Revenge Run IV: Escape from Ocracoke

Revenge Run IV: Escape from Ocracoke from Show Class Magazine on Vimeo.

So, a year late and a lot shorter than the last movie. Bite me. I've been busy. This Revenge Run had a weird rhythm to it, like we were always outrunning the weather and behind schedule, but looking back it was a fun time, as always, and it was great to see friends from far and near. Kudos to the guys and gals who rode from all over through the rain just to be there. Special thanks to everyone who filmed this and let me chop up the footage. I didn't film that much and it was cool to see where all of the rides originated: Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland.... So to Josh Hoffman, Billy Childress, Josh Rising, Shane Eastwood, Sewer Rob, Dalton St. John and Shawn Zinn thank you for filming and letting me chop it up. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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