The Limpnickie Lot Bike Show in Daytona Beach


Despite a published schedule that hinted to the contrary, the last event at this year's Limpnickie Lot in Daytona Beach was a bike show on Friday, March 11. Many of the machines perched on the decks of Stone Edge Skatepark had already earned praise at Willie's Tattoo Parlor show the previous afternoon, but this didn't stop dedicated chopperphiles from taking a gander.

In my opinion, what did stop many people from experiencing the Limpnickie show was the hidden nature of the venue itself. Wooden ramps and concrete bowls might make for interesting photo ops, but the skatepark's location behind a commercial building and a chain link fince did little to promote easy ingress or spontaneous attraction. Stone Edge boasts over 75 yards of frontage along one of Daytona's main thoroughfares, but this prime real estate was blocked by Limpnickie's enormous red truck/trailer combo. If you did stumble through the vending circle 20 feet behind curbside, you had to walk another 100 steps through a chain link fence, across a shellrock parking lot and underneath a 5-foot-tall quarter pipe to enter the show area. Confused? So were a half-dozen first-time vendors and hundreds of unitiated spectators.



Questionable logistics notwithstanding, the bikes on display at Limpnickie were uniformly interesting and cool. A sideshow presented by Roadside Marty from Flat Broke Customs and sponsored by Acme Choppers was Chris Callen's idea, and the spectacle provided an interesting diversion to the whole scene. In his 60-minute presentation Marty and his assistant Tim from Papa Clutch Customs swapped the forks and bars on his Purple Haze panhead for an Acme springer. Master builders and audience members oggled the process while yours truly provided color commentary, and the Haints heckled and drank beer. The solid injection of hands-on tech was a welcome respite from the skateboarding, DJ'ing and amateur rapping that frankly only distracted from the proceedings. Thanks to Cycle Source magazine for trying to make the Limpnickie bike show about motorcycles—not an ollie contest.

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Commented on 3-16-2011 At 08:41 am

That Alabama Shovel is tops.

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 08:47 am

I heart that trike.

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 08:58 am

Thanks for the pics! Even though I live in Daytona, I work in the MC industry and don't get a chance to get out of the shop for the shows. Appreciate the coverage.

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 09:02 am

choppers doing grinds!

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 09:47 am

I saw a bike there that was at the 2011 GNRS.

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 10:20 am

That bike with the backbone over the tank is crazy

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 10:37 am

No offense but... yawn.

I feel like the same bikes get too much coverage. I know how business works. Mags and such need to cover the bikes that their advertisers build but it would be oh so nice if someone covered some stuff that was truly off the beaten path. If it wasn't built by a ''cool'' shop or at least some of the parts aren't from there nobody gets to hear from them.

Rant over.


Commented on 3-16-2011 At 01:12 pm

True it does seem that way! I know I'll never see mine in a mag as it is not politically correct enough! They have to be edgy....but not affend the straights!

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 01:15 pm

Even with a few problems, this type of show IS what bike week Should be about. Real choppers, bobbers and real riders! Not a bunch of trailer queens.

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 04:07 pm

Topher, I hear you. I can't speak for the mags, but I can speak for us here at Chop Cult. Coming from the West Coast, we jump at the chance to shoot bikes that aren't from our own backyard. Any chance to get to a new area and shoot bikes is a good deal. The Lot was crammed with good stuff, even if a bike has been seen before, that doesn't make it obsolete in my opinion, a great bike is a great bike. We probably shot a dozen features over the week. I think all of them were from someone who is considered a vendor or member of the lot. This was just the way it worked out and not some kind of plan. Most people who were walking around as what I'd call "Spectators" were on pretty stock bikes, or even if they were on a good one, while we're in the middle of working a booth, etc it's hard to nab the guy and get a feature out of it. It's way easier to say "Hey Larry, can I shoot your pan when you get a few minutes?" to a guy who isa friend and is also going to be there all day. So, at least in our case, it's got nothing to do with popularity or some kind of status, it's just what we are capable of. At other events that are less main stream, ie: Born Free, Hippy Killer, SCR, EDR, etc you'll see us feature bikes ridden in by ordinary Joe's every time we have a chance. This just wasn't one of those opportunities.

