Twine Ball Run Teaser


Just weeks after ChopCult dropped last August, motivated members took the bull by the horns and launched a low-budget funfest for motorcyclers in America's heartland. The Twine Ball Run begins July 30, and what it holds in store for participants is anyone's guess. If that adventure involves music, motorcycles and mayhem, how can you go wrong?

Billdozer and I are making the trek July 27, and we're encouraging fellow SoCal bikeriders to truck or ride behind us. CC member Bulldog is handling logistics for this event, and he's done a great job of promoting the Twine Ball Run in the CC events forum and Community calendar. If you're coming to Kansas for Bulldog's hoedown, please say so here. I'm looking forward to meeting the hardy bikers from America's corn belt, and we're bringing cameras to shoot bikes for future ChopCult features. If you're coming to Kansas, dial in your death trap and help us promote your scene.

On behalf of everyone on ChopCult, thanks to Bulldog and company for making the TBR1 a reality.

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Commented on 6-30-2010 At 04:22 am

I'm still hoping ot make this event...we'll see if money and fmaily shit works out in my favor...

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 06:33 am

This will be EPIC!

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 06:50 am

cool stuff man

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 07:19 am

stop in PHX and pick me up on the way.

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 09:50 am

I'll be there. Come hell or high water!

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 01:27 pm

I'll fucking be there, not too far from Chicago FINALLY!

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 02:58 pm

Coming but won't get to leave till the 30th (ok maybe if I get off work in time I'll roll out on the 29th) so yall don't have too much fun till I show!!

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 03:57 pm

really was gonna try and make it, but my motor blew on the way to the smokeout. Dont know if I'll be rolling again by then.

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 04:58 pm

I'm trying to work out if I can make this. It sounds awesome, but I'm rather broke atm. =S

Commented on 6-30-2010 At 05:42 pm

I can't wait. Something this kick ass in my state, how could I miss it.

Commented on 7-1-2010 At 06:49 am

Planning on it, funds-dependent.

Commented on 7-1-2010 At 07:04 pm

I'll be heading there after the Lebowski Fest in Louisville. Anybody heading that way? We will become the children of the corn (liquor)

Commented on 7-3-2010 At 01:52 pm

Let's make this an event to remember and hopefully have more of these. Grass-roots shit rawk!

Commented on 7-7-2010 At 02:38 pm

I'm comming from Nebraska. My brother might come too.

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