The Speed Fetus


It's safe to say few bikes are more polarizing than Lock Baker's Speed Fetus. The owner of Eastern Fabrications describes his creation best.

My inspiration for the Speed Fetus came from the Japanese. I have been a fan of Japanese bike builders for some time, and this is my attempt at making an exageration out of their style which I feel is essentially an exageration of ours. I wanted to mix as many old motorcycle components as possible, without it looking confused or out of place. The copper plating and acid treating was to help achieve an antique look, to match the antique parts. The tank design is what I would consider an extremely exagerated Sportster tank. The throttle assembly is the third version. I have been experimenting with this concept for a while now and think that this is the best so far. The name "Speed Fetus" came from the fact that the bike is very fast for a knuckle, and because it has a frail, under-developed look to it.



composit knucklehead motor, replica cases and heads, original 47 flywheels, rods, pistons, cylinders, cam cover, tappet blocks. 61" displacement. Flywheels shaved down to approx half stock weight and staic ballanced at 55%. Carb is s and s B, ignition is spyke coil and motor factory ignition.
Frame is hybrid efab/78" harley. neck, downtubes, frame rails, swingarm pivot area are HD, top tube, support bar, seat tube, seat area is e-fab. Panhead swingarm modified for Ohlins monoshock. Entire bike is copper plated and etched with acid.
Trans is Kiwi Indian chief, late style, 4 speed.
Primary is indian chain, clutch assembly. Front pulley is Indian adapted to HD sprocket shaft. efab tensioner and oiler system.
Sheetmetal is all efab, steel, hand formed (and no the tank is not "taken" from anything!)
Fork is moto guzzi ambasador, lowered 2". efab top tree. triumph bonneville drum brake, modified a bit. efab axle.
Other efab parts: rear wheel, bars, throttle assembly, seat/tail section, plumbing, grips, footpegs, exhaust, oil tank, battery box, tailight housing, shift knob, risers, foot controls, all cast bronze parts too.


Hardly an art bike, Lock's machine is a rider, and one most people either love or hate. That's just fine with him. Regardless of your personal take on this motorcycle, the craftsmanship and clever thinking can not be ignored, nor should it. While the handmade tank is clearly Lock's focal point, the truly magnificent details are in its small bits and pieces. Take the grips and bird deflector, for instance. No bolt-on CNC stuff here, nor cast alloy, for that matter. These grips may look like carved wood, but they are actually made of laminated and shaved leather. Who does this kind of stuff? Lock Backer does, and he does it well.

With the leverage that usually gets applied to apes, everyone knows they can slip in the risers. Lock solved that problem, too. Enjoy the third mounting point on the center of the bars, complete with an adjuster for putting them in just the right spot. Clearly, original and clever engineering is the central theme here, not just freaking out the squares with a funky tank and calling it "Japstyle" or whatever buzzword might fit.

Engine: Composite knucklehead motor, replica cases and heads, original '47 flywheels, rods, pistons, cylinders, cam cover and tappet blocks. 61-inch displacement. Flywheels shaved down to approximately half stock weight and staic balanced at 55%. S&S B carb, Spyke coil and factory ignition

Frame: Hybrid eFab/'78 Harley. Neck, down tubes, frame rails, swingarm pivot area are H-D; top tube, support bar, seat tube and seat area are eFab. Panhead swingarm modified for Ohlins monoshock. Entire bike is copper plated and etched with acid

Trans: Kiwi Indian Chief, late style, 4-speed

Primary: Indian chain, clutch assembly. Front pulley is Indian adapted to H-D sprocket shaft. eFab tensioner and oiler system

Sheetmetal: All eFab, steel, hand formed

Fork: Moto Guzzi Ambasador, lowered 2 inches; eFab top tree; Triumph Bonneville drum brake with eFab axle

Other eFab parts: rear wheel, bars, throttle assembly, seat/tail section, plumbing, grips, footpegs, exhaust, oil tank, battery box, tailight housing, shift knob, risers, foot controls, all cast bronze parts

You can see more of Lock Baker's amazing work at his Eastern Fabrications website.

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Commented on 3-24-2011 At 04:41 am

Just another butt ugly abortion from a so-called forward thinker. The man has talent but what a waste. To all the forward thinkers out there. Get off the LSD. Didn't work in the 60's either.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 07:06 am

Put aside whether you, he, she, or I like this bike and examine the responses above. The debate is reminiscent of all advances in art and design, even engineering. A field will be idle at it’s ‘status quo,’ then someone comes along and pushes a boundary beyond the current norm. Half the people respond by touting it’s genius. The other half declare it blasphemy.

This bike is just that. It pushes a boundary within the bike building world, in turn polarizing the audience.

Never forget that this is good for the growth and development of any field.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 08:38 am

mixing all your favorite beers together in one big ass tub doesnt make a great beer. this applies to motorcycle parts as well...

