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I was thrilled to hear from Tim and Eric at Lowside Magazine about cross promoting each other brands. Lowside Magazine is creating quite a name for themselves by delivering a top notch, high quality, quarterly magazine. I've asked Tim to give us the lowdown on the mag and appreciate his help with this feature.



So a little while back the idea to do a little cross promotion with Chop Cult was postulated. A cross promotional kind of thing that will benefit the both of us. A real win win for everyone.But the problem is you might not even know who we are. So Chop Cult is kind of like Gun's and Rose's and we're more like the Dead Boys."What the hell does that mean?” you ask. Well, ya see, years ago Gun's released an album called "The Spaghetti Incident", it was all covers of other bands' songs. They covered a song by the Dead Boys entitled "Ain’t it fun". A delightful journey into heroin use and the impending doom associated with this form of "fun". So anyway Gun's brought this, some-what, obscure American punk band to tons of different listeners. People who would never have even thought to check out the Dead Boys until they heard Gun's and Roses do a version of their song. So now Chop Cult is doing this little spotlight on us and you're getting the chance to look into our little world. Unfortunately between Chop Cult and Lowside there is far less Sex and Drugs, plenty of Rock and Roll however.



We, Lowside, are a quarterly publication geared toward the garage builder.  Our main focus is on vintage motorcycles of all styles.  I'm not even going to list the styles because that’s pretty cliché these days.  So anyway, we try to bring stuff that you haven't seen and keep you current on the events across the globe.  Man this is boring already isn’t it?  I mean how many of these have you read?  "Our mag is about this", "our mag is about that" blah blah blah.  What is it that makes you buy a magazine anyway? Is it the cover?  The content?  Like what truly draws you to a magazine? We use only the highest quality images and bikes that we can possibly bring you.  Our main focus is really on quality.  We could crank out a magazine once a month or a little less but why sacrifice quality?  Why print blurry iphone pics or use sub par bikes just to put out more mags? Maybe sometimes our mags don't follow a typical quarterly schedule, but that’s because we are trying to make it the best it could possibly be.



We've been in the game for a few years now, and we recently changed our format.  Did anyone else notice that just about every magazine changed their format at the same time?  What’s up with that?  We got our idea from a magazine we picked up in Japan.  Magic Ken, our photographer, and myself held this mag in our hands and we knew that’s exactly what ours needed to be. Speaking of Japan, while we were there for the Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom show we found out about "lady boys".  I mean if you think about it it’s not really that crazy, but I'm from Baltimore.  The transvestite hookers here look like linebackers for an NFL team in a dress and a wig.  These "lady boys" really looked like chicks. Hot Asian Chicks!  I'm not saying anything happened with us while we were over there, but I'm giving you a heads up.  Just point and say "lady boy?" before you invest any money in some companionship.  But anyway, we're a pretty small time operation. So don't let the fact that we actually made it to Japan fool you into thinking we got big money.   We're actually still paying for that trip, and wondering how the hell we're gonna afford to get there this year.  Ya see we're no different than those of you who are taking the time to read this. Just a bunch of nobody's in a garage using our spare time to do what we can to help the motorcycle community grow.  We all work normal "day jobs" and give our free time to the mag.  It's a legitimate labor of love.  Not trying to get deep or sappy or anything like that, but this is what we do.  



I suppose I could write some empowering statements about motorcycle culture and keeping something alive, but I'm not gonna do that.  I really wanted to write something witty and funny to close this article out, but I feel like I got nothing.  It’s like I'm going to let you all down if I don't come up with something to really close this out strong.  Well the best I can do is leave you with a quote from Judas Priest :

Then we race together. We can ride forever.

Wrapped in horse-power, driving into fury.
Changing gear I pull you tighter to me.
I'm your turbo lover.
Tell me there's no other.
I'm your turbo lover.
Better run for cover.

Don't ask...



Tim Wise



We would like to welcome Lowside Magazine to the Chop Cult family! Check out Lowside Magazine's website,  and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram

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Commented on 11-4-2013 At 08:44 am

Stoked for this!!

Commented on 11-4-2013 At 11:27 am

This one's a winner.

Commented on 11-4-2013 At 12:12 pm

"Maybe sometimes our mags don't follow a typical quarterly schedule" - Haha, don't worry, you guys still rule!

Commented on 11-4-2013 At 03:41 pm

Haha...where you guys out of?? Nj by any chance?

Commented on 11-4-2013 At 05:44 pm


Commented on 11-4-2013 At 09:42 pm

Great Mag! I need to re-up my scription

Commented on 11-5-2013 At 06:04 am

Great rag, Great guys.

Commented on 11-5-2013 At 06:52 am

Got my hands on issue #11 and #12 yesterday, The best yet, an awesome mag from awesome folks at LS

Commented on 11-5-2013 At 12:54 pm

bunch of jerkies. love em though....

Commented on 11-6-2013 At 02:13 am

Long May You Ride.

Commented on 4-4-2015 At 09:29 am

"Motorcycle Life"

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