The Rubber Fist


I want to tell everyone about one of the best dudes in Indianapolis. I met Anthony "Cooker" Robertson about four years ago. I put together a little local country ride one day and told anyone that was coming to invite anyone they wanted. We jammed out around Shelby County, here in Indiana, and during one of our stops I found out that we grew up close to the same area. We have been friends ever since that day, and he has become a super close buddy. They call him Cooker because he cooks the best bbq you have ever put your lips on!!!! It seriously melts in your mouth! He's volunteered his time to supply us dirtbags with food during a few events at a local motorcycle retail spot here called City Moto.



Cooker is one of those types of people that will come and help anyone that's stranded on the side of the road no matter what he has going on. There's no handshakes when you meet him, only hugs. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Cooker and his wife you are meeting some great people. -Benny



Owner name, location: Cooker, Indianapolis, IN

Chop Cult Member profile: Cooker



Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 2004 1200 Sporty with a 2005 motor swap

Frame: 4.5” up, 1.25” out with a one off hardtail hand crafted by my good friend Rich “007” Bond



Fork: 39mm stock with 12” over tubes

Tire/wheel size and style: Rear 16” Front 21.”



Favorite thing about this bike: This bike’s history: Started out as Rob Taylor’s Short Chop and originally was given a 90” big bore upgrade. He rode it around at the Smoke Out with a bunch of original QCB guys with a big rubber fist on the bars… thus the name… He then sold it to Rich “007” Bond who gave it a new from scratch hardtail and the up and out, I owe this bike’s killer lines to Rich. When I bought it, I gave it my own touches too.. And blew up the engine….

Next modification will be: Looking at new bars and new seat/sissy bar options. Will probably ‘Frisco that tank too.



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc.: Made the seat pan and sent it off to New Church Moto for the stitching, Ginger did a great job. Made the sissy bar and light/plate mount out of stainless, and bent the hex after heating it up on a Webber Grill. Other than that standard shit with lights, bars, etc.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: My wife and I moved into a better neighborhood and well this bike used to be able to shake a taint at 100 yards… After a few months of living there, I got an anonymous typed letter in the mail that addressed my VROOMING… the fact that I woke children up, terrorized folks with PTSD and damn near killed an old lady… I have it in my garage still, but we since moved. The bummer was right after I got the letter I blew my engine coming back from the Lowbrow Getdown, and those motherfuckers thought they won..if it’s too loud you’re too old!



Huge thanks to my wife Jessica for all the support over the years. All my brothers from another mother, Benny Stucker for the photos, Rich “007” for putting up with my bullshit questions, Rob Taylor for getting me into Sportsters, Chris “stretch” Carpenter for being my go-to, mile-munching homie, Jimmi “about” Davies for working on brakes in a hot-ass storage unit garage with no lights.. and all my other brothers and friends across the country who rock Sportster and don’t give a fuck. -Cooker


Article and photos by Benny Stucker / @benny_stucker

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Commented on 8-5-2017 At 06:18 am

I know Cooker and met he and Jess from us both being members of the Quad Cam Bastards. Tony's one of the best dudes I know and Bennie's right when he says that he conjures up some of the best BBQ you can eat! I've also ridden the Fist and trust me, that fucker is a Monster!!

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