The Green Hornet From Cheapskate Cycles

I had the oppurtinty to visit Cheapskate Cycles in Oceanside, CA over the weekend and shoot a few bikes. Eli Wolf is the ringleader and I asked him for the low down


Years ago, I had just gotten into working on, and building bikes. I didn't really have any way to fund my hobby to buy the cool parts from companies or to have people fab for me. So, I just really worked on figuring how to do things myself. Spent a bunch of time developing relationships with people that had common interests, whether it was building hot rods, race cars, bikes or whatever. I learned a lot through these relationships, developed some metalworking skills, some mechanical skills etc… Started choosing tools selectively, slowly acquiring quality tools that I needed to get the bikes that were in my head turned into reality, while not spending much hard to come by cash. Around 2009 I started selling some one off handlebars, which you can see on The Green Hornet, called Skinny Minnie Insider bars. Needed a name, so Cheapskate Cycles seemed to fit, as I was really trying to do everything i could to do things on the cheap, still do.  I will say, however, you really do get what you pay for; I would rather pay 100 bucks for an exceptional quality Golan petcock than a 10 dollar Chinese piece of crap. It’s all about being selective, purchasing quality, USA made if possible tools and parts, and doing as much as you can by yourself. Now when it comes down to it, I absolutely love to include other friends and acquaintances for their specialty items. For instance, sometimes you don't want to fab, or don't have the skills necessary to construct the gas tank that you just have to have cause its what’s been in your head. Hit up someone who does that exceptionally well. I guess what I'm getting at is, i really try to get these scoots on the road with as little monetary waste as possible.

I still do one off parts for customers, I love to do bars, pipes, random fab bits, to complete bikes. I try my best to keep costs down, but again, you do get what you pay for. I am no longer doing production pieces; everything is worked out and made to order. Send me an idea, or let me run wild, and you will really enjoy the end result.

When it all boils down, its all about getting out and enjoying that wind in your face with a couple likeminded individuals.


Do wheelies, and ride dirty.


Bike Owner: Eli Wolf

Location: Oceanside, CA

Bike name:  The Green Hornet / The Beast

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1994 Sportster XL, NRHS 1250 jugs, 10.5:1 compression, 1200 heads polished and ported to stage 3, andrews N8 cams, Mikuni HSR42 flatslide carb, Dyna 2Ki ignition, Lowbrow cloth plug wires, cut and shaved cam cover

Frame: Stock

Fork: Acme wide springer, 4" under

Chassis mods: Kansas Kustom rear section, 2" stretch

Tire/wheel size and style: 16" 40 spoke wheels front and rear wrapped with some premium Duro's

Favorite thing about this bike: Its faster than it should be

Next modification will be:  no mas

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Skinny Minnie Insider Bars (Cheapskate Cycles), Foot Clutch/Hand Shift (Cheapskate Cycles), Sissy bar (Cheapskate Cycles) Heavily modded Sportster Tank (Lowbrow), Slimline Risers (Biltwell) drilled and countersunk to work with the rear springer legs, Whiskey Throttle (Biltwell), Oil Tank (Elswick Cycles), Chain Conversion, Posh grips, Brass Air Cleaner (After Hours Choppers) with engraving by Lillian Rose, Brass Ribbed Fender ( 7 Metal West) Ford tractor headlight, Side bag from Mr. Johnny Wolf and on and on

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: This little bike has been through more than a few versions in its time. Saved it out of shipping container years ago, dusted it off, chopped it up, welded it back together, and rode it all over this side of the country. The good ol sportsters really make for a good start to building great, reliable bike, and with a bit of figuring can really turn into a screaming animal of a scoot that can hold its own against the best of em. I wanted this thing to be short, low and fast, and it slowly came out pretty much exactly as I originally wanted it to. It was an absolute blast to build, and it's still an absolute blast to ride. 

Thanks to:  Bob Morland at Bobs Garage for tuning this beast, Steve at Lillian Rose, Peter Wolf aka Pistol Pete for the psychedelic paint, my Pops for the Mikuni, the WereWolves for gettin weird, and  my wonderful beautiful lady for the patience and love.

Check out my things at:

Follow me on instagram, eli_wolfa

Oh, and it might be for sale - Hefewolf 

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Commented on 3-18-2013 At 08:06 am

Never heard Duros being called "premium" berfore. Can I assume that's an oxymoron like "Congressional ethics?"

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 08:09 am

And, yes, there's been a lot of clever stuff done to this Sporty.

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 10:55 am

Wow! cool ride. who's seat pan did you use?

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 04:25 pm

No stretch?!

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 06:21 pm

it says 2"

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 07:38 pm

yea, its got 2" of stretch, and the seat pan is mine, but its a pretty much a copy of Redtail Leathers seat. I have his and love it, smashed that one out about the same.

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 09:16 pm

I remember seeing your bike in a mag, cant remember which; 3 or 4 years ago, really dug it, still do in its latest version. Lots of neat bits

Commented on 3-18-2013 At 10:13 pm

I wondered what bike you were gonna use the Acme fork on when you came to pick it up at Biltwell. It looks great on this moto!

Commented on 3-20-2013 At 02:09 pm

Very nice - I really like the overall lines. Great design.

Commented on 3-21-2013 At 10:53 am

Love the look of this bike. Hopefully mine will take some design ideas from yours...

Great Job!

Commented on 1-5-2014 At 12:02 am

Hell yea!! OSIDE! Sweet ride , love the jockey/clutch set up. hopefully get to see it in action next time I'm home.

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