The Art and Fuel Paint Exhibit and Contest presented by Throttle Addiction


The bike builders get all the love at Born-Free, but what about the guys that turn bare metal in to eye dazzling works of art? Zach Boxx, owner of Throttle Addiction, has created the Art and Fuel Paint Exhibit and intends to focus the spotlight on the painters and their many talents. He has chosen seven of best painters from across the world to display their custom Throttle Addiction tanks painted specifically for the exhibit. Do you think you have the skills to compete against the invited talent? If so, Zach has graciously saved the final opening for a ChopCult member.


The Art and Fuel Invited Painters are ruling today’s custom paint world. If these names don’t ring a bell, then you’re not spending enough time reading mags, cruising the net or studying the today’s chopper scene. Let me introduce the talented crew:


* All photos were contributed by the artists below*


Gen Katsuragawa - Love Ear Art


Gen resides in Yokohama Japan, but spends plenty of time in sunny California. If you follow the insane Japanese chopper scene, then you’ve surely laid eyes on some of his work. His distinctive style of wild colors and mystical women will take you on a psychedelic trip.



Gen freely uses body filler to add texture and depth to his paint work. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with for Art and Fuel. If you want your paint to match your last LSD trip, get a hold of Gen, he frequently travels to California to complete work.

Follow Gen on Instagram @gen_loveearart


Denis Babin-The Reservation



Denis recently relocated to Southern California by way of Philadelphia. Upon arrival in the motorcycle mecca he made a big splash. His collection of rare motorcycles includes a 47 knucklehead chopper, 47 Indian Chief and a 63VL framed Panhead.



A builder and a painter, Denis has the skills. He’s perfected the art of recreating old looking custom paint, complete with cracks and chips. Many would ask why spend hours upon hours on a beautiful paint job just to crack the clear and make it look 50 years old. Because it’s awesome, that’s why. It’s not for everyone, but there is no doubt Denis is one of the best.



Follow Denis on Instagram @dbabin


Jack “Pacman” McCann



Pacman is a traditional freehand painter. Be it a 40 Ft building sign or pinstriping a tank, Pacman is in his element with a brush in hand.



If you’ve been to any motorcycle or car events in the Southern California area, chances are you’ve passed Pacman set up in a booth laying down lines. Last year Pacman painted Chopper Dave’s beautiful gold and white supercharged sportster for Born-Free 5. Get in touch with him if you need quality lines or brushwork painted by a master.

Follow Pacman on Instagram @elpacmangringo



John “Harpoon” Harpov



Harpoon lives and breathes the Southern California motorcycle culture. When it comes to the Born-Free show, Grant and Mike get the attention, but Harpoon was helping from day one to make it happen. A wizard with the paint gun and the striping brush, Harpoon can do it all.



He is so respected in the industry that he was asked to participate in the painting of Larry Watson’s coffin. If you’re asking who is Larry Watson you’re embarrassing yourself, look him up now. Aside from painting, Harpoon is one half of FMA and has recently launched Vard Mfg. Harpoon is sure to deliver on his home turf. Check out all of his ventures below.

Follow Harpoon on Instagram @the_harpoon


Scott Takes - Underground Art Studios



Scott Takes lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a true talent, which is why top builders from around the country have him paint their bikes. Scott's airbrush work and skill in realism has set the bar that many are measured by. Most will remember the matte paint job that Scott painted on Kevin Bass’ Born-Free 5 invite bike.



That bike ended up winning Best Panhead at the show. An artist of many mediums, Scott is the real deal. One of his greatest accomplishments was painting an 850 square foot mural for the 100th year anniversary of Harley Davidson. He is sure to deliver an amazing piece for Art and Fuel.

Follow Scott on Instagram @scott_takes_underground



Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan



Pete known to all as Hot Dog runs a 6000 sf paint shop in Oceanside California where he paints anything and everything. From toilet seats to million dollar cars, Hot Dog has it covered, and covered in style. He has accomplished a lot in his 32 year career and is still going strong! 



Many of you will recognize his work on the numerous bikes he painted at West Coast Choppers. One of Hot Dog's most unique projects was painting a custom Humvee in Iraq with the troops while filming for the Discovery Channel. He also painted The Kosmosaki, Duane Ballard's Born-Free 5 Invite Build. Hot Dog is a painter with no limits and it’s exciting to have him aboard.

Follow Hot Dog on Instagram @hotdogkustoms



Scott Hoepker - Chemical Candy Customs



For 7 years Scott has been turning out flaked and candied masterpieces that leave many drooling. Chemical Candy Customs operates out of Texas, but Scott's talent draws clients from around the world.



Scott laid down the paint for Gas Monkey Garage’s build off bike, Bell Painters Series helmets and Luck MC’s wild Born-Free 5 Knucklehead.



Scott helps promote the Just Kickers event in Oklahoma and runs one of the few remaining popular blogs featuring choppers, paint and fine looking ladies.

Follow Scott on Instagram @chemicalcandycustoms




How to become the ChopCult Champion: Post up to 3 pictures of your paint work in this thread by March 14th. Over the following weekend Zach and I will narrow down the entries to the Top 5. On Monday, March 17th, we’ll announce the Top 5 and open the polls. You will then help us choose the ChopCult Champion to join the Art and Fuel Paint Exhibit. We will only be accepting votes from our website survey and no other social media outlets.


Once chosen, The ChopCult Champion will receive a Throttle Addiction tank of their choice to paint. They will then enter their painted tank to the Art and Fuel Paint Exhibit. But wait that's not all, Zach will then ask the crowd to help him choose the Art and Fuel Best Painter from the exhibit. This contest will take place at Born-Free 6 on Saturday, June 28th. The Art and Fuel Best Painter will then receive a prize package worth over $500.00 from Throttle Addiction, Dice Magazine and Paint Huffer. In addition, the Born-Free co owners Mike and Grant, are allowing the Best Painter to choose the Born-Free 6 Best Paint award on Sunday, June 29th, and present the trophy on stage. If you believe you deserve a shot at this great opportunity, please submit your photos. Would of, could of and should of won't take your brand to the next level. The time is now!


I would like to thank Zach for using ChopCult to promote his exhibit and his ongoing support. Zach will continue to use the Art and Fuel thread for updates and in progress shots. Do me a favor and check out his website and give him a follow on Instagram and Facebook. Additional thanks to Mike and Grant for allowing Zach and ChopCult to contribute to their show. For all things Born-Free 6, please go to and buy your Born- Free 6 posters here.


See you at Born-Free 6!

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Commented on 3-6-2014 At 02:01 pm

Where's Ryzart

Commented on 3-6-2014 At 04:25 pm

What is the prize for the winner?

Commented on 3-6-2014 At 05:34 pm

How did you miss Ryzart?

Commented on 3-6-2014 At 11:00 pm

I'm not sure how to post pics on here? :/

Commented on 3-7-2014 At 07:43 am

That Gen love art guy blows my mind with every paint job he does...fucking amazing!!!

Commented on 3-7-2014 At 08:35 am

Some great artist here. I'm honestly not into competitions and unfortunately unable to make the event. Raising two kids with a stay at home wife, working a full time wrench job and running a paint shop and still struggling to pay the dam bills... Gonna be hard to choose a winner here, in my opinion everyone featured here are some of the best in the biz. If I were able to make it I'd enter but can't make it down to have some fun which is what it's all about any how, and wouldn't feel right not being there if our shop were chosen to be in the show.
Cheers brothers!

Commented on 3-7-2014 At 09:02 am

Cool idea, and that's an all-star team of painters! Glad to see our boy Scott H. in the company of such great painters like Gen and Harpoon.

Good luck, Scott!

Commented on 3-8-2014 At 12:43 pm

I would have to assume Sonny Boy has too much going on to be part of this event?

Commented on 3-8-2014 At 12:44 pm

GREAT group of painters!!

Commented on 3-8-2014 At 08:39 pm

I dont know how to post pictures!

Commented on 3-8-2014 At 08:48 pm

Im an idiot, I figured it out.

Commented on 3-8-2014 At 08:59 pm

I just went through some of the stuff pictures in the thread, those are some talented folk trying for the "last spot" in the contest... I'm sure they'd all have great work to ad... amazing stuff guys really.

Commented on 3-10-2014 At 06:02 am

Killer work, y'all. .....Now, if I could only figure out picture posting.........

Commented on 3-14-2014 At 07:01 pm

For your consideration




Commented on 3-19-2014 At 03:25 pm

its like being in a candy store,its all good! with lots of colors, flavors,gives new meaning to eye candy.they are all winners,no loosers.

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