Von Dutch circa 1972


After we ran the Sunset Trippin' story last month, Irish Rich recommended we also reprint the Von Dutch article from the same issue. Not a bad idea, since so much has been written about the man after his death. Why not read something that was written while Dutch was in his prime?







Poached from Road Rider magazine, Volume 3, Number 3, March 1972. Written by Bob Burns.

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Commented on 3-26-2010 At 04:43 am

thanks for posting this! it's pretty cool to read a great article about such an innovative guy.

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 04:53 am

That's a very cool article, Thanks Bill!

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 06:17 am

This has got to be one of the best articles I have ever read. Im in my early 30's and get get enough information fast enough about all motorcycles in general. anything on two wheels. I love it when people are open minded and free thinking. Great article.

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 08:10 am

Sounds alot like today. In my opinion, alot of money grubbers have raped his name and memory for financial gain.
Such is life...

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 09:09 am

Does anybody who weares a "von Dutch"trucker cap knows one bit of this story?
I don't think so...

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 09:12 am

Great Read about a Great Guy! Thanks for posting this one.

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 09:27 am

never wore one of those trucker hats but I know what yer sayin. Thanks for posting this up, dig the old articles

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 12:55 pm

I can't believe that I am about to say this but I love the history of it all! So cool and a great read. Thanks

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 02:46 pm

great artical. good stuff.

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 07:37 pm

Keenan Wynn another monster of a guy.

Dutch quits cali in 70-ish because of too many gun and cycle laws. Why does anyone still live there?


Commented on 3-26-2010 At 07:46 pm

Cool article. I'll ask the dumb question. What is engine-turned? Is that "engine" lathe turned, engraved, billet, or what?

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 08:23 pm

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 08:45 pm

Nice! Was looking forward to the article, thanks for posting that.

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 09:37 pm

Good article. I was tiring of all the ones I've read over the last 25 years all being the same shit. Good to find an old one that was actually worth reading and wasn't all sugar coated leaving the knives and guns out or being the exact opposite, highlighting his drunken antics. It focused on what counted, the work he was doing. Thanks for posting it.

Commented on 3-26-2010 At 11:08 pm

I like the fact that he was cool with all kinds of bikes, and wasn't down on Japanese bikes. You notice that there was no mention of "Harley's." He liked most things mechanical. He liked to live an uncomplicated lifestyle, and didn't care about making big bucks selling boutique choppers and and designer clothing. I just find it ironic that his daughters and his caregiver sold out his legacy like that, given his lifestyle. I'm sure his daughters felt "deprived" growing up so I'm not blaming them cause it was his choice, but hey...

Commented on 3-27-2010 At 02:16 pm

Kenneth Howard was a true innovator and artist. Check his stuff in some real good books like the sundays with von dutch book where he symetrical stripes a globe freehand and applies his signature which is only 13 mm long with the sword brush, i mean you have to have a deal with the devil to be that pervertly perfect, his handmade guns and knives also where also absolutely amazing. theyre exhibited now in some museums around california, he also was very close to steve mc queen which vehicles he sometimes maintained or sitted. in my opinion theres only one other guy who comes close to him art, technical and designwise wich is paul cox. and hey i wear one of those stupid trucker caps, so fuckin what .............

Commented on 3-29-2010 At 06:48 am

Great article. He's always been an inspiration. I am a painter, but I can't freehand pinstripe to save my life. I have so much respect for the skill and talent involved in his work.

Commented on 4-13-2010 At 09:59 pm

never underestimate your inner abilities.

Commented on 6-3-2010 At 08:23 am

"The best way to find out how a mechanical thing works is to build a whole lot of them that don't work." Classic.

Commented on 3-5-2011 At 03:00 pm

Nothing else to say but AMAZING. A man that tears apart a brand new bike just to see how it works. The funny thing is he already knew how it worked he was just making sure he was correct. That's awesome.

Commented on 3-2-2013 At 03:53 am

VonDutch ruled...still rules...and will rule forever!!!

the man lived this art in a disciplined way!

Commented on 7-8-2013 At 05:01 am

Thanks for posting this. a lot of people that have never heard of him, and that HAVE, can learn a lot from the way The Originator thought

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