New Apparel From Salinas Boys Customs!

"2013 has began big for Cole Foster & Salinas Boys Customs! After attending the incredible Moon Eyes show in Yokohama Japan for the 10th year, Mr. Foster was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame at the Granddaddy of all car shows, the Grand National Roadster show in Pomona, Ca January 24 - 27th. It is a huge honor to be included in this talented bunch of grown folk!
Additionally Salinas Boys Customs is rapidly expanding their clothing line after the success of new jackets that they sold out at the Moon Eyes show in December. This week they have added over a dozen new items to their site, including Baseball Caps, Beanies, Work shirts, Silk Screened Shop Rags, Jackets, T-Shirts & Stickers! We were finally able to convince famous Hot Rod Artist, Keith Weesner to do a 56 Nomad shirt for our loyal Ambassador / Customer Mr. Henry Gong!"

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Bike Reveal (Soundtrack by Danny Elfman, Bike by Top Of Drain)

Gasser Lounge, Redondo Beach.

Guru Mike had his hands the dirtiest in the Sportster's Ruin build and it was only fitting that he gave the unveiling announcement over it's vision with a huge thanks to his wife Lisa for letting us continually take him away to toil away in the garage late into the night...

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Gasser Lounge and supported the Gasser Lounge / Lady Hump / Sailor Jerry "Sportster's Ruin" bike unveiling and helped raise over $1,000.00 donated to helping veterans / charity at Johnny's Saloon in Huntington Beach, U.S.A.!

Sportster's Ruin along the Cliffs of Moher

So last night at the Gasser Lounge we unveiled the Sportster's Ruin bike build. But last week we took her on a maiden voyage (when I shot these pics) test run up the Cliffs of Moher, as you all know from our annual Shamruckus rides is actually Palos Verdes, but we like to church things up a bit and translated "green sticks" is a boring name, kinda hillbilly, but still stupid. So we call the cliffs along the sea the Clifs of Moher. We also call Compton "Hoochie Sweet Hoochie" so go figure. A couple shout outs for those who had their dicks in the punch bowl helping stir this build; Sailor Jerry for intoxicants, Top of Drain for his magmatic math skill and garage expertize, Shack Cycles lined our seat pan, Drag Bars by Zombie Performance, Hardtail by Slims Fab, Controls from Lowbrow Customs, and Salvage donor by Safari Cycle Salvage, Long Beach. Paint by Wuss Army Kit, holy keeper of the Magical Potato Tree (he waters it once a week in preparation of the next Ruckus Ride).

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Mooneyes has over 500 photos from Born-Free 6 posted on their site, HERE
Check em out! you might find one of yourself

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Killer Avon 4.00 x 19 tire. Email me for info

Oh Yeah!

CR 250

Full Tilt Boogie 2014 - Part 4

Half the fun of arriving early at shows like the Full Tilt Chopper Show is to watch the bikes being ridden in.

There was a good assortment of shovelheads there including Zac's.

Charlie's snow shovel:


Sweet Leaf:

Speedometers add weight and will only slow you down:


There are lots of cool details on this one but I love the seat:

Evos are next.

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