The Reunion Motorcycle Show


Over the past nine months, ChopCult has sponsored over eighty events. Some cater to twenty attendees or less while others welcome a broader audience. The way helps is by offering free ads on the website with additional cross promotion to help spread the word. Contributors like Benny Stucker go out of their way to support and represent the 33. Then you have fellow members that organize events or get involved with ongoing events that bring the community together. One member in mind is Anthony Robertson a.k.a. Cooker, who ran April Fuels for many years, and he also works behind the scenes helping others succeed; case in point The Reunion Show. Cooker didn't hesitate to assist at The Reunion Show, and Benny covered it for CC. Big thanks to both guys for helping me complete this feature. Enjoy! -Lisa


I got a chance to not only attend this year’s Reunion Motorcycle Show in Indianapolis but also got to lend a hand during the show. The organizers of the event are a wonderful group of guys who want to bring the motorcycle community together. The show is a chance to allow folks to see the diversity of bikes and owners in the Indianapolis Area.


The event has taken place for the last few years in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. Just south of downtown, the historic square is a perfect backdrop for showcasing the bikes that attend. Not only is it centrally located, but there are also tons of restaurants, bars, and storefronts to check out in between the day’s activities.



The Reunion Motorcycle Show builds on the past ten years of success as Rockers Reunion Indy, but in 2017 the organizers wanted the event to be more inclusive. They worked hard to make the show a representation of the motorcycling community in Indianapolis and the Midwest. While I was directing traffic, I saw every bike I could imagine. From garage-built choppers to the vintage Urals to baggers and café racers. Although not all of those bikes are my choice of ride, it was a great showcase of two wheels. It was new bikes, stock, custom, but above all else it was enthusiasts.


Photos by Benny Stucker


So let’s talk about the day. I walked around in between shifts and checked out the bikes. One of the things that got me was the laid back atmosphere. People were walking in and out and checking out bikes while one of the organizers zipped up and down the street on a tiny-CC’d bike with a sidecar. Everyone was smiles and handshakes, or hugs, as they talked to each other about their rides or pointed out something they liked. The attendees were able to enter their bikes into the show for five bucks, and many took advantage of that because there is no attendance fee. After the awards were handed out, a raffle began that included tons of great items. From travel gear to handmade leather saddle bags the sponsors of the event came to the table with some quality goods. The day was hot, and the beer was flowing, so the raffle went quick. As they called out numbers, the organizers tossed shirts and patches into the crowd. Everyone was smiles as the folks came up to claim the prizes. After that, it was time to tear down and pack up.



There was zero drama, even with the heat, and everyone had a blast. Kids and adults played in the fountain, and the street was packed with the diversity of the motorcycle community. I was happy to help out with such a laid-back and inclusive event. If you get a chance to attend this one in Indianapolis, I would consider it. The organizers want to thank ChopCult for the opportunity to share this to a larger audience and their involvement in the event as well.-Cooker

Photos by Benny Stucker / @benny_stucker

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