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Come down to the land of the pines for a chopper campout on the banks of the Trent River in Eastern North Carolina on May 3 - 5.  Luke and Ronni Woolard will be hosting a weekend long event filled with motorcycles, pork BBQ, live music, and PBR.  By May, the average temps will already be up around 80 degrees, so it will be the perfect weather for riding the backroads and showing off your skills during the bike games.  Taking place on a secluded 30-acre piece of property, it is going to be one hell of a party. 


The epicenter of the event is the Trent River Campground, which as you might guess is on the banks of the Trent River.  The entire campground has been reserved for the run, so there won’t be anyone to complain if motorcycles are ripping around after 2AM.  Better still, they’ve got hot showers, wifi for all your social media updates and a ¾ mile stretch of river running through the middle of the campground if you want to take a dip or cast a line.  The campground is part of an old farm, so while there are plenty of shaded areas for setting up tents, there are also some wide-open areas perfect for biker games.


As with any event, it is always good to get there early so you can snag a good spot and get the lay of the land, so I suggest you plan to roll into Trenton by early afternoon on Friday.  That way you have plenty of time to get your tent pitched (literally, you sickos), grab a bite to eat, and be back in time for the evening’s events.  Things will officially kick off after dark with a bonfire, music, and free beer.  That’s right, I said FREE BEER.  PBR has stepped up to sponsor the event and are dropping off a pallet of beer for the run.


Now even though the beer is free, you are going to want to pace yourself, because Saturday is going to be a full day.  The morning will be mostly open for relaxing/recovering and finishing that clutch adjustment you’ve been putting off, but after lunch it is time to ride.  Luke will be leading the pack on a ride through the country up to Hollands Super Cycle in Kinston, NC.  Once there we will take some time to check out their current builds and gas up before circling back to the campground.  No need to bother parking your bike after the ride, because you’ll be going straight into the biker games.  Luke and Ronni have some real tests of skill lined up, so you better start practicing your slow race now.


After the games, you can take a small breather and park your bike back at your tent, but you won’t want to be gone for long because the raffle will be cranking up next.  Luke and Ronni have already scored some great prizes from local Eastern NC businesses as well as all your favorite chopper parts from folks like Lowbrow Customs.  As the sun goes down, the bonfire will be lit again and the Old Grey Suits will hit the stage, belting out some great bluegrass music.  They’ll be performing a pair of one hour sets on the campground stage to get the evening started out right.


Although you may be tempted to subsist entirely on PBR alone, there is going to be plenty of food on hand that will make you change your mind.  In the morning you’ll wake up to the smells of hot coffee and crisp bacon from Mari’s Hella Fat Food, who will be serving your favorite comfort foods for breakfast from 8:00 – 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday.  Around noon on Saturday, Tush Pig will begin serving up pork BBQ plates and will continue to serve until dinner.  For those not from Eastern NC, this pork will come from a whole hog that has been slow cooked overnight and seasoned with a vinegar based sauce.  All you folks from the rest of the country just leave your mustard- and ketchup-based sauces at home, you won’t need it!  If pork is not your thing, don’t worry because Tush Pig will be serving a variety of other meats along with plenty of side dishes.  If meat is not your thing, I guess you’ll just have to stick to beer and coleslaw…


Things will wrap up on Sunday morning after every last can of PBR has been drunk and everyone has had the best weekend they can remember.  Unlike the Fyre Festival, this weekend isn’t going to set you back $12,000 for a VIP package, rather $20 will get you camping for the weekend and a canvas bag of goodies.  T-shirts will be available at the event and I’m sure they will sell out, so grab one as soon as you roll in.  To keep up with latest news follow @backroad_bbq_run on Instagram.  Go ahead and make plans to go now, you won’t want to miss this one. - Panhead Jim


We want to welcome Jim to the ChopCult family, and we look forward to working with him. Take a moment to check out his website and give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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