Kyle's Race Bike... It's Alive!

Kyle's race bike just got fired up for the first type. He is getting it dyno'd by Stan at Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph on Friday morning, so expect more video and updates then. My dual engine bike is too long for the dang dyno!

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Kevington Run 2015

Kevington run 2015
Man what a sick weekend with this lot riding in 2c temperature up thru some amazing roads and views , big thanks to wayne the publican for putting up with us again , many great stories to be told and n long will this one stay in the memory banks , big effort by our brother 
Pete Hunter to make it in dark cold roads , loads of beer n good times breakdowns n a crash n broken throttle cable followed by a snapped chain somewhere near broadford n rescued by Cate O'Donnell in the 57 , from jamison to melbourne in took 9 hours to get home with all of the above events ! 
Thanks for making it a rad ride n sticking together when it counted everyone !
Ride fast ride free 


It's Memorial Day 2015

Please remember that today when you are BBQing with your friends or family there is a reason that this day exists.

Memorial Day is for all of us to remember and appreciate every single life given for this country.  To protect its ideals and citizens.

Its these selfless acts that give us the freedoms we all take for granted every single day.

It does not matter what you think of our government, or whether or not you believe that we are sticking our nose in where it shouldn't be.
This is for the american lives we have lost fighting for the ideal that everything is based on.

so, Take a minute and give thanks to those men and women who selflessly gave their lives to support that ideal.

To every one of them I have the utmost respect and thanks.

Shovelhead Chopper For Sale

Mike has a killer Shovelhead Chopper to sell. Contact him directly for the details:  1975 HD FXE Chopper, Haifley frame, 1000 miles on motor rebuild, matching belly and VIN numbers, 1975 HD title in hand, ready for coast to coast or bar hopping. Partial trades on HD tools and/or gennie motor parts encouraged. email for details or 270 304 1841

Rockers Spring Social This Saturday

Ton-Up Minneapolis is holding their Rockers Spring Social Motorcycle Show this Saturday, May 30th.  Like the last 2 years, it will be held at Club Jager in Minneapolis.  I still haven't posted my photos from last year, but you can see my blogposts including photos from 2 years ago here.  The show is mostly cafe racers (both modern and vintage) but you'll tend to see a little bit of everything so check it out!

33 Sunday Edition: Dopesmoker- "The Unholy Roller"

Article and photography by Ken Carvajal.

Since becoming a contributor for ChopCult, a number of bikes that I wanted to feature instantly came to mind. Those that I have pursued have been totally down to doing it. But sometimes the timing and the distance just doesn’t line up and ends up being pushed for when it’s most feasible. When I asked Dusty Ciborosky about shooting his bike, he shuffled his plans to make it happen. In fact, he even scouted the most perfect location for the shoot one evening leading up to the weekend.

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