready to roll out.

Rally point three. Texas Mark's eating Subway and Funyuns.

Almost twinzies.

Dennis' place, end of the day.

Don't dirty up the floor too much.

Ready to roll out on Thursday morning. CROOKED AND STEEP. YEE-HAW!

Welcome to Missouri. Put a helmet on. The state knows what's best for you.

Mexican food in Doniphan, MO.

One last stop for gas and supplies in Harrisburg, IL.

Tubing End Caps

Needed the right fuel for the design process to start!!
Chris continues to chop on the XS and wanted an ultra clean area where the fender mounts and the frame ends.  Phil turned out a couple end caps on the lathe out of aluminum.
One down, one to go.

We cut them tight enough, tapped them in and they aren't going anywhere.

Westwood Lake Miami Late 70s

In this one image are so many stories of my childhood. Westwood Lake Miami circa 77

ChopCult / Crank & Stroker Instagram giveaway

 To kick off our new relationship with Crank & Stroker, we are giving away one of their signature Super Stout Denim “Preacher” Vest. ***Please note:  Depending on your size it can take up to 4 weeks for delivery, we cut to order. This product is proudly Made in USA. 
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