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 04:19 pm

The Haints got their bikes shot for Chop Cult and they just showed up! Thanks guys!

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 05:26 pm

I'm diggin the orange frame Sporty...

Commented on 3-16-2011 At 10:50 pm

Looking forward to the big mountion run....Daniel

Commented on 3-17-2011 At 04:48 am

"Trailer Queens"? Parking the trailer at the hotel and riding to the show doesn't count now does it?
Seriously, I respect these builders and understand you cant Strap a booth onto your sissybar.
To those that did ride, Right On.

Commented on 3-17-2011 At 07:20 am

Always good to see you guys! Magoo sorry I was to scatter brain to get that bike shot. Next time. Love you guys!

Commented on 3-17-2011 At 10:09 am

Wow could this article be anymore negative? It sounds like someone is a little upset because they might have lost the bike show, or maybe its because they forgot to clean out the sand from their sideways slit! Most of these statements in this article were completely ridiculous and unnecessary. I think the limpnickie lot is the next and only thing to take the bike community by storm. Being set up in the skate park with the ramps and bowls, i mean come much cooler of a show atmosphere could you have. It wasn't hard at all to get your bike back to the show and there was escorts leading the way back in. Having the kids hanging out and skateboarding...the kids that we need to have interested in bikes to make our culture and our passion live on. Where would you rather have it? At a big bad a biker bar..."ya man" naked chicks! Leather chaps!" that makes for a sick bike show!!! GAAAYYYYY!!!! I mean really....the stone edge skate park couldn't be a better place for a bike show! I do agree the press on the show needs to be advertised a little better, but for this being still in its fetal stages for a bike show I think these guys are doing a kick ass job! You can't even compare this show to Willies, which has been going on for years and is a staple bike show for bike week every year, everyone knows about and loves Willies and that is to be expected, but the Limpnickie/Cyclesource Chopper show I would put right up there as one of the best shows in Daytona! Look at the prizes that are given, winning and Evil Belt Drive!!! HELL YA! As far as the DJ and the Rapping, it is all in good fun! It makes for a fun show and a fun atmosphere for people to hang out! I personally thought the guy was hilarious, i could have watched him for hours! Next year they should set him up back in the bike show area. The Limpnickie Lot is the next thing and I support them 110%, the American made manufacturers are leading the way in the motorcycle industry. I was a little taken back to see a huge set up that had everything made in china parts, cheap crap, a little confused as to why they were set up there, the limpnickie lot could definitely live without that gay setup for sure. Alright this reply is long enough, I could go for hours

Commented on 3-17-2011 At 05:37 pm

thanks for dropping a little insight bill. makes sense now that the words are right in front of me haha. great pics.

Commented on 3-18-2011 At 07:50 am

I can say that being a vendor, and working all day at the speedway. The limpnicki lot was a breath of fresh air. 12 hours of 23" front tire baggers and Cookie cutter Choppers mixed with Hayabusas with Stretch Swingarms and more Neon than a Texas Honkey Tonk. I absolutly loved the skatepark! The originallity and grittyness of this venue was off the charts. The music, the bikes, and the skatepark was perfect! BIll & Magu you rock!

Commented on 3-19-2011 At 02:21 pm

I didnt get to go this year but it looks like a bunch of my friends had a great time.

As far as the "same old thing" goes...half of the pics are of bikes you never seen by guys you never heard of. Which is perfect.

If you dont like what you see, make your own magazine and feature YOUR buddies bikes. As far as I'm concerned these pics represented the show and the scene well.

Commented on 3-22-2011 At 11:25 am

We went out the first weekend and did our own event right out of the back of the park. Riding, skating, camping and partying. Doesn't get any better. All the guys at the Lot were really good guys and were down to hang out and bullshit. Whether you like it or not, Chris at Cycle Source is a great guy who would do anything for our culture. Check out the article coming out if you aren't to cool for it.

Commented on 3-26-2011 At 03:10 pm

How much did you pay to get in? ...then don't bitch....

Commented on 3-27-2011 At 12:38 pm

Trike is for sale Bill. Shoot me a PM if interested.

Commented on 4-7-2011 At 09:20 pm

anyone know of some good bike shows in the midwest??

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