West Eagle's White Gold


West Eagle is a name in the chopper game tuned-in builders have been dropping for years. A Japanese businessman by the name of Hiro spearheads the brand with help from Gucci, another dedicated motorcycle fanatic from The Land of The Rising Sun. On a recent visit to West Eagle's US HQ in Torrance, CA, Billdozer and BF Josh rolled out two bikes from Hiro's showroom for a closer peek. White Gold is the machine in this week's ChopCult Focus feature.

West Eagle

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Commented on 5-28-2010 At 03:11 am

That gold leaf looks sweet. Nice job on the whole bike.

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 03:44 am

The Aris re-pop is kinda butt... The bike on a whole is pretty cool. Like the paint.


Commented on 5-28-2010 At 04:12 am

Great detail, nice bike.

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 04:54 am

Nice bike if you have the $$...I'm more a fan of Hiro's more muted builds...they at least look like I could afford them!

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 06:44 am

I dig it all the way...I agree about the coinage. One day I will have enough scratch to build a "cost is no object" bike!!!

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 07:34 am

Who makes those rims?

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 08:13 am

sorry, not my style.

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 08:44 am

That exhaust makes you pause and look! What’s the shifter doing on the right? There’s WAY more going on with this sickle then these few snaps give credit to!

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 11:34 am

That bike rules! I saw it a couple of years ago at the V-Twin expo and was blown away. It's a Brawny built bike.

Commented on 5-28-2010 At 01:59 pm

Very wild bike....I like it!

Commented on 5-29-2010 At 08:51 am

So much going on with this bike. I am stunned.

Commented on 5-29-2010 At 05:10 pm

something about it just don't add up.... The brass wing nut. the shock on the girder.... the evo motor (which is odd..I'm an evo believer) Mag wheels...i ain't no old school evangelist,.. but this one is odd to my eye. Is this an article or and advertisement?

Commented on 5-30-2010 At 09:52 am

Im with Snipes... not feeling it, reminds me of something that would be ridden by a sheikh in abu dhabi.

Commented on 5-30-2010 At 02:49 pm

Wow that thing is ugly as sin.

Commented on 5-30-2010 At 11:01 pm

dunno about this. But I do like how they did the neck bracing.

Commented on 6-1-2010 At 06:31 am

Well... "meh"

Commented on 6-5-2010 At 12:08 am

It looks like a display piece and not intended to be a rider.
It has a lot of cool pieces but the build is confusing to me. It looks like they used a awesome paint job to mask the confusion going on. I would hate to jockey that beast through the gears on a hot summer socal day or any day for that matter. The burns on my knuckles would not be worth the pain to try to ride that iron horse. or take away from my time building my own creations.

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