The Shovels & Evo's of DMCF


A majority of ChopCult readers who don't already own one say the next bike they plan to buy is a shovelhead. Evo's already leak oil on most CC readers' garage floors. There was no shortage of either style big twin at the Dave Mann Chopperfest this month, and these were some of our favorites.

Full disclosure: I'll never be man enough to own a kickstart motorcycle: that's Billdozer's legacy around here. I do, however, love AMF's contribution to the Harley dynasty, so that's what I shoot when one catches my eye. I'll probably catch hell for at least one Evo in this gallery, but I can take it. What can I say—I like reliable motorcycles!


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Commented on 1-6-2012 At 05:41 am

that first one looks like it would be hard to ride in the rain!

Commented on 1-6-2012 At 06:43 am

No apologies necessary for the evo. Loves me some shovels pans and knucks as much as anyone. But, I can remember when the shovel was looked on with disdain, and no one said amf without spitting on the ground.

Commented on 1-6-2012 At 09:32 am

Ok well the evolution is the most reliable scooter I have ever had there bullet proof

Commented on 1-6-2012 At 11:47 am

That orange one is gorgeous. Great fender/taillight/sissybar look.

Commented on 1-6-2012 At 12:06 pm

evo's rule!

Commented on 1-6-2012 At 01:19 pm

I wanna see a write up on "Nasty". Bike is sick!

Commented on 1-6-2012 At 02:01 pm

Cool pics, cool bikes...only problem...wasn't enough :)

all the bikes you shot are mega cool in their own right...but man I just love that electric watermelon or whatever the fuck its called.

Commented on 1-6-2012 At 11:20 pm

S&S EVOs don't leak and they haul asssssssssssss

Commented on 1-7-2012 At 08:47 am

Turnout in this category was very limited this year (I can't be much more PC without shaving my mangina). Probably the first time I've seen Shovels grouped with Evos. Blasphemy. My problems with this show are a hat's tip to the likes of Born Free!

Commented on 1-7-2012 At 10:04 am

between this article and the new issue of cycle source, I know what i'm spending my tax return on!

Commented on 1-7-2012 At 12:29 pm

rather B riden then wrenchen enyday yur bunch of posers

Commented on 1-8-2012 At 10:27 am

This is my first evo, I'll never go back except as a #2 or 3 in my garage. Carb, ignition, cam & pipes. keep your fluids right and ride the shit out of it. it s never failed me in the 60,000 since 07 .Except the jack shaft key lock washer which is a $2.00 part which has failed me 3 times. and a broken belt. I now run a chain. I cant afford the $ or the time required to keep a shovel on the road. This is the last motor harley built with a heart beat.

Commented on 1-8-2012 At 08:43 pm

Sure Shovels leak oil, so did a lot of other engines during that era, Chevys, Fords, Chryslers, Pontiacs. Reliability issues were much the same as any other machine too, you run the crap out of it with no maintenance and your going to have issues.
AMF probably gets undeserved bad reps when in fact they saved the Motor Factory from a sure death. Most the people owning and riding Shovels these days weren't even born yet but a Shovelhead has an allure. Plus, these old "Leaky" Shovels have out lasted most Motorcycles from back then.

Commented on 1-9-2012 At 10:17 am

well all i can say is i went from ironhead sporrties to shovels and have never looked back.i have no desire to own an evo although i hear constant grief about putting the amount of miles i do on my old flh but she"s a good ol girl and i wouldnt trade her for anything.

Commented on 1-9-2012 At 02:21 pm

Glad my orange girl made it!

Commented on 1-11-2012 At 06:36 pm

I second the wanting a write up on nasty

Commented on 1-12-2012 At 08:28 am

Good goddamn. The nasty brings the nasty.

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