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Here is the bf bike. Everything is hand made. And a picture of my lifetime friend and hero. Dave grassi from Arizona. He has a forty eight chief that has over sixty thousand miles on it that has been to all lower forty eight states and canada and Mexico. He helped me ride my first big bike. When I was twelve years old

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Here you go

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33 Sunday Edition: Dopesmoker- "The Unholy Roller"

Article and photography by Ken Carvajal.

Since becoming a contributor for ChopCult, a number of bikes that I wanted to feature instantly came to mind. Those that I have pursued have been totally down to doing it. But sometimes the timing and the distance just doesn’t line up and ends up being pushed for when it’s most feasible. When I asked Dusty Ciborosky about shooting his bike, he shuffled his plans to make it happen. In fact, he even scouted the most perfect location for the shoot one evening leading up to the weekend.

Second Annual Aidan's Ride NY - May 31, 2015

Aidan Jack Seeger is the son of Bobby and Elisa Seeger of Indian Larry Motorcycles. Aidan was diagnosed with ALD in 2011 at just six years old. He lost his battle with the disease in 2012. Had he been diagnosed at birth, he could of lived a full life. The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation was established in honor to help families of children newly diagnosed with ALD, raise awareness of the disease and press legislators to pass laws requiring newborn screening. This ride will help the Foundation continue its fight for national newborn screening and help families with children that have ALD. Join the fight by riding with Bobby and Elisa from Indian Larry Motorcycles in Brooklyn to The Maples. Tickets can be purchased; $25.00 for a ride and 40 with passenger on their website, Please use the code "Aidan's Ride" for Free Shipping on tickets! Day -of -Ride tickets are available as well. If you can't make it but want to contribute to the cause, buy a Aidan Has A Possee t-shirt, patch or bracelet and help a child in  need. Thanks, Lisa

Event Coverage: Pinned Ohio 2015

Soggy boots and damp muggy air, with dark grey clouds that circled over my head leaving for the occasional sun ray to peak through ever so slightly. Aromas of asian bistro filled the air and the echoing sounds of wet air cleaners coughing after they have been kicked over for the 20th time by almost every bike in attendance. Music blared in the front right corner of the Rice Paddy compound, surrounded by hundreds of parts, chassis, and scraps of what used to resemble probably some amazing and rare Japanese bikes. Close friends making jokes about each other and beers being drank by all pretty early in the day. It rained off and on all day long but no one who actually came seemed to really care. It was a weekend to remember, one to make memories and see friends I haven't seen in too many months due to the long Ohio winter.

This was the over all feel at Pinned Ohio this year, which is a motorcycle event/show based out of Columbus Ohio. On it's 5th year now, Kareem Jackson has made a grass roots event feel like a annual party you can never miss out on. Good people, great bikes of all shapes and kinds, all with a laid back atmosphere. I believe this is my 4th time going and you think you would know what to expect when showing up but it never ceases to amazing me. It's cool to see familiar bikes at an annual event and analyze them all over again, I seem to always find some new interesting detail or added addition to the over all character of the bike. I guess to me it's getting to see the over all life of the bike without owning it.

I feel like the rain may have scared some away this year but everyone that showed up made it one hell of a time. Kareem said he is going to be doing this event again for a 6th year and probably even longer so if you skipped because of the rain this year, you get to redeem yourself next year and come! If you don't like having fun, I guess you could stay home. Pinned Ohio is in the middle of May and is always a good time, I promise. Follow them on their IG page @pinnedohio for more info and more pics of the event.

Rode to Pinned on Triple Six Dan's Evo and snagged a few shots of him, Kerry, and Steph. Thanks again Dan for letting me ride that crazy contraption. Always fun riding new bikes and trying to shoot. 

Bikes riding in and out of the compound all day! This is one of the first dudes to arrive. Thanks Joe for the bird haha.

Bear from Old Bike Barn's 1976 xs650 named "The Gold Digger". This bike came out pretty damn awesome! 

Bob and his wife rode all the way in from northern Ontario.

The Turbo Kaw is always cool to see.

New Triple Six Crew Death Co ad? 

Here is Derek riding off on his swing arm Ironhead that he worked on for 2 days straight trouble shooting something wrong with his coil and electric. At the end of the show the bike finally fired up. To see the smile on his face after so much hard work, frustration and intense trouble shooting made for the best moment of the show for me.

-Till next year, Pinned Ohio!

(All photos and words by: Mikey Revolt )

Copycat says....

Just something to think about before buying your biker novelty souvenirs at Chopper World this year...

So, if no "laws" were broken, would you think it's ok to copy someone else's product and (along with modifying it to fit your own brand) sell said product? Even if it's legally ok, is it still something you want to support? Options are there for you to choose, but I choose not to, when it becomes apparent that someone (in the case below Harley Davidson) is blatantly (or is merely and obviously mass producing a "like" product) ripping someone else off. It's not done in ode to or in comic satire, which would actually be funny. In this case, the Mandana designed as a joke(*), now mass produced (with modifications sufficient to remain clear of patent and/or copyright infringement) to increase the weekend warrior "Skull Meter" ratings at the local Dealership Hot Dog Saturday... (insert face palm Picard image here). The most common reply is always; People have been and are ripping people off who have been ripping people off for years and years and years and years. That's just the "way" of the world.  ...but that still doesn't make it something I want to ignorantly support.

* I don't have any actual first hand knowledge of this (wink wink)

The real joke...
Available NOW at your local Dealership.

You might not agree with me. Zero fucks given.
Search out and support Originality.
Search until you die... 

"Wait. How many fucks was that again?"

...maybe a half of one. But that's a half empty one at best.

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