The Daily: Big Scott's Triumph


Big Scott is known for his clean bikes, and this latest gold beauty is no slouch. BF Josh caught up with him recently at the Long Beach Swap and snapped a few pics and got the scoop on this "Daily."





Owner name; location:
Scott Stopnik; Huntington Beach,  SoCal

Engine, year and make, model, modifications:
1967 triumph t120r 650 cc

Stock front/2" over rigid rear

Stock with MCM fork sheilds
Tire/wheel size and style:
18" rear drum, black powdercoat
21" front spool hub; black powdercoat

Favorite thing about this bike:
The bike just sits right for me, never thought i would fit a Triumph untill i rode this, just something about it!

Next modification will be:
A new owner, bike is for sale $6,999.00

Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc:
Mity Max reg./capacitor, Bates headlight, vintage seat, Joe Hunt magneto, ribbed fender with speedway bike loop

Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include:
I once let Maurice "The fFying Dutchman" ride it, but he had been riding his panhead for quite awhile so he blasted through a 4-way intersection trying to stop with the shift lever (wrong side).




Thanks to:
Rockabilly Jay for letting me own it.
Check out Scott and his crew:

Scott's Profile




Click the image above to download a 1280x1040 desktop background of Scott's bike.

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Commented on 8-13-2009 At 08:30 pm

Oops. Forgot to upload the big file for the desktop. It'll be up tomorrow.

Commented on 8-13-2009 At 11:35 pm

super clean

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 05:36 am

Less is more. Well put together bike!

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 05:47 am

Big Scott and the Cycle Zombies RULE!!!!!

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 07:36 am

Always liked that bike! Hope it goes to someone that rides that hell out of it as well..


Commented on 8-14-2009 At 08:13 am

The desktop thing is fixed. If you want a big pic, click on the last photo and you'll get it.

Thanks, Scott & Josh!

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 08:29 am

Soooo clean. Really digging the anchor axle adjusters.

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 08:34 am

Everything a chopped Triumph should be!

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 10:10 am

Great scoot. Very nice work.

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 10:16 am

Sick. And that blog kills.

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 08:55 pm

Sick Bike...

Commented on 8-14-2009 At 09:21 pm

it's a beaut!

Commented on 8-15-2009 At 03:34 am

I want the van!!!

Commented on 8-16-2009 At 12:15 am

When I saw that bike years ago it made me want a triumph very bad!! Big Scott is a very cool guy, the bike is a blast to ride as well.

Commented on 8-17-2009 At 05:50 pm

"I'll take badass vans and kickass bikes for $7,000, Alex." Those pics made me wanna read the blog.

Commented on 8-18-2009 At 03:33 am

love that story about the flying dutchman.

Commented on 11-20-2009 At 03:09 am

Best brit bike anywhere

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