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The bike builder with the most machines and the biggest footprint on the Limpnickie Lot is that event's co-founder, Taber Nash. Taber and his siblings launched Nash Motorcycle Company in 2003, and eight years on he and his brother Teddy continue to build motorcycles, parts and accessories at their family-run chop shop in the Pacific Northwest.



Boy Wonder is a tidy rigid that's been on display in the Nash booth and their website for some time now, but it's a typical example of Taber's custom motorcycle aesthetic. NMC's signature Gimp Hangers are featured on this otherwise long and low ironhead, as are other custom touches like the Nash brake pedal, a sidebag that houses the electricals, and bold NMC paint by French Kiss Kustoms.

There's some clever repurposing happening on this machine, with the aluminum softball bats-cum-foot pegs being the most obvious. Love or hate the side bag, fans of a clean look can not argue against the contribution this feature makes to Boy Wonder's appearance in right profile. I personally love electric-start motorcycles, so you'll hear no complaints from me.

The aforementioned French Kiss Kustom paint has some neat things going on with matte and flake that photos don't do justice. Bold type treatments are often too showy for some people's taste, but this bike pulls it off nicely. Most of Nash's other custom bikes feature hand clutches mounted on jockey shifters, foot clutches, or similar garage-built technology. Wonder Boy boasts stock Harley hand controls, gently massaged to add style without compromising function. Kudos, Taber for keeping things simple and showing such restraint. May people think a bike's got to be complicated and decorated to garner attention in today's scene, and your Boy Wonder proves this simply isn't the case.

To see more of the Boy Wonder, visit the NMC website.

To follow the Nash clan in their daily chopper exploits, visit their blog.

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Commented on 4-8-2011 At 06:14 am

looks like a 1980 motor. cool bike

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 06:56 am

Nash Cycle representing for the pacific northwest since 2003!

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 07:13 am

love it. hair on fire, tiger blood, the whole package, love it.

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 07:16 am

Awesome Sportster!!! I'll sniff the blue moon cheese.

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 09:24 am

That seat is pretty interesting... I was thinking of somthing like that in the future

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 09:24 am

That seat is pretty interesting... I was thinking of somthing like that in the future

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 09:37 am

Not overdone, straight up kick ass awesome bike...imo

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 11:52 am

this was definately my favorite bike i saw at bikeweek

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 01:52 pm

Awesome bike.

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 03:00 pm

I like it. Not over done. Love the "floating" tank.

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 04:23 pm

i love the paint on this thing! the lettering on that tank is the shit!

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 05:39 pm

godammit.... I LOVE that paint job!

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 06:15 pm

Awesome workmanship and cool details. I just don't get excited about sportsters.

Commented on 4-8-2011 At 07:41 pm

Call me conservative, but while I can appreciate the craftsmanship and willingness to experiment with new & different configurations (for example: the Steel Panther and the Speed Fetus, to name a couple) . . . I must say this bike, with it's neat, classic lines has loads of appeal for me. Nothing jars on this bike, and the paint rocks. I know everyone here has differing opinions on what looks good and what doesn't - and that's as it should be. Just wanted to put my 10 cents worth in, and say 'What a great looking bike, Mr Nash'.

Commented on 4-9-2011 At 07:29 am

Everything about that bike is just sick!

Commented on 4-9-2011 At 07:42 am

agree with cryin 9 kickass bike less is more .....

Commented on 4-9-2011 At 02:01 pm

its cool.nice bike.Now if only they would call back or email back when you have a problem with their parts

Commented on 4-9-2011 At 08:00 pm

I could be a little more excited about this bike if I didn't know that side bag served no other function that to hide a rats nest of electricals. I would expect more from a "builder."

Commented on 4-9-2011 At 08:00 pm

Simple and clean what a kicks bike

Commented on 4-9-2011 At 08:03 pm

I meant kickass bike

Commented on 4-10-2011 At 06:37 pm

Um, are those really aluminum baseball bat pegs or just meant to look like it?

Commented on 4-11-2011 At 04:02 am

Nice sporty, I'll buy that for a dollar!

Commented on 4-11-2011 At 09:31 am

hope my ironhead look even half that cool when its done, nice bike

Commented on 4-13-2011 At 07:53 am

Has grits on it ....not gimps

Commented on 4-15-2011 At 05:07 am

Love the pegs! very cool details....simple details go a long way!! very sick!!

Commented on 4-15-2011 At 05:07 am

Love the pegs! very cool details....simple details go a long way!! very sick!!

Commented on 5-3-2011 At 07:55 am

I've come back to look at this bike probably 10 times now. Love it. May be one of my most favorite-st-er-ist bikes ever. Ever.

Commented on 3-26-2012 At 07:29 am

I don't usually like frisco'ed tanks, but this one is fuckin bad! love the paint too.

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