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Far from the trend-humping, low-mileage types on The Biker Spectrum exist a few good men like the owner of this rustic pan. Fritz is the kind of guy who's more concerned with eating up miles of backroad than he is with impressing anyone at Bike Night or on the innerwebs. He's a veteran traveler of Northeast USA two-lane highways, and he makes a great leader on group rides—if you can keep up. Fritz isn't afraid to split lanes or haul ass, and he can keep that pace all day. This is the bike Fritz rode on this year's Gypsy Run, but it's only one of his great daily riders.




Owner: Fritz

Location: Hudson Valley, NY

Engine: Psuedo-pan:  STD cases & heads, '79 H-D flywheels & cylinders, '49 EL rods & Camchest gears, Wiseco pistons, Andrews grind #1 cam, Baisley rockers and Hunt magneto

Frame: Santee straight-leg rigid

Fork: H-D 39mm Narrowglide, 10 inch over with three triple trees






Chassis mods: Raked to 45 degrees by yours truly. Plated back in '95 when chrome was still affordable

Tire/wheel size and style: 16" rear/21" front; Evo sporty aluminum hubs with stainless spokes

Doodads: Dual over/under headlamps, Yamaha XS1100 taillight, custom sissy bar splint






Favorite thing about this bike: It runs. 62,000 miles and still going, original top end from when I built it, I just keep changing the oil and twisting the right grip

Next modification will be: 300mm rear tire and some beach bars

Thanks to: My machinist Rich B; John White & Julio (parts guys); Mark, Mike and Tony (paint and bodywork)



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Commented on 11-13-2009 At 12:27 am

"Next modification will be: 300mm rear tire and some beach bars"

That comment is pure WIN. rofl

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 12:31 am

Only a 300? pfft...pussy...

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 12:58 am

efff the 300, this isnt SPARTA !!! keep twisting the throttle...........

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 06:08 am

'Hey Fritz, your headlight's on!'

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 06:09 am

I really like that pipe set up.

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 10:12 am

Fritz and this bike haul ass on the twisties. Rain or sunshine, cold or warm Fritz is riding. Take a good look at the rear of this bike because that is all you will see once you get on the road. This guy is the human version of Mapquest for the north east. I am proud to say I have ridden with him. Tim

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 10:54 am

Little things like the accumulation of registration stickers is what makes this bike great. Function over fashion leaves an impression. Is that just a huge piece of wrapped ham on the back that sustains on long journeys? In my mind, it is. Nice Bike!

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 11:16 am

this is one of my favorite motorcycles, and people of all time. this thing is a tried and true runner and it rides as fucking cool as it appears. and yeah, good luck trying to keep up with him on this or any of the bikes in his lineup. the guy's on it. and to boot he hasn't had a car in christ... i don't know over 10 years now. and ridden? mind you, NY weather sucks and his bikes go rain, snow, recovering from hernia surgery or even with a broken leg without question of getting around any other way... this bike has delivered pizza to my shop sitting bitch. yeah, he's got a fucking set up to cary pizza... no shit. i've learned more about bikes full circle from Fritz and continue to to this day. any of my stupid bullshit questions or problems, he has willingly lent me a hand getting threw it no matter how retarded the question. so yeah, I'm a fan full circle and this bike's the real deal.

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 11:21 am

Fuck yeah, what Andy, Tim and Mike said, Fritz rules.

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 12:09 pm

Nice bike.

Commented on 11-13-2009 At 02:20 pm

Hanging out with this type of slightly twisted mind is always a good thing. Fritz is the real deal.

Commented on 11-14-2009 At 05:37 pm

god i love bikes like this! built to be ridden.

Commented on 11-14-2009 At 05:37 pm

god i love bikes like this! built to be ridden.

Commented on 11-15-2009 At 06:31 am

As Gigastat say he is the Captain of senic roads with sweet ass views!!
Thanx for Showin em.That scoot is awsomw love it I got a cool ass pic somwhere of it in front of the horse track.And its got a tank for travlin.Everyone is rockin a sporty tank or some type of wassel.i like a old school set of fat bobs any day.Great job Fritz.

Commented on 11-15-2009 At 03:46 pm

all pans are great . yours is exceptional. very nice ride.

Commented on 11-16-2009 At 12:55 pm

fritzito rules the road & beyond. legendary man & machine.

Commented on 11-21-2009 At 07:09 am

Fritz is a ruler. Nothing stops him from riding. He showed up to Scraper's ride to skate with a broken foot with this huge cast thing on it riding his bike. He likes to ride so much that when I stopped for gas he just rode up and down the street a few times to burn some time. I'm sure there's a thousand stories about Fritz, I'm just happy to hear the one where he didn't know where Sturgis is! HAHA.

Commented on 8-29-2019 At 08:01 pm

"WWWFG" I have followed that bike a few hundred miles and waited many minutes with Fritz for others to catch up. Miss riding with you my friend.

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