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I’ve been fortunate to meet good people through my many years within the industry. Some folks disdain my use of “good people” in my cross promotion, but I believe they have traits that we should all strive for. This industry has many people who are willing to help others achieve their goals without looking for their own notoriety. ChopCult members and Richmond, Virginia natives, Justin Spears and Joe Davenport are prime examples of those selfless people. Last year, Justin and Joe were looking for a local organization that they could help and Connor’s Heroes graciously accepted their offer. Connor’s Heroes was founded in 2006 as a salute to Connor Goodwin, who triumphed after 2-1/2 years of cancer treatment as a preschooler. Conner's Heroes help ease the cancer treatment process by providing things like overnight bags, baby strollers, and gas cards to the families. So, it was only fitting that Justin and Joe organize a ride and call it “Heroes Run.” The Heroes Run is a gathering of like-minded individuals who enjoy making a difference. Through donations, they raised over $8,000 and every cent went to Connor's Heroes.


Joe and Justin have taken their goals to the next level by building a bike that one lucky attendee will win and ride home on September 13, 2015. Justin was the driving force behind this build as Joe’s job often had him on the road. Sure, they could have had a nationwide raffle, but it’s more important that the winner be there at The Heroes Run. A family working with Conner’s Heroes will be drawing the winning ticket. Even if we can’t attend, we can make a difference by donating to their cause.


I’ve asked Justin to give me a few words about Ol’ Grammy. I hope you enjoy the bike as much as he enjoyed building it. - Lisa



When Joe and I finished our charity fundraiser ride and event, the Heroes Run, last September, we were stoked. It was fantastic for our first event. The ride was about 50 riders deep and we had close to 100 in attendance for the party afterwards. We donated almost $8,000 to Connor’s Heroes, a Richmond, VA children’s cancer charity. Like I said, we were stoked. So, we started kicking around the idea of building a bike to raffle off next year. It seemed that the first minute we started looking, we found the donor bike for a steal and we were off. We needed parts for the bikes, so I e-mailed Lisa and asked if she could help me reach out to Chop Cult affiliated companies for sponsorship. The response was overwhelming! Every company we asked was more than happy to donate to our cause. Fast-forward through seven months of late, cold garage nights that turned to late hot garage nights with a quick season change and here we are. The bike is done and the Heroes Run is stacked to be a good one this year. This raffle bike could not have been built without our sponsoring companies donating most all of the parts you see on this bike. Thank you so much to the companies listed below for being so generous. This motorcycle community is awesome.



The organization we do this event for is called Connor’s Heroes. They are a Richmond, VA charity and deserve a look. They are truly doing great things for kids who are literally fighting for their lives. As a father of two, I can’t imagine just how dark that tunnel would be, and if we can help shine a small light in that tunnel for a child fighting cancer, Joe and I are all for it.

This year’s Heroes Run will take place at Hardywood Craft Brewery in Richmond, Virginia on September 13th. The ride begins at 11:30am and will go about 40 to 50 miles out into the country and end back at Hardywood. With the bike being the main prize, we also have a host of other prizes to give away throughout the day, all donated by our sponsors. Freedom Hawk, from Virginia Beach, VA is the headliner of the event and will be supported by a few local bands. Raffle tickets are available now for presale. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase from our site.

Photography by Ken Penn




Owner name, location: Justin and Joe, Richmond, VA

Builder: Justin Spears

ChopCult profile: Justin wizardsbane and Joe bobbinlabeat

Bike name: Ol’ Grammy



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1983 HD Sportster.

Frame: Stock original.

Fork: 4 over tubes w/ shaved Showa lowers.

Chassis mods: Voodoo Vintage MK55 weld on hard tail.



Tire/wheel size and style: Avon 16in MKII Safety Mileage rear tire on stock rim and 21in Speedmaster front tire on Wargasser spool hub laced with Buchannan spokes.

Favorite thing about this bike: The fact that someone will own it for the price of a raffle ticket.

Next modification will be: Giving it away.



Any building or riding story: My wife’s grandmother, “Grammy,” was a cool lady. Not your average cool old lady, but a step above that. She was the old lady you wanted as your next-door neighbor. Grammy liked cool stuff. She always talked about big Cadillacs she and her husband owned and would cruise in back in the day. Grammy grew up on the edge of the Virginia Mountains riding on the back of motorcycles with the local rebels in town. She had pink tennis balls on the bottom of the legs of her walker and wore a large spider pendant on her necklace. Grammy always had some shit to talk, and a good story to follow it up. After she broke her hip, she moved super slow and with a walker. My favorite thing to do was to make sure I got behind her no matter where we were going and talk trash to her about how slow she was moving. Grammy’d just throw up a hand and tell me to shush, and then say, “Well shit. Go around me if you don’t like it, damn it,” in her frail old voice. I would then proceed to scoop her up and carry her super fast into where ever we were going. We’d have a good laugh, she’d slap me on my arm when I’d set her down and she’d laughingly say, “Justin… I do declare.”


