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Underground Bobbers latest motorcycle is proof that there is more than one way to skin a cat. You don't see a lot of old Trumpets with 16" front wheels, and you see even less with carbon fiber bits like this custom oil tank, rear fender, hub guards and more.

We let the guys from UB tell their tale in words and photos for this CC bike feature. If you're good with a camera and keyboard, we're always looking for reader submissions. Follow our basic formula (pics, specs, back story, names of players, shop links, etc.) and email us your content. If it makes the cut, we'll run it on the CC home page.



Bike name: Personal Identity

Builder/fabricators: Reza Gohary, Tim Besser

Partner who bought the project bike: Farzin

Engine: '70 650 Triumph Bonneville

Favorite thing about this bike: Carbon fiber work and the finger print on the tank

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Underground custom headlight, done with two different carbon weaves; 1940 lens and silver metal flake reflector; custom aluminum and carbon oil reservoir.; carbon fender and oil reservoir with matching hand-laid carbon strands; 16" rim in front and back with carbon fiber hub covers; custom cast shift knob with encased black widow. Custom chain tensioner, custom taillight by Lucas. Leather seat. The tank artwork and paint was done by Riff Raff Custom

Back story: My best friend purchased this motorcycle off eBay. According to the description the bike was immaculate; what he received was anything but. The bike was resurrected from the ground up. Rayber's rebuilt the motor three years ago. The bike was put together in 2009 and it has seen its share of great shows. The bike was never started 'til two months ago. In the last two months I am trying to put some very gentle miles on this motorcycle and make sure that it is broken in correctly. She rides very nicely and I am actually surprised by how comfortable this bike is. She is a true barhopper, four-speed transmission carries a great range of power in city driving, but if you are a highway driver you should definitely invest in a second set of sprocket and like a true triumph she leaks oil

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Commented on 8-19-2011 At 04:58 am

Good looking little scoot. I love cf, so it appeals to me. Part of my bicycle upbringing I guess. Nice to see someone doing something a little different with their aesthetic treatments.


Commented on 8-19-2011 At 06:45 am

That thing is beaultiful. Way to nail that stance! :thumbup:

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 06:59 am

This is a very cool little bike, some of these smaller displacement bikes makes me happy I should be able to make something cool out of my little bike. :D Great Features :D

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 07:20 am

hahahahahaha that wheel fkn cracks me up

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 12:49 pm

That tank is trippy as fuck.

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 12:59 pm

That bike is fuckin rad. I love everything about it

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 01:21 pm

interesting paint job, and the blacked out wheels are sweet

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 03:18 pm

"The bike was put together in 2009 ...The bike was never started 'til two months ago."

This was definitely a WTF when I read it...who could build something like and not ride it as soon as it was finished??

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 06:08 pm

Its Perfect !!!!!

Commented on 8-19-2011 At 07:08 pm

cool bike .

Commented on 8-21-2011 At 10:38 am

love the paint scheme and i love the fat tire up front. all around cool bike

Commented on 8-21-2011 At 04:23 pm

Its a gorgeous bike, everything flows very nicely. I Like how you guys thought outside the box with the paint and the carbon fiber pieces. Great job!

Commented on 8-24-2011 At 06:08 pm

Cool bike, I love the stance. Always a fan of a cat squasher front wheel.

Commented on 8-30-2011 At 05:34 pm

SICK TANK Different

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