Strange Days' giveaway bike "The Tingler"


The best part about cross-promoting grassroots events is watching them grow over the years. Strange Days has steadily created a name for itself and guarantees a good ol' time from sun up 'til long after it disappears behind the mountains. The promoters of Strange Days go above and beyond and build a bike to give away every year. There's not a year-long promotion for said giveaway it's done solely on location and one lucky attendee goes home with more than a hangover. I don't normally shine the light on promoters but Ken Buongiorno and Chris Dripchak deserve a cold one for seeing the potential in an open field four years ago. Also for producing a righteous giveaway bike with the help of Capt. Cal of RetroFit, Rush Cycles, and many others who donated parts or laid a hand on the bike that you see here. For all involved, I say "Job Well Done", and to Mr. Kevin “Mustacio” Goveia, you're one lucky man. Be sure to have fun and enjoy the ride! -Lisa



In August of 2011, Chris and I were attending an annual lake party in Vernon, NJ. We were floating on Lake Wallkill with brews, our friends, and feeling very optimistic after the first vintage motorcycle music campout party known as Strange Days. As we floated, we stared at the clouds and threw wild chopper ideas into the sky... upswept exhaust that resembled sun rays, girder front end with blinding chrome, a sissy bar that scraped the atmosphere and knowing of a Cb750 in town BOOM!!! A chopper meteor hit us…. The Cocaine Bandit, which turned out to be the Strange Days 2 giveaway chopper. It may sound a little comic bookish but after that weekend we started putting the puzzle together on building our first motorcycle to raffle off.

It has been a great experience producing an event that has brought together the most dedicated group of vintage motorcycle maniacs on the east coast. We thank you maniacs for giving us the opportunity to be creative and build motorcycles the way we think a wild road chopper should be. As fall hits NJ the gears are turning for Strange Days 5. So stay tuned for updates on the SD5 giveaway bike. In the meantime, take in The Tingler and don’t get too jealous that Kevin won this bike for $25. Hope to see you next year.

Don't forget to Expand Your Motorcycle Mind!!! Kenny Buongiorno


Photography by Jay Cagney


Owner name, location: Overall build took place at Retrofit Garage in Newton, NJ. Build was collaboration of work by Retrofit (Cal Piorkowski, Ben Thollot, Joe Piorkowski) Rush Cycles (Matt Rush) and Strange Days (Chris Dripchak, Kenny Buongiorno)

Member profile: captcal, dripshovel, swingercycle

Won by:  Kevin “Mustacio” Goveia  Kingston, NY



Engine, year and make, model, modifications:1971 Harley Davidson 900cc ironhead Sportster XLCH. Stock rebuilt the motor with slight modifications to OEM components, original finish work on rocker boxes, primary, cam and sprocket covers.

Frame: Original 70’s Smith Brothers & Fetrow



Fork: Shaved, Kayaba, 35mm, 10” over

Tire/wheel size and style: Front 21” Morad Akront rim thanks to Visionary Cycle Products, stainless Buchanan spokes tied to 71’ XL drum rolling on classic Speedmaster rubber.



Rear: 18” HD high shoulder rim, stainless Buchanan spokes tied stock ironhead hub rolling on the super sweet Firestone ANS.

Favorite thing about this bike: Kevin won the Tingler for $25



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: Sportster hamburger drum fitted to 35mm forks,  OEM risers extended  1 ½ inches, custom horseshoe oil tank with trick access panel to battery and electrical, rear sporty fender chopped slightly with side skirts radiused, XLR drag pipes, horn cover repurposed as coil cover, stainless sissy bar and headlight bracket. Keep it simple and scream