The 2011 ChopCult Readership Survey


Sorry folks, no super-dope shovelhead to kick off your work week this Monday morning. Instead, we're asking everyone on ChopCult to fill out a simple but comprehensive multiple-choice survey. Doing so will help us know more about you, and we'll use that information to fine-tune our content and features to make ChopCult even better. What's in it for you? Undying pride from a job well done, and ten lucky winners will receive a $100 gift certificate from Biltwell.




The 2011 ChopCult Readership Survey comprises one fill-in and 66 easy multiple-choice questions in eight categories. All information obtained is anonymous and confidential, so your privacy is guaranteed.




You must complete the survey by May 1 to be eligible for the random drawing of ten $100 Biltwell gift certificates.

To go to the online survey, click here.

From everyone at ChopCult, thanks in advance for your participation and support.

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Commented on 4-18-2011 At 07:22 am

Done and done, thanks for taking the time to listen to our idiotic opinions!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 07:27 am

All set, Easy breezy.

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 08:00 am

Done. Thanks for the open ears!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 08:23 am

Just because we have answers, doesn't mean we know what we're talking about, but thanks for listening!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 09:22 am

Done with school for the day, aced it!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 10:10 am

Thanks for listening

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 11:56 am

Wish there was an option on a couple questions for ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 12:06 pm

In trouble already with the survey already.. and I've haven't even started taking it. There's at least a few folks here that for age would have to put "59 and holding" instead of "50-59."

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 12:22 pm

I barely made the 25-29 demo. Nice.

I sent in naked pictures of myself for good measure. Just so you guys know what's good.

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 12:26 pm

Finished. I feel your pain when asking people to do a survey. market research is like pulling teeth...

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 01:21 pm

I like how t-shirts, hats, guns, and knives are all lifestyle accessories. And yes, I plan to purchase them in the next year.

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 03:25 pm

Anything to help out my favorite internet site!

Some of those questions were hilarious, how high can you "ollie", or "bunnyhop", I was laughing my ass off, hahahaha.

I WAS pretty bummed when it wasked about riding in the past 12 months. Seeing as my bike shit the bed, I hardly rode at all in the past 12. I'm totally bummed about it, BUT it gives me the push to get the IH set up RIGHT so I can put some real miles on that bitch!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 03:26 pm

Thanks for making me realize how little I have been able to do in the last year...

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 03:51 pm

Man, thanks to everyone who has been filling this out. Amazing that so many people took the time to do it. We will publish some of the cumulative results after May 1st. So far some are exactly what you would predict and others are surprising. Pretty neat stuff and we appreciate the input from everybody.

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 04:41 pm

i think i aced it. can i get a gold star?

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 05:24 pm


Commented on 4-18-2011 At 05:46 pm


Commented on 4-18-2011 At 06:18 pm

Done,like NHMike said,best website around!!!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 06:41 pm

Guys . . bear in mind that some of us don't live in the US, so take that into account for some of the questions relating to events and favorite businesses etc :-)

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 07:10 pm

Good questions, but I would be interested in how many members don't actually own a rigid.

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 07:50 pm

Happy to do this, and cool that they're offering prizes as well. Not to sound like a kiss-ass, but a couple of minutes out to help these guys make a great site even better seems like a small price to pay.

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 08:52 pm

#53 'I already have way too much shit' should be an option
#59 'drinking' should be an option.

anyways, thanks for keeping CC going strong the last couple years.. keep it rollin!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 09:27 pm

Thats right,damn cool shows in SoCal and Mexico!!!

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 10:12 pm

I used to be able to ollie a firehydrent...does that count?

Commented on 4-18-2011 At 10:57 pm

done deal.

Commented on 4-19-2011 At 12:56 am

"like how t-shirts, hats, guns, and knives are all lifestyle accessories. And yes, I plan to purchase them in the next year."

Heh, heh.. aren't DRUGS " lifestyle accessories" in the same way??

Commented on 4-19-2011 At 11:01 am

Hopefully everyone's comments or votes in this case will help take you guys or us to the next level.

Commented on 4-19-2011 At 04:34 pm

Those were good survey questions. The answers available, however, were sometimes lacking. #5 for instance should have at least also had "retired", "part time", and "other" choices. A few really needed a "not applicable" choice. A chance to fill in an "other" choice might have been productive as well.

I think this survey was a good idea and will help supply the needs of our online community.

Commented on 4-22-2011 At 01:53 pm

Thanks for caring.

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