The Quick Sliver Built By Strange Cycle


I recently joined the ChopCult team as a contributor. HUGE thanks go to Mikey Revolt for putting in the good word and making the recommendation. Not knowing specifically what being a contributor entails, I was a little intimidated until I spoke to Lisa Ballard, who was kind enough to walk me through it all. In fact, I was shooting a bike at the very moment when she and I finally connected, which could not have come at a better time. That said bike is "The Quick Sliver" built by Alex Rindskopf of Strange Cycles out of Spring Grove, IL.


I first saw Alex at last year's Hardtail Party in Milwaukee. He was riding a chopped sporty, copper colored frame, drop seat, low stance and just an overall great looking build. I heard from my buddy, Sean Wilkinson, later that Alex had built it himself, along with others that were with him that day. It wasn't until this past winter when Alex and I met virtually through Instagram. What caught my attention was that he was building a springer from scratch. No CNC to cut the trees, he was just chipping away a little at a time with a plain old band saw and a grinder. I had to see the outcome and would check his feed frequently.



Fast forward to this year's Hood Bush. I was taking pictures of the bikes that were in the show. One that stood out was this very narrow bike, rabbit ears about 6" from grip to grip, long springer, bare metal CB750. Next to it was Alex who was talking to a few other people, but he did not hesitate to take a moment to say ‘hi.’ He was extremely down to earth and was one of the coolest guys I met that day. It wasn’t a surprise when the bike caught the attention of the organizers of Oily Souls and Alex was invited to show it in Detroit just weeks later. I failed to mention that everything on the bike, including the frame, was built in-house at Strange Cycle except for the velocity stacks. To my knowledge, the bike ran great the whole 700+ miles round trip, which is a testament to Alex’s ability to build a solid, road-worthy, piece of art.


I've since seen Alex at other events and got to spend time with him at this year's Hardtail party. I had to ask if he was open to shooting the bike with no set agenda, just to get some photos knocked out and perhaps, shop it around. But, the stars aligned with me landing this gig at ChopCult while shooting The Quick Sliver. I cannot think of a more perfect bike to have as my first feature as a ChopCult contributor. I hope you enjoy the bike and photos as much as we had fun shooting them.



Owner name, location: Alex Rindskopf, Spring Grove Illinois


Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1973 Honda cb 750 K, cycle x 16amp exposed alternator, power arc electronic ignition, stock bore, stock head


Frame: Strange Scratch built from 1.125" O.D. .120" wall DOM 1020 tubing



Fork: Strange Scratch built 6 over springer


Chassis mods: 47 degrees rake, 0 up, 4"out, 4"rear stretch


Tire/wheel size and style: 18" stock rear wheel with 4.5" Firestone deluxe champion tire, 21" front wheel with 3" Avon speedmaster tire.



Favorite thing about this bike: Cagers on the freeway that send the front end into a death wobble, that I calm down with impractical handlebars. It lets me live somehow.


Next modification will be: Painted frame and tins, nickel plated front end, sissy bar and other small parts, full engine rebuild and polish from the cases up



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Scratch built oil tank, narrowed sportster tank, narrowed fender, 6" wide 7/8" handlebars, one off stainless exhaust, Unity spot lamp, Norton tail lamp, one off stainless foot controls and shift linkage, unique engine mounts, stainless battery box.


Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: Building and fitting the exhaust was a serious pain. After final welding the pipe for cyl. 1 and 4, nothing seemed to line up. 4:30 AM pissed I swung the pipe like a bat against the bench and it fit the engine like a glove.



Thanks to: Thanks to Adam Nisiewicz of Altered Ego for the leather work wizardry on the seat, thanks to Jon Reiland of Close Fab for the mind bending manual machining of the velocity stacks. Thanks to Dan and Mike Sappanos for a killer deal on the Donor bike that they have had since they were kids, and thanks to all my good shop hang out dudes that came by with great ideas to make this bike as scary as it is.



Please give Ken, @kencarvajal, and Alex, @strange_cycle, a follow on Instagram.

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Commented on 10-23-2014 At 06:55 am

Get it ken!!!! Just wanted to say welcome to the chopcult Fam! You are always killing it and this spread is super gnarly! Love your stuff always and all the stoked for you! Cheers my friend!

Commented on 10-23-2014 At 07:24 am

Damn that's sexy. I was planning honda longbike for my next project. That's rolling inspiration.

Commented on 10-23-2014 At 09:30 am

Beautiful. I love it.

Commented on 10-23-2014 At 11:28 am

Hell-to-the-yeaaaah! Killer scoot bud!

Commented on 10-23-2014 At 04:28 pm


Commented on 10-23-2014 At 07:38 pm

sweet.... love those pipes....

Commented on 10-24-2014 At 04:47 am

Alex is a killer dude! His fab work is outstanding and his bike is fucking amazing! Had the chance to look at it in person at this years Harvest Run!

Commented on 10-24-2014 At 05:54 pm

sweet bike and very nice pics! love me a long ass CB

Commented on 10-25-2014 At 07:38 am

Thanks Ken for posting a honda .. gotta love dem old cbs and this one does it.
and Alex. don't paint it lol

Commented on 10-25-2014 At 12:08 pm

Art. Not at all sure that paint&plating would improve it.

It is hard for me to imagine myself enjoying 'death wobbles' on the freeway in traffic. It must be an acquired taste ;-)

Commented on 10-25-2014 At 12:52 pm

lots of little details on this. all the turned down pieces are awesome

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