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There's no I in TEAM, and that rings true when it comes to the ChopCult Contributing Team. I count myself lucky to have the support of many stand up people over the years. Each contributor brings their own style to the table, which helps keep the content fresh. I met George Hart a few years back at Born-Free. He was cool from the get-go and very laid back. I began sharing his photos from time to time and as they say, the rest is history. George and his wife recently moved from Southern California to Florida. He will be covering the grass-root events that ChopCult often sponsors, and focusing on Florida’s thriving custom motorcycle scene. George's debut feature on was Boogie East, for which George provided the imagery. When The Congregation Show came around, I asked George if he would cover the event in ChopCult's behalf, and he graciously accepted. I would like to welcome George to the ChopCult family, and I look forward to working with him! -Lisa


Article and photos by George Hart

The inaugural Congregation Show was outstanding, and I can’t emphasize that enough. The good folks at Prism Supply Co. along with DicE Magazine, Iron Lords Car Club, and The Congregation Show staff brought together some great bikes from east of the Mississippi as well as local rods and lowriders. The venue itself was an outstanding place for this type of event. In 1924, Camp North End was a Ford factory producing Model T’ s & A’ s (haha) . In the 40’s, the US Army took over the facility and in the 50’s started producing missiles at the site. This was such a great trip for me traveling up from Grant, Florida for the event.



We stayed at a KOA just across the border in South Carolina. Next day I road up to the Iron Lords clubhouse for the pre-party on Friday evening and that was cool. Lots of cars, bikes, beer, and ax-throwing was going on. When I got back to camp, I met a young couple out of Chicago, tenting out of a van hauling a Sportster chop that was going to the show the next day. We partied into the wee hours drinking ‘shine and brews, which ended up a big mistake for me. I almost couldn’t operate on showday! I did learn something from their friends that showed up the next day; they said drink Pedialyte. I had never heard of it but the wife did, and she found it in the babyfood section. Man, that was some terrible shit, but I was feeling a whole lot worse than it tasted. So I took my baby medicine like a man.



There were a bunch of friggin killer bikes at this show, and all styles were showcased. My personal favorite was Terminal Speed’s Marcus Ellis’ 80” ‘80 out of Cleveland.



The Congregation needs to be a permanent fixture because of the quality of the content. I hope it happens again next year. Check out their website for updates and give them a follow them on Instagram.



On a personal note, I would like to thank Prism Supply and DicE Magazine for giving me early access and for putting on a great event!

George / @geocorazon

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