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I am constantly meeting new people at local motorcycle events and every once in a while you meet some that are easy to talk to and very genuine. I was fortunate enough to meet Jerimy Cox and his rowdy bunch of friends known as “the Oklahomies.” The group rode up to an annual event held in New Braunfels, Texas known as the Lone Star River Run. Instantly, Jerimy’s bike stuck out from all of other bikes there. My first thought was “What the hell?” Don’t get me wrong, the bike was an amazing spectacle with a lot of eye candy and some radical custom touches. I admired the bike for over an hour, just looking at the work put into it and still in disbelief that it was powered by a fuel injected Buell XB9s motor. I asked Jerimy so many questions that he finally had to cut me off and we retired to a bar for a few cold beers. Jerimy and I spoke for a while longer about the build throughout the night and then moved on to the main reason we were there: to party with friends at the nearby campground.


Several months went by and I finally decided to call Jerimy and get the full story on his chop. He explained that he bought the bike for a very cheap price after the previous owner had laid the bike over. It was exactly what Jerimy was looking for to power his build. Jerimy and his buddy, Brett Cox, got rid of as many unneeded wires as possible, which was a long and painful task considering all the additional wires on the fuel injected bike. Jerimy made some calls and was able to get Brian Buscemi of the Vise Grip crew to help him acquire the right fuel pump and regulator to move forward. Next on the agenda, Jerimy had Mercury Moto run an internal tube inside the custom tank so the external line could be eliminated. He did a killer job with the fabrication of the gas tank overall. Jerimy and crew then moved on to chopping a stock Paughco frame with an 8 up and 2 out frame and 28 degrees in the neck for the de-raked look. They also added a cool oilfield fracking pipe for the down tube. The front end was then installed, which consisted of 35mm Mullins Super Narrow trees and 6 over tubes. Jerimy then moved on to making this bike a roller, so he used some crappy old invaders that have broken on him several times, once during the El Diablo Run and another time at the Lone Star River Run. Once the bike was all mocked up and just the way Jerimy and crew wanted it, they broke it down and sent it to a local buddy, Kenny Smith. With Jerimy’s collaboration, the amazing paint you see here was laid down. Jerimy admits he referenced many pictures from Chemical Candy’s blog site so he could ensure that the end result was what he envisioned for the paint scheme.


Photos by Sean Smethers


This bike represents Jerimy’s longtime dream of building a de-raked chopper and, as you can see, he did an amazing job creating this piece of art. Jerimy would like to thank everyone that had a hand in this build, which includes Kenny, Brett, Brian, The Oklahomies and lastly his beautiful wife Amy and their daughter, Rylan. A special thanks to Sean Smethers for the awesome photos and Pine Street Powder Coating for all of their contributions.



Owner name, location:  Jerimy Cox  Ponca City, Oklahoma

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: Stock Buell XB9S with fuel injection

Frame: Chopped Stock Paughco Frame with 8 up and 2 out 28 degree frame.  



Fork:  Mullins Super Narrow Trees and 35mm 6 inch over shaved lower legs with some speed rings added during machining.

Chassis mods:  Added oil sludge fracking pipe as single down tube.

Tire/wheel size and style:  21 and 19 original invaders



Favorite thing about this bike:   Built by Jerimy and the misfits known as the Oklahomies.

Next modification will be:   HSR 42MM Carb, new mag wheel if the invaders don’t hold up and fixing all the crap that breaks along the way.

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc:  Crazy fracking pipe down tube, rake and the fact it’s a Buell chopper.


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- Jason

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Commented on 5-1-2014 At 03:40 am

Waouh !! That Buell is unreal !!

I fuckin' LOVE IT !!!

Congrats Jerimy, awesome build.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 04:18 am


Commented on 5-1-2014 At 07:05 am

chops and bullies fuck yeah

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 07:07 am

Everyone's gonna know what fracking pipe is now

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 07:25 am

Beautiful bike. Good job Jerimy and the Oklahomies!

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 07:57 am

congrats jerimy!

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 08:33 am

We'll be seeing this one on the covers of chopper mags in future for sure. Awesome work brother.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 08:49 am

Got to see this thing at Just Kickers last weekend; one of my favorite bikes there. Super cool and different. Fantastic little details and really well put together. Very nice job, man!

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 10:30 am

That is a bitchin bike. looks like a blast to ride with power.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 10:31 am

Hot damn! This thing is fucking SWEET!
From the efi Buell motor, frack pipe down tube, rad paint, to the gnarly brake set up I can't comprehend, and rad stance... Everything here rules!
Great job Jerimy!

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 02:31 pm

fucking hell.

the details on this bike are nothing short of epic.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 03:29 pm

This is one of my favorite scooters ever. Love this thing.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 03:33 pm


Commented on 5-1-2014 At 03:58 pm

Fucking Sick! Very well done.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 07:14 pm

Right on, Jerimy!.. Oklahomies rulin' it! Good seeing y'all this past weekend at Just Kickers.

Commented on 5-1-2014 At 10:20 pm

Boundries have been pushed... New levels have been unlocked...

Commented on 5-2-2014 At 07:37 am

Met Jerimy yesterday. and some of his buddies. all good dudes. swing back up to Hutchinson KS sometime and well kick it off right! to bad it wasnt the weekend or we could have gotten a lil roudy haha

Commented on 5-2-2014 At 02:57 pm

That down tube is so cool. Rad bike for sure.

Commented on 5-2-2014 At 09:09 pm

Gorgeous !! Beautiful !! Sick !! One of the nicest neatest bikes I've seen...

Commented on 5-3-2014 At 05:10 am

Great job! Rollin' artwork!

Commented on 5-3-2014 At 06:11 am

I got to see this bike (in the works) a couple years ago at the "Heartland Hoedown". Out of all the bike's there,(I'm guessing there were atleast 100 bikes present) it was this one that I kept coming back to to check out. I'm fairly certain it had something to do with that insane "drill bit" down tube. Super bitchin to see it completed! Damn fine job!

Commented on 5-4-2014 At 12:57 pm

How did I miss this at GiddyUp? Very clean scoot. I'm jealous!

Commented on 5-5-2014 At 09:54 am

Bad ass derake!!!

Commented on 5-11-2014 At 06:17 am

What can ya say ? Jes' da way it's gotta be done ! Real Purty ,guys.............

Commented on 5-12-2014 At 04:26 pm

nice ride man,love that tank.

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