Throttle Addiction presents Art and Fuel Exhibit 2


The second year of Art and Fuel Paint Exhibit showing at Born-Free 7 will feature another great field of talented painters showcasing their amazing skills. This year the field will be expanded to 10 painters, and the winner will be crowned on the Born-Free 7 stage Saturday afternoon.



Like last year, the final spot will go to a painter selected by your fellow Chop Cult members.

To enter, carefully follow these simple directions

1. Become a Chop Cult Member

2. Post the 3 best photos representing your work in this thread. No collages, 3 photos only. Take your time and choose the best quality photos you have, it’s what you’ll be judged on.

3. The deadline is April 1st. Entries will be narrowed down to 5 finalists. Online voting will then be opened with winner announced on April 10th. The Chop Cult Champion will receive a Throttle Addiction tank of their choosing to paint for the Art and Fuel Exhibit.


Be sure to come to Born-Free 7 on June 27th and 28th to check out the amazing paint work at Art and Fuel Paint Exhibit and cast your vote for the winner. The exhibit will again feature some most talented painters in the world.


The following are the 2015 invited Art and Fuel artists.


Denis Babin -The Reservation - Art and Fuel 1 Champion

San Clemente, California

Instagram @dbabin


Gen - Love Ear Art - Yokohoma, Japan / Instagram @gen_loveearart


John “Harpoon” Harpov - Walnut, CA


www.choppedout.blogspot.comInstagram @the_harpoon


Scott Takes - Underground Art Studios - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

www.undergroundartstudios.comInstagram @scott_takes_underground


TJ Schneider – The Shop Vancouver - Vancouver, Canada

www.theshopvancouver.comInstagram @tjschneider


Boosted Brad – Boosted Brad's Chop Shop - Dyerburg, TN

www.boostedbrad.comInstagram @boostedbrad


Richard Minino – The VNM - Orlando, Florida

www.thevnm.comInstagram @vnm_horsebites


Buck Ramirez – Buck Wild Brand -Covina, California / Instagram @buckwildbrand


Spencer Getty – SpaGettys Garage -San Fernando Valley, California

www.spagettysgarage.comInstagram @spagettys_garage_co

The winner of Art & Fuel as voted on by the patrons of Born-Free 7 will take home a prize package worth over $500. In addition he or she will have the honor of selecting the bike for the Born-Free 7 Best Paint Award and presenting the award on stage.


Please post the 3 best photos representing your work in this thread. No collages, 3 photos only. Take your time and choose the best quality photos you have, it’s what you’ll be judged on.

Best of Luck!


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Commented on 3-12-2015 At 07:42 pm

Beyond excited to be a part of this. Last year I posted my few tanks and wasn't chosen to be a part of it. This year to be in the first 9 is crazy. I've looked at guys like Gen and Harpoon in total awe of what they can lay down, I drooled over Spencers work on Jangus' bike here in town. Denis, Richard and Scotts work, FUCK ME ... This is cool. Thanks for letting me take part.

Commented on 3-13-2015 At 04:57 am

Some killer work in there. I should know, Im a profeshionale. Seriously. Dope stuff.

Commented on 3-13-2015 At 07:05 pm

Insane talents

Commented on 3-13-2015 At 07:19 pm

Wow, that is some fine work.

Commented on 3-16-2015 At 02:59 pm

wow, my work is shit compared to some of this stuff.

Commented on 4-9-2015 At 01:20 pm

This just blew my minds mind.

Commented on 2-13-2017 At 09:25 pm

It's a tough choice. All are mind-blowing!

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