Kyle's Race Bike... It's Alive!

Kyle's race bike just got fired up for the first type. He is getting it dyno'd by Stan at Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph on Friday morning, so expect more video and updates then. My dual engine bike is too long for the dang dyno!

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Cheap Thrills: Asbury Park, NJ

See ya there!

This weekend folks

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

We are proud to be sponsoring Mama Tried once again!

Saturday, February 20, 10AM–10PM
Sunday, February 21, 10AM–3PM


100+ motorcycles! Food, beer, vendor area! Free shuttle from Harley-Davidson Museum will be provided.

Due to a schedule conflict, I won't be able to attend Mama Tried but Brian with Gopher and Cheese will be helping me attain content. Be sure to give him a high five if you see him!- Lisa

If you're in town early be sure to check out Flat Out Friday

UWM Panther Arena

Indoor flat track racing at its finest! On a sticky, Dr. Pepper syrup soaked, concrete race surface. For racer entry forms and more information visit

Doors open at 5PM to watch practice.
Racing starts at 6:30PM.


Open Amateur
Open Vintage
Youth 85
Goofball/Inappropriate Class
$10 tickets in advance
$15 Tickets at the door
$15 Pit passes + ticket price

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Taco Moto Tuesday (pt.2)

Just a few more tacos from the One Year Anniversary party of Taco Moto Tuesday! Thanks for everyone who came out, near or far, and braved the near-sub-almost-fridged temperatures of the Southern California coast line... It should be t-shirt weather again in another few days so don't fret if you missed #TacoMotoTuesday this week, we'll be doing it all year long! Cheers.

Huge thanks to Don The Beachcomber for the hospitality and great tacos!!! Thank you.

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 19

If you've seen him on TV or been to Wheels Through Time, you might know Matt Walksler. I haven't been out to the museum (I'd love to one day) but I recognized Matt immediately from seeing him on the show What's in the Barn.  His 1916 Harley-Davidson cutdown motorcycle was on display the day before at the show too and it was difficult to miss.

Watching Matt on his 1916 and Lee on his 1942 was the most amazing part of the day.

While I'm not an ornithologist, the bird in the photo below is probably some sort of seagull.  However, until a real ornithologist weighs in and shows me some indisputable evidence, I'm going to assume it's a bald eagle as that would make this photo insanely more epic.

You can see everyone else was busy getting photos of these guys too.

They seemed to get along off the ice as well.

Ben (Benderwerks) was another fun guy to watch.  His bike is full of cool details but I think it's the tires that make it stand out the most.

Here he is kicking it to life...

...and subsequently tearing up the track with it.

Here he is on a different bike.

I'll wrap up this post with more photos of Lee and Matt's bikes.

One last post from Mama Tried is left.  Come back tomorrow as I wrap it up!


Just a few pictures from this weeks Taco Moto Tuesday, which incidentally is the One Year Anniversary of TACO MOTO TUESDAY (at least as first hash tagged as a "thing" on instagram so deal with it, we know people have been eating tacos every day of the week for a long time and riding bikes just as often, but for the sake of sakes...) Started as a weekly dinner meet and ride by Kultofspeed and xwalkerx, it quickly grew into a mid-week opportunity to get out and ride for some of us (most of us) who are unfortunate enough to have to work on the weekends and probably miss more of the Saturday rides than the average "Nine to Fivers." Plus who doesn't need another excuse to drink mid-week? ...kidding

not kidding.

Large enough to hold our group and gracious enough to allow us to take over the parking lot. Thanks!

Weekly meet up is the Chevron Station on Alamitos and Broadway, Tuesdays 6:30pm. KSU 7pm.
Follow @kultofspeed for weekly details.

Mama Tried 2015 - Part 18

If you've seen any photos from ice riding at Mama Tried 2015, you probably saw a guy on a white 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA flathead with a big American flag flying off the back.  Well, that guy's name is Lee Fealy and he was difficult to miss.

He was so much fun to watch.

When he wasn't riding he was still being awesome being pulled around in a sled!

Here are some shots of his WLA.  Some of the stickers on his tank included Full Tilt and the Bearded Lady so it was nice to see the Twin Cities so well represented.

Ben (Benderwerks) was another character that was fun to watch.  More photos of him later.

The crowd steadily built and more and more people took to the ice.

A young man on a very old bike shows up next and runs side by side with Lee.  Come back tomorrow!

Out With The Old In With The New

All Chopper Tees and Bitchin Moto Gear is only $10 with Free Shipping in the USA. Dang

Winter will be gone soon and so will these. Have at it.

The old stuff that is sold out is sold out forever.

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