Upcoming event: Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show


Well folks, the time has come for the second annual Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show. Many people are counting down the hours at work to finally punch the clock and begin their journey to New Braunfels, Texas. Joey Cano, Matt Jackson, Brian Buscemi, John Collins and Marcos Flores have worked non-stop to make sure that everyone will have a good time.


Photos by Heath Braun


Last year, Joey “The Fish” Cano gave away his personal 1955 Panhead chopper to a lucky winner. This year, Matt Jackson was given the opportunity to build the Giddy Up 2015 Give Away Bike. Matt should take a moment and pat himself on the back for building the beautiful 1969 Harley-Davidson shovelhead, featured below. It will be given away this Saturday at the River Road Ice House, located in New Braunfels, Texas at 8 pm. The online sales are over, but you can still purchase the official Giddy Up patch and receive your free ticket at the Giddy Up booth. Matt has informed me that there are many “Giddy Up” promotional items available that will also come with a free ticket, so be sure to visit the Giddy Up booth first and then hit the beer tent.


Before tear down photos by Jason Ochoa


Owner name, location: To be Determined on March 28, 2015

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1969 Harley Davidson Shovelhead, 88” Stroker

Frame: 1948 Wishbone Frame



Fork: +2 Inline Springer

Tire/wheel size and style: 18” front and Rear Star Hub Wheels

Favorite thing about this bike: The fact that we will be giving it away to one lucky person!

Next modification will be: That’s up to the winner.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: I handmade Stainless Struts, shifter, mid mounts, headlight bracket, fender brackets and exhaust brackets. Haifley Bros were kind enough to send us a 2" tuck n roll solo seat, Biltwell hooked it up with a cast aluminum throttle and stainless seat bracket. Heckman Customs provided the cast aluminum air cleaner and Throttle Addiction sent us the Chicago Motorcycle Supply kicker pedal, grips and Unity style headlight. Visionary Cycle Products donated the narrowed Stellings and Hellings top clamp/risers. The tank and fender as well as several smaller bits and pieces were provided by Lowbrow Customs, without all our sponsors this giveaway bike and our Giddy Up party would never be possible!


Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: There is a ton of history in the origins of this 1969 Shovelhead and I am just happy to have a hand in it. I had a great time putting this bike together and I tried to put alot of emphasis on the small details while keeping a very traditional early 60's style.


The Giddy Up 2015 Give Away Bike photographed by Blake Burwell.


Thanks to: All our Sponsors that make this show possible. Thank you to Marcos, Brian, Joey and John for working their asses off all year to put together this show! See you this weekend. Matt Jackson Instagram:Giddy_up_tx

P.S. I would personally like to thank Jason Ochoa for manning the ChopCult booth during the Giddy Up. Sadly, I won’t be on location as I’ll be working the CC booth at the So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet. Please make sure to stop by the booth and grab some free products from some of the advertisers. Have a great event and be sure to enjoy the ride! - Lisa

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Commented on 3-26-2015 At 04:42 pm


Commented on 3-29-2015 At 07:59 pm

Woo Hoo! Looks like good times and sweet bikes.

Commented on 3-31-2015 At 11:47 am

I guess it's cool that you finally got around to posting this the day of the event but I realize that you can't be everywhere at one time. Better late than never.

Commented on 4-1-2015 At 01:31 pm

I actually posted it on Thursday the 26 to get people to attend. The event took place Saturday the 28th.

Commented on 4-1-2015 At 01:42 pm

...and sure enough, there were people there!

Commented on 4-1-2015 At 07:02 pm

It was Bad Ass cant wait till next year!

Commented on 9-2-2015 At 05:28 am

@ Goldjockey60,

I right, I was just thinking that myself! How come CT doesn't have any cool events? Aside from Laconia, and Americade, any big rallies or little shows in the North East. I don't think so, or they are so obscure they don't list in these fabulous communities, like Chop Cult!

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