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On my recent trip to Daytona I ran into fellow 33er Eric Stein from NYC. I have to be honest I don't remember if it was at The Crooks Den, Main Street or the i-hop parking lot... road trips have a way of making things hazy if you know what I mean. The point is when I saw his ride I b-lined for it. I immediately aked him if he had heard of Chop Cult... because if he was not on 33 he should be. Sure enough with much excitement he blurted out "are you kidding I'm on there daily and many parts on this bike come from the CC classifieds or companies I found on there".

I was super stoked to meet up with another 33er randomly like that and his bike was so sweet I just had to shoot it. Apparently it had been at Willie's show but I some how missed it in the crowd. The location we bumped into each other at was unsuitable to take photos (too many dam people) so I asked Eric if we could meet the following day... which proved problematic because he and his crew were set to roll out at 9am the next morning. Rather than hold up their departure, I reluctantly booked an early morning meet to shoot the bike on the beach... you know I like a motorcycle a lot when I drag my very hung over ass out of bed at 8:00am to shoot it.

The lighting conditions where a little tricky but I still think it was worth getting up and out to shoot this classically clean short chop.

Eric considers himself pretty lucky to have the support of his wife Allison; who has been super encouraging through out the process. With any build it's important to thank the people that contributed and Eric wanted to thank his pal Randy Smith, Crafters Metal Fab, Jeremy Matnay for the deep blue paint and Pork Chop for the silver leaf and pinstriping. Finally his 2 kids for being behind their dad on this build.

I hope to see the Stein's at in NYC at our up coming party at ILM on May 10th.



Owner: Eric Stein

Location: New York City, NY

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 93" S&S Shovel with 4speed ratchet top

Frame: 74 Shovel Neck with custom frame built around it.

Fork: Shaved an short

Favorite thing about this bike:  Building it at home

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc:  Kick only 2 inch open primary, 7 Metal West fender, bars by Special 79, Jr Cycles super narrow trees, and Wargasser tank. 

You can see more photos of Eric's bike here

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Commented on 4-25-2013 At 08:05 am

Killer bike and a great piece, Bear! Being on the beach with a bike like that's gotta cure a hangover.

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 08:21 am

Perfection bro. Sick machine.

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 09:10 am


Commented on 4-25-2013 At 09:53 am

very nice!

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 09:57 am

This is the cleanest and nicest fucking bike ive ever seen!!!!!!! unbelievable man

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 11:45 am

fuckin beautiful.

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 12:37 pm

simple and perfect! nice bike!

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 01:48 pm

Thank you all VERY much. Really didn't expect it to be so well received. Very humbling.

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 01:52 pm

Very nice shovel

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 01:54 pm

sick bike thanks for sharing

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 02:50 pm

Very sexy bike, love the stance and look

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 03:10 pm

Man that's sweet!!

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 05:25 pm

Really nice scoot. Especially like the front end: handlebars, forks and wheel, all came together very well. Good work.

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 07:46 pm

bad ass, bare bones.....

Commented on 4-25-2013 At 08:24 pm

It was so cool to meet another 33er randomly at Daytona. Eric and his bike are all class! See you in NYC brother. -Bear

Commented on 4-26-2013 At 01:39 am

One of the best cone shovel outhere.
Perfect stance !

Commented on 4-26-2013 At 11:39 am

Wow exactly what everyone else said.

Commented on 4-26-2013 At 03:35 pm

i already siad i liked it but i cant stop looking at it

Commented on 4-27-2013 At 11:48 am

someone has to say it----"right on"

Commented on 4-27-2013 At 02:35 pm

Thanks again everyone!!!

Commented on 4-27-2013 At 03:11 pm

Bars look good man! thanks again!

Commented on 4-28-2013 At 11:48 am

Yeah, I love this bike.

Commented on 4-29-2013 At 08:21 am

tasteful and clean just like my wifes brown eye

Commented on 4-30-2013 At 10:11 am

my god. almost as perfect as the hidemo strike eagle. amazing bike!

Commented on 4-30-2013 At 06:52 pm

Again,thanks. I'm blown away by all the positive feedback.

Commented on 4-30-2013 At 07:55 pm

Nice n' clean shovel!

Commented on 4-30-2013 At 08:07 pm

That is a KILLER bike!

Commented on 4-30-2013 At 08:11 pm

I love this bike

Commented on 5-1-2013 At 05:15 pm

Crooks den, hilarious whadda shithole

Commented on 5-3-2013 At 07:23 pm

What a GREAT motorcycle.

Commented on 5-14-2013 At 11:30 am

Are there anymore pics online of this bike? Like higher res ones so i can really get in there and look? Thanks. this thing is tits amaze.

Commented on 5-27-2013 At 08:55 am


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