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 08:47 am

just to be clear on my comment.... I am not hating on this bike, I think the craftsmanship is amazing. I just think it all gets thrown down the shitter cuz of the tank. Swap the tank for ANYTHING other than the creature from Tremors and this thing would probably be one of my favorite bikes out there. The engineering is off the charts.... but the tank just ruins it for me.

So,.... I am not a hater, I respect anyone's style, I just think that the tank ruins what would otherwise be a spectacular chopper.

But opinions are like assholes right :)

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 08:59 am

the details are so amazing! the tank is really not my thing tho...but hey if it makes you happy...!

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 09:15 am

i cant make any profound statements or speak as eloquently as some here. this bike reminds me that i am seriously lacking artistic talent. that being said if i saw the bike in person i would spend a great deal of time looking at all its pieces and admiring the bike as a whole. Peace Fukers.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 10:34 am

Thanks you for all the comments, both positive and negative. I knew when I made this bike that it would get mixed reviews, but that is part of what is fun about creating things. I have made tanks of all shapes and sizes, some more conventional than others. Many people seem to think the tank looks phalic, which is fine with me. Lets face it, a chopper is a rolling cock extension. look at long forks- same idea. This time it is simply applied to a gas tank instead. Oh, and for the comment about the mounting of the tank- it is secured by four grade 9 bolts in a machined plate steel tank bottom. I was aware of the fact that it is a tall vessel with a relatively small mounting surface, and took measures accordingly.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 03:19 pm

spent some serious time checking this one at bike week. i cant seem to come around about the tank and fender, it just doesn't work for me. but the rest of the bike has a raw mechanical look that i couldnt stop checking out. over all mad props for origonality

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 04:07 pm

Alot of cool stuff about this bike. Abstract is the gastank! . All expression is ok with me.

You dont have too like it to appreciate it.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 05:35 pm

I personnally have a hard time looking at this bike because it is mind blowing. This thing is creative perfection. Everything works on this bike. The tank can give you a headache but you are drawn to it like a magnet. Everyone should sit and breath this bike in because it should put you in a different mood everytime you look at it. NICE WORK! For me this bike makes me believe in motorcycles and what can be done with them. If you are looking at a bike to get you from point A to point B than you might as well get a f-ing car.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 05:36 pm

Saw this ride at the last Greasebag jamboree. Hated it at first but by the end of the day and I fell in love with it. It's one of those creations you have to see in person to appreciate. Sooo much detail...

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 06:28 pm

This guy can fab his ass off. I love the bike............except for the tank, I dont get it.

Commented on 3-24-2011 At 07:13 pm

totally awesome.

Commented on 3-25-2011 At 08:41 am

Definitely and over the top look for any bike out there. Great job and I hope to not see anyone rip this design off. Not that I think that most people would be able to.

Commented on 3-25-2011 At 09:45 am

If you have ever tried to Create something unique and not Replicate something else from the past or present you will see where this bike comes from. I can only draw stick figures and have an engineering education. I can build excellent machinery and components but the ideas used will be only rehashed visions of others. I often wish I could think up this type of Art and use my own hands and skills to execute the form. Right on Lock, Right on! Tim

Commented on 3-25-2011 At 11:36 am

Please contact me, I need to make a fetus taillight for this bike. The reason this bike is so awesome is because it was made with one vision, for one person. Really cool shit.

Commented on 3-25-2011 At 02:37 pm

Yes, Yes, Yes. Nice fishing lure tank.

Commented on 3-27-2011 At 06:02 am

I never looked at pictures and said "what the fuck is that!?" so much before. But in a good way.

Commented on 3-27-2011 At 02:38 pm

This bike blows my mind.. First of all "speed fetus" is a hilarious name, and second of all I don't know how or where you dreamed up half of the stuff on this bike, It looks like a mad scientist from the 40's built it. Phenominal bike man!

Commented on 3-28-2011 At 07:47 am

not my style but the fab on this bike is nice. it takes time,skill and inspiration to put something like this together

Commented on 3-29-2011 At 07:38 am

crazy but nice ! can You legally ride it ? in my country never ever ( 'couse problems of techn. inspection)

Commented on 3-31-2011 At 07:06 pm

This bike caught my eye at smokeout last year and my first thought was what the fuck was that, then I took my time to really see all the work and I can't help to love this thing.

Commented on 4-1-2011 At 08:23 am


Commented on 6-24-2012 At 10:47 am

thats one weird lookin bike lol

Commented on 8-28-2012 At 05:02 am

I find myself returning to gaze over this bike every so often, for inspiration- Lock Rocks! I love the unconventional practicality, the tank, not so much, but it works with this bike seamlessly. Between SP79 and Lock, that is about all the inspiration a first-time builder can stand.

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