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JD Sansaver's latest Japanese bike shows just how great venerable old Yamaha XS650's can be in the hands of a capable craftsman. Virtually every modification on this machine was done by its owner, and you'd probably never guess that its paint job was JD's first attempt. Other superb details include the super-narrowed stock trees, 40-degree rake, rigid rear and a dirt bike front hub laced to a 21-inch hoop.

Closer inspection of the Yamaha logo on the left side cover makes it obvious that the letters are filled in and the cover is smooth to the touch. How does he do it? Crafty old JD bought some of that rod that the carnies at the swap meets demonstrate by filling holes in beer cans. He used the circus putty to fill in all the letters, then polished it out to a smooth finish. Neat shit, any way you slice it.


Clicking any of the images in the slide show will open a new page with a 1200 pixel wide photo suitable for desktops or downloading

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Commented on 2-3-2010 At 01:39 pm

Damn nice job. Really dig that headlight.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 01:44 pm

I can only see the heading photo. Not mobile friendly I guess. :(

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 01:53 pm

I am jealous! Well done.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 01:53 pm

perfect, just perfect

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 02:18 pm

Damn! details abound!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 02:27 pm

Great bike! Damn, I need to get jammin on my project...

Also, I really dig the new photo layout - loads a lot faster, and I like being able to choose which photo makes it onto my desktop.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 02:28 pm

Nice, job I am digging that lightning in the paint and the way you smoothed out the Yamaha.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 03:20 pm

Whatt'a a great piece of work you got there.
Clean bike, flawless painting.

Congrats mate!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 03:38 pm

Nice job, JD! You've got some serious talent.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 03:40 pm

Does this guy have an eye or what?! I love hearing about someone that knows what they want and is willing to experiment to get the result! That’s talent! The bike is different and perfect in many ways.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 04:40 pm

Good to this feature.
This is one of my favorite bikes. JD is a good dude with an eye for the big picture! Him & his shop mate are pretty much unstoppable.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 04:42 pm

this is the second xs ive seen where the pegs are flip floped to the other side. i whis i had thought of that. it looks so stock. like it was meant to be there. awesome bike. i might have to narrow mine hahaha

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 04:51 pm

Helluva nice bike!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 05:15 pm

this bike is rad. i love the pipes and mini z's

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 05:16 pm

Excellent. Pipes are great, tank great, dig the frame too. But your bars are not centered! Quick fix though. Great work.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 05:19 pm

great idea being able to get full size versions of any of the pics .. i like it!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 05:25 pm

Had a 650 back in the early 80's. Would never had thought they had this much potential. Awesome job.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 05:27 pm

Well she's a little of this a little of that
She makes my heart go fliggity flare
Oh baby baby I just love her so

- The Ramones, Yea Yea

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 05:41 pm

Another great bike to keep me drooling till the tax check comes and i buy some parts. Great work.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 05:54 pm

great work, it is getting tougher and tougher to build a unique xs, but you nailed it. great work, you should be damn proud of it

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 06:36 pm

'Your bars are not centered'. Yeah, and your clutch cable is about to snap!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 07:05 pm

nice diggin the skinny tank

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 07:07 pm

Could that of happened when the forks were narrowed? (Bars not being centered.)

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 07:18 pm

Unbelievably good.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 07:59 pm

The bars ARE centered, it's just your eyeballs playing tricks on you.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 09:46 pm


Commented on 2-3-2010 At 09:52 pm

Awesome, I love the color combo!!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 10:13 pm

Pretty much the raddest bike I saw at the Biltwell Bash. JD is cool as hell to talk to as well. I was blown away when he showed me how he narrowed the trees. SUPER COOL!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 10:19 pm

yeah i am only gettin the header pic but damn dude! this thing is super gnarly! great job jd!!!!

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 10:36 pm

Andy the new gallery is flash based so not going to work on your iPhone until we update it to php. Look at it on a regular machine and you'll be stoked.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 10:51 pm

Great job on the paint for being the first attempt at painting. That front end is NARROW! Great bike.

Commented on 2-3-2010 At 11:25 pm

Sweet bike! Are there any threads of the build up on here?

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 12:08 am

I wish my XS was half as nice.

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 01:06 am

thats f***in impressive man prolly the toughest xs ive seen..bad ass man

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 01:43 am

Holy shit, where did you score that headlight?

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 03:40 am

sweet and skinny,,,,just like good women

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 05:24 am

what an absolutly gorgious bike! front end, bars, tank (some serious work there i'm sure) pipes, paint...that thing is def the whole packege...good shit!

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 05:35 am

That's an amazing first stab JD!The whole thing is great.

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 05:52 am

not JD's first build... merely his first Jap build (I believe)

Commented on 2-4-2010 At 05:57 am

this is super beautifull, i`ll go & get a yami immediately.

Commented on 2-27-2010 At 02:52 pm

Good job on the first time paint job!

Commented on 3-1-2010 At 09:44 pm

That is a super SWEEEEEEET XS650!!!!!
Dig the pipes!!!

Commented on 4-23-2011 At 06:01 pm

Just wondering where did you get the mini-drum?

Commented on 5-20-2012 At 03:19 pm

What gas tank are they ?

Commented on 8-25-2012 At 02:46 am

How did you narrow your stock trees?!!!
Killer Chop!

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