The Maggot


Maggots writhe through decomposing animals and rotting food, feeding on the remains to fuel their survival. Emerging from the bloody carcass of a dead eagle over a year ago, this maggot arose from the depths with a ravenous hunger for endless miles under a moonlit sky. The Maggot ate its way through sissy bars, chains and other small metals before squirming off to the dark to pupate. Inside that shell it transformed into a fully-functional road machine with a voracious appetite to explore the scum of the alleys and roadkill of the valleys. The Maggot awaits…



Name - Jeff Plewa, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Bike Name - The Maggot



Engine, Year, Make, Model and modifications - The motor is a 1988 Harley Davidson sportster evolution 1200 with an Andrews cam and an S&S shorty super E

Frame - Stock 88 sportster frame with a Voodoo Vintage weld-on hardtail



Fork - I believe the front end is a Columbus springer. Roughly 6 over.

Tire/wheel size and style:

Front wheel is a 21-inch invader with an Avon SpeedMaster tire

Rear wheel is a stock Sportster mag that I chromed with a Shinko 270 super classic tire



Favorite thing about this bike: It's hard to say what my favorite thing on this bike is, but if I had to choose, I'd go with the sissy bar. I had previously made a sissy bar out of half-inch stock and it was a good 3 feet tall. Needless to say that thing snapped not once, not twice, but probably 6 times before I said fuck it and took a night to make a new one. The kicker is that I made the new sissy bar in my buddy Brian's garage without having my bike with me. I took my destroyed old sissy bar that was now in 3 separate pieces, laid it on the floor and pieced it together. I took my two sections of 5/8 stock and got to shaping this thing up by making bends, putting it next to the old one and making adjustments based off of that. It took a long time, it's far from perfect, but I definitely had a blast making it and I think it looks wicked!


I'm praying to god I don't need to make anymore more modifications on this bike. I'm ready for something new. I'm just glad that this thing is done. Though it's still early in the season as it's only April as I'm writing this, so the shakedown might not be over just yet. We'll see.



Other mods and cool accessories - One night, towards the end of the rebuild of this bike, my buddy Zach Marsh stopped over to check out how things have been going. Before I could even say what's up to him he says “got a present for ya” and hands me what I THINK is an emblem off of a Cadillac or something (crossed olive branches). I thought it was pretty cool. Its chrome and in good shape. One night I was just sitting in my garage looking at the bike and it dawned on me why Zach gave me that gift. It fit more than perfect right on the face of my air cleaner cover, so I had to stick it on. Its nothing crazy, but it was a random gift that ended up making something already cool that much better. Thanks again Zach!


The footpegs were machined out of stainless steel by my buddy Luke Richards. They were based off of a little knurled aluminum shifter peg that I had bought off lowbrow customs website. Luke has helped me out immensely with this build. He's machined axles, springer legs, rockers, and all kinds of odds and ends shit for me. He is the man.


The tank is another notable piece. It was hand painted with one shot by my friend Jon Bartles, a tattoo artist at Walkers Point Tattoo here in Milwaukee. The design is a maggot, fitting as it's the name of the bike, yes, but what I really dig is that it's also the album artwork from one of my favorite bands, Devourment, and originally a painting by my favorite artist Dan Seagrave. I believe Jon had only done one or two tanks before attempting this one and I think he killed it.


There are more stories laced to this bike than I care to type. Some good, some bad, but all of them were key learning points for me. For those of you who have ridden with me and witnessed some of the madness this machine has thrown my way, you can back me up. There was the nature-road-wheelie-chain-snap. The bombing run exhaust pipe incident and charging system shitstorm, as well as the Black Horizons bike nighttime freeway walk. The list goes on and on. This bike wouldn't have happened without a lot of help from my friends and family. I do not consider myself a builder. I just love motorcycles and I love my friends even more. The combination of the two gives me a reason to live.



A BIG thanks to ChopCult for the opportunity to feature my bike, My Father Jeff Plewa Sr, Ian Olsen, Luke Richards, The Monster Ronster, Tucker, Chris McMorrow, IronHead Brian, Brian Radmond, Cassi, Zach Marsh, Jon Bartles, Ace, Justin Winski, Jordan Schneider, Matt Gardipee, Steve Dietzman, Chris Gun, John Sheridan, LowBrow Customs, J&P Cycles, TC Bros and every other person who has helped me along the way. You know who you are.Photo Credit goes to Chris McMorrow. Follow him on instagram @blackhorizons. My personal Instagram is @jeffplewa. Follow me. Let's party.

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Commented on 6-8-2017 At 02:12 pm

Badass! Love the bike!

Commented on 6-8-2017 At 02:15 pm

Where did you get the pipes?

Commented on 6-8-2017 At 04:36 pm

Look like Paugcho drags to me...sweet Sporty

Commented on 6-8-2017 At 05:21 pm

Sweet bike

Commented on 6-12-2017 At 06:40 am

daily is an evo sporty.... mind blown ! good looking sporty

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