She passed a couple of years ago and that’s what I remember most. How we were always laughing. So, when I was showing my mother-in-law the completed bike, the first thing she said was how pretty it was and how purple was Grammy’s favorite color. That is how the bike became named Ol’ Grammy.



Thanks to: I’d like to start by thanking all the sponsors that made this build possible. Without them supporting us we simply couldn’t do this. I would like to thank Joe, my partner in this event, for keeping me grounded when I’m flying off the hook with an unrealistic idea. I’d like to thank Connor’s Heroes for the work they do in the community for people who need it most. I want to thank Lisa at CC for always being on board, supportive and a true giver to our motorcycle community. I want to thank my friend, Robbie the perfectionist, for always lending a hand and making a bitchin set of perfectly spaced pipes. Want to thank my friend, Ken, for making whatever ends up on the other end of his camera lens looks so good. I want to thank my friend, Rudy, for helping put together videos and pics for Heroes Run promotion. I want to thank my friend, Fred, for going the extra mile on a free paint job. And lastly, I want to thank my wife, Carla, and my kids, Owen and Lily, for being cool with me being in the garage so much, fueling my tinkering and building habits. Carla is my co-pilot and Owen and Lily will always be my two best builds.



A very special thanks to the following for believing in us;

Chop Cult for their sponsorship

Lisa Ballard - Promotion, advice and help with any and everything

Fred Pinckard - Painting the bike

Zombie Performance - Custom Wizard Sleeve handlebars

Pure Evil Performance - Complete engine rebuild

Biltwell - Whiskey Throttle and Thruster Grips

Deadbeat Customs - Triangle headlight

Wargasser - Spool hub

TC Bros. Choppers - DIY exhaust kit

Avon Tyres- 16in MKII Safety Mileage rear tire and 21in Speedmaster front tire

Lowbrow Customs – Narrow Frisco Sporty tank

Choppahead - Finned oil tank

Bison Motorsports – Finned air cleaner

Voodoo Vintage - Weld on hard tail

Old STF - Wilwood rear caliper kit.

Broken Sprocket Garage - DIY wiring kit w/ ignition.

Throttle Addiction - Rear fender

Haifley Bros - DIY sissy bar kit

Open Road Design - Custom gas cap and points cover engraving

Antigravity - 12 cell battery

Bobberhead Nation - Coil, dyna s ignition, chain, gaskets, clutch cable, etc

Psycho Resin - Custom 33 lens and tail light

Hard Luck Designs - Custom tooled spare fuel sling

Exhaust pipes designed and built by Robbie Clarke

SU Eliminator II carb donated by John P. Wilson

Welding services by Poisant Ironworks

ARC Printing services for flyers and banners

Hardywood Craft Brewery for hosting and promotion

Highpoint Barber Shop donated a percentage of thier sales to the cause

Hankins Upholstery seat fabric donation

Montrose Upholstery covering a wrapping seat

Ken Penn Photographer


Heroes Run


Donate to The Heroes Run 

IG: @heroes_run , Justin @wizardsbane and Joe @bobbylabeat




Conner's Heroes

Thier Story

Get Involved


Ken Penn Photography:

IG: @kencredible



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Commented on 8-14-2015 At 01:40 pm

This is great, thank you so much for running this Lisa, and of course all of your support through this year. We couldn't have done this without you and Chopcult!!!


Commented on 8-14-2015 At 04:31 pm

Nice looking Ironhead!

Commented on 8-14-2015 At 10:53 pm

MUST KNOW PAINT CHIP COLOR... seriously; it is the exact same purple as my ol Yammy DT I got when I was 14... it was flake and that same exact purple, but sans flake... doesn't matter, still nice fucking color choice; on a clean ass chop hombre.

Commented on 8-15-2015 At 10:56 am

Dang this thing is so clean. Killer job and cool parts from awesome vendors.


Commented on 8-15-2015 At 11:27 am

One slick ass, sexy beast of an ironhead!

Commented on 8-16-2015 At 05:45 am

Enjoy the fuel sling. I was honored to be a part of the cause!!

Commented on 8-16-2015 At 06:52 am

Everything about this makes me all sorts of happy. Good people make the world go 'round.

Also, that's a gorgeous freakin' scoot.

Commented on 8-17-2015 At 05:58 am

last sentence, first paragraph.. take note fellas.

Commented on 8-17-2015 At 12:47 pm

Nice scoot!

That jab at the intro? unnecessary.

Commented on 8-17-2015 At 04:33 pm

beautiful and inspiring!

Commented on 8-22-2015 At 03:06 pm

beautiful chopper for a beautiful cause !!

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