The Shovelheads of Lake Charles, LA: Ben Pugh


Last Monday we rolled out Lake Charles local Chuck Smalley's shovelhead on the old 33 news feed. Today Chuck's buddy Ben Pugh gets to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Ben's shovelhead boasts an ecclectic mix of MX- and chopper-inspired components and fab features, and the finished product has a stance and patina that seems both purposeful and well-earned. Everyone learns something when they build an old motorcycle. Here's what Ben has learned from his days in the saddle.



In 2008, six of us made the trip from southwest Louisiana to the Smokeout in North Carolina. Eight days round-trip, with tent camping and traveling on secondary roads the entire time. We quickly decided that the event was just as lame as any other "rally", and that the real experience was on the road. Since then we have traveled, but haven't been concerned much with the event at the end of the map. All I can say is: get some buds together, pack up, and leave. Go make a 4- or 5-day loop; it’s much more fun without a destination or a deadline. The real stories and memories come from the side of the road—not at an overpriced tough-guy convention.

Owner/builder: Ben Pugh

Home: Lake Charles, LA

Bike name: Trend Killer

Engine year, make, model, specs, mods: 1978 Harley shovelhead; A-grind cam; roller rockers; Evo lifters, lifter blocks, and pushrods; S&S Super E carb; stainless-steel 2-into-1 exhaust

Frame year, make, model, specs, mods: Paugho frame; 0 up, 0 out; stock rake

Fork: Buell

Transmission: O.G. 4-speed with jockey shift

Primary: BDL narrow belt

Front wheel size and specs: 23" speedway wheel, laced to stock Narrow Glide hub

Rear wheel size and specs: 16" spoke

Thanks: To all my friends—you know who you are, and of course my wife for almost understanding my addiction these old machines

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Commented on 8-9-2012 At 06:49 am


Commented on 8-9-2012 At 06:57 am

@russ, foot. Nice build, simple, practicle, functional. Great job.

Commented on 8-9-2012 At 01:24 pm

Definetly looks fun to ride.

Commented on 8-30-2012 At 07:14 am

Saw this thing in person at The Dixie Roundup 2...very cool details all over this machine!

Commented on 9-2-2012 At 11:11 am

woulda been nice to see a good shot of the right side

Commented on 9-2-2012 At 04:39 pm

Very nice, I dig the inverted bars .Low and mean. Nice bike.

Commented on 9-5-2012 At 10:53 pm

Your bike fuckin rules!
I saw this bike at Mardi Gras like 3 or 4 years ago, and thought WOW.
In a sea of twin cams was this machine.
I never got to meet you, but it looked like you had your shit together from a mile away.

Commented on 9-9-2012 At 02:55 pm

Wow. Thanks!

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