Redface Redskin

This '40 Chief has been transformed over two years from a 'bastard case' to an award-winning, fine-running bob-job by Dave 'Redface' Tucker.

Talked to him last night about the tribulations involved in this project: "cock-ups, letdowns and bullshit" is how he described having to deal with one well known machine shop. In the end, he drove up there, retrieved his boxes of engine parts and did everything himself with the help of good friends like 'Indian Tim' Berry.

It deservedly won best bike at Low Level 2 and best Indian at Linkert Aattcks.

My hat is off to you mate. Beautiful job.

Feature coming soon in the next issue.

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Taco Moto Tuesday takes us once again to Don The Beachcomber! And they deserve a huge thanks for going the extra mile and dishing out $1 tacos for our group on Taco Moto Tuesday!!! For info on future dates/locations follow @kultofspeed on the IG.

Lady Hump's recommendation is the Zombie. Damn delicious!!! Two will do you, but three will put you to sleep! Either that or I'll gladly admit to being the lightweight...

New product from Throttle Addiction

Throttle Addiction is excited to offer 30+ color combos of USA made cloth covered wire. The wire is constructed of stranded copper core and covered in a PVC coating before the fire resistant cotton braid is applied. It's the best of both worlds; vintage looks with modern performance! This is just the stuff to put that finishing touch on your moto project.

Remember, all orders over $99 ship free in the USA!

Biltwell RIDE TO THE PINES (pt. 1/3)

Took a ton of pictures at Biltwell's RIDE TO THE PINES (2) the day before the NorCal Swap Meet. Here's the final ride destination, BONES ROADHOUSE (4430 Pleasant Valley Road, Placerville, CA.) super good food and great people!

Congratulations to Matt Davis

Congratulations to ChopCult Instagram follower Matt Davis for winning the DIXXON FLANNEL CO. flannel prize pack. Big thanks to Dan for making the first giveaway possible. I'll announce the thread winner on Friday, May 5, 2016, in the afternoon.

Good luck!


Lincoln Electric Welder Prize Packs - Fuel Cleveland 2016

Cleveland is home to a lot of great businesses that support the work force and blue collar industries of the world. Lincoln Electric is at the top when it comes to creating tools to helping the work force of America right here in Cleveland. One of their biggest passions that most may not know, is the DIY home fabricator, the guy that can take nothing and make it into something truly beautiful right in his backyard garage. For this reason alone Lincoln Electric has been a supporter of Fuel Cleveland since the beginning. When they came to us with the idea to give the opportunity for not one but two winners of a prize pack worth over $4500 each of their equipment to help that DIY home fabricator, we couldn't have been more thrilled to say yes.

What we decided to do with these amazing prize packs from Lincoln Electric should make everyone excited. The first prize pack we will be awarding at the show to one lucky invited bike builder, deeming them with "The Best Fabricator Award" via guest judging. The second prize pack we wanted to offer a chance for one lucky show attendee to win via a random drawling. If you visit the Fuel Cleveland merch booth the day of the show you can purchase a Fuel Cleveland sticker for $5 and receive one free entry for your chance to win the entire prize pack. The stickers are only being sold at the show and the winner will be drawn at 7pm. You will not have to present to win!

What is in this prize pack you ask!? Check it out.

To start off they are giving you A premium Welder Helmet, welding doo-rag, Full Leather SteelWorkerâ„¢ Welding Gloves, Roll Cage® Welding Rigging Gloves, safety glasses, split leather welding sleeves, a welding jacket and to keep everything together a Lincoln Electric duffle bag.


A POWER MIG® 210 MP Welder


Broken LeatherLyke Bag Fix - 1500 Vulcan Classic

So my LeatherLyke bags broke again. I fixed this back in 2003, so that was a pretty good fix. There was a bit of sheetmetal, some fiberglass mat, bondo, and spray paint. The weird thing is that the right bag has broken twice for no apparent reason at all, but I have actually slid the whole bike on top of the left one and it's fine. Anywho, this isn't an original idea for a fix, but I figured I would show my take on it for what it's worth.

Drill out the rivet that holds the strap that holds the hair pin clips. One end of that strap is already broken anyway.

One of the bigger things I wanted to show compared to MarkT's write-up is that I bought some clecos to make the alignment and fit easier and nicer. I'm also going to use 1/8 inch rivets.

Another note of difference between the Valkyrie LL bags is that the Vulcan has another fender strut bolt right here.

A little brown bag template action.

I hogged out the basic shape from 22 gauge steel. I drilled one hole through the metal and bag and set a cleco. I then drilled a second hole through both and set a cleco. That's when Scott "Hotsauce" really got to work for me.

He marked the shape better and started to shape it up.

I must say if you're going to do any sheet metal work then you need the three piece Wiss snips for sure, not cheap ones.

He's been watching a lot of Full Custom Garage, so now he really knows how to build stuff.

Once the outer piece was shaped up where we liked it, another hole and cleco was placed near the damaged area.

An inner piece was shaped to fit and transfer drilled for the clecos and eventually rivets. The large hole location was marked as well. This piece was only a few inches long. The fender bolt clearance spot limited the length, but it should be enough.

Centerdrill the inner piece.

Now cleco the outer to the inner and transfer drill the center hole of the large hole to the outer piece.

We used the biggest bit we had on hand to drill the large hole. It was not big enough of course, but we can fix that too.

Carefully dremel out the large hole to match the bag.

Repeat those steps for the inner piece.

Take apart, rework, again, and again until the grommet fits.

And make sure the holder and bolt fit, too.

Lay out the rest of the rivets.

I had to adjust the pitch and offset a bit because of the fender bolt clearance spot. I was thinking that I would omit that bolt and not need a hole in the sheetmetal to clear it.

I drilled and dremeled the front hole to size.

A little black paint to keep the rust away.

Oops, I thought I could omit this bolt, but it does help with the sissy bar.

The trick is locating it correctly. I put the clecos, grommets, and holders in place.

Then I removed the clecos. I figure the grommets had things close enough.

Luckily I had a spare (blacked-out) fender strut on hand.

I put the bolts through the bag and fender strut then transfer punched the center location of the last hole.

This hole doesn't need to be as large as the mounting holes it just needs to clear the head of the bolt.

Finally getting down to the rivets. I figured I wanted to use some black silicon to seal around the rivets.

The high temp isn't needed, but the black will blend in.

Fit one cleco.

Pack the broken area with silicon.

Place several clecos and start with the rivets.

For the rivets without the inner piece I used the rivet washers to avoid pulling through the plastic.

Looking great. I will let the silicon set up over night though.

Two standard 5/16 washers are perfect for pushing the holders out just enough to clear the rivet heads.

Paracord, it's the new duct tape or something like that. I made a new lanyard for the hair pin clips.

I routed the lanyard like this so that I wouldn't pull the pins accidentally while loading the bags.

Good to go. Hopefully I can get about 70,000 miles out of this fix, too.

Note Taking for Group Riding

I have a friend, Pibb, that takes notes and journals every day and every ride. The Every Day Carry (EDC) Community is huge on carrying small notebooks and I have taken to carrying a Field Notes book with a cover that Joker made for me.  I generally only write down reminders, to do lists and addresses, but it is very handy to have. All of this to make a point on how good notes taking can improve group rides and long rides. 

Smartphones and GPS are great, but very prone to getting broke or going dead.   Here is what I am thinking. Carry a riding notebook, especially on a cross country group trip. The first thing you need to write down in your notebook is your emergency contact. That will be huge if(God forbid) you get hurt. The next thing you need is your addresses and phone numbers of any stops or rally spots. I always write a plan for the route that I can see while I ride(example, example), but having more notes and numbers is always good. The next thing that could be very helpful is getting the phone number and emergency contact of everyone that’s riding with you. Having everyone’s number is great if you lose somebody on the ride. Also I have a ton of riding buddies from the internet that I don’t even know their full legal name or even who to call if(God forbid) they get hurt on a ride. It’s also really cool to have phone numbers to call all your best friends from the internet later.

I plan on carrying a Rite in the Rain mini side stapled notebook and Trekker Space Pen for all my long rides and day trips in the coming up. The Rite in the Rain should hold up better to sweat and rain, than a regular Field Notes stapled notebook.

DixxieHazzard Family Campout

I gotta give it up for Halsey Errecart (@DixxieHazzard on IG) and her Parents, yeah! Who threw their first Chopper Campout (after the Biltwell Ride To The Pines) and NAILED IT! Somewhere deep down winding roads (I guess there's a lot of those in NorCal), outside of Auburn California, FREE Camping, Tri-Tip Pulled Pork and BBQ Barrel Chicken Dinner, endless Scrambled eggs, Coffee, Bacon and Sausage for Breakfast, Wayyyy too much booze to drink in a night, "Where's the Jameson!" PONY CART RACES, Bonfire... it should have been a two day affair! This is homegrown hospitality done right... take notes people!!!

Thanks for everything Halsey!

May 2016 Events

What!?!?  It's May already?  Here are few things not to miss... First up is First Thursday / Moto Mania bike night at Dulono's Pizza and the Uptown VFW on May 5th (view my past blogposts: First Thursday & Moto Mania).  Yes the dirt track event in June is also called Moto Mania.  Blame Dan.  He's confusing.

This Saturday (May 7th) is Dirty Rotten Bikerfest.  Last year was really fun (blogposts here).

Later this month on the 21st is the Rockers Spring Social.  It's great if you love (or can at least appreciate) cafe racers (lots of blogposts here).

See ya out there!
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