Take the Bull by the Horns


I've been devouring the wit and wisdom in online chopper forums for almost six years. If I had spent all those late nights behind a 7-11 cash register instead of a keyboard, I could have bought the badass chopper I never seem to have the time to build or the money to pay for. Some cynics consider the Internet a time suck. If you're using it to follow the flock instead of leading it, they would be right. Fortunately, there are Do-It-Yourselfers out there who refuse to wallow in the status quo. These men have taken the bull by the horns and built their own cottage industries from scratch, without help from TV producers, corporate sponsors, licensing agreements or theme bike tie-ins. This is their story.


TV vs. IT

The Internet seems to have picked up where TV dropped off. Not long ago, boob tubers used to line up to get autographs from last week's winner on "Biker Build-Off." Today, a small army of self-motivated chopper enthusiasts is working hard to reclaim that which was stolen by weekend warriors in chaps and 'do rags. Using online media, trendsetting print publications and grassroots events, guys like Matt Davis, Dean Micetich and Trent Schara are blazing a new path for today's custom motorcycle enthusiast.



DicE publishers Matt Davis and Dean Micetich uses the Internet as an effective selling tool for their magazine, and as a promotional medium for their legendary premier parties

Dice, DicE, Baby

Less than a coffee table book but much more than a 'zine, DicE is the definitive chapbook of modern chopperdom. British citizenship might seem like the only thing Matt Davis--a journeyman plumber, husband and father--has in common with his publishing partner and rockstar Dean Micetich, but these blokes from merry old England have captured lightning in a bottle with their DIY lifestyle and hardware guide for today's motorcycle rider. DicE enjoys a healthy following of rabid readers, and back issues of the highly-prized, pint-sized periodicals have sold for hundreds of dollars on eBay and the black market. To keep things fresh, Matt and Dean follow none of the conventional axioms of publishing, and this combination of irreverence and naivete works like a charm. Every DicE magazine is a little piece of art, and past covers have featured foil stamping, embossing, die cutting and 3D. Good as DicE magazine is, the premier parties Matt and Dean host to launch new issues may be even better.



Chopper freaks of Metropolis, rejoice: there's a DicE party in your back yard at the Matchless Bar in Brooklyn on September 18. SoCal chopper freaks need only wait 'til this Labor Day weekend to get their booze on.


Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it's 1969


Matt and Dean employ a proven trick of the movie and music industries--the premier party--to add sizzle to the birth of every new issue. To keep pace with their book's universal appeal, these DicE premier parties are held at better dive bars around the world. Los Angeles, London, Las Vegas, Seattle and Japan are a few of the thriving chopper enclaves where Dean, Matt, and Matt's lovely wife Justina dole out new issues to their greasy compatriots. These parties are always fueled by hot wax and cold beers, which along with a few dozen deathtraps in the parking lot is usually all it takes to show any gathering of new-school bikeriders a good time.

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Commented on 9-1-2009 At 04:22 am

AWESOME article!

Commented on 9-1-2009 At 02:45 pm

dudes like that kick ass.

Commented on 9-2-2009 At 01:40 pm

Great article....

Commented on 9-2-2009 At 09:08 pm

"Grabbin' the Bull by the Horns"

says it all.. I am not a builder(yet) but I definitely have done shit to my bike and I have hopes of my own build (soon), but it is Chopcult, Dice, Greasy Kulture, The Horse that makes the average Joe believe that he also could do it either it is in his own garage or living room or even the kitchen and stay away from the mainstream bull shit...thanks guys

Commented on 9-2-2009 At 09:09 pm

No, the next dice party is this weekend at the sewer or Sans Souci Bar in Ventura after the Primer Nationals! about 7 I think...

Commented on 9-2-2009 At 10:38 pm

We stand corrected, LowFiron. Check revised caption on DicE flyer above for more details on both events, or visit the DicE website for info. Also, I've asked Matt Davis to add both dates to the ChopCult events calendar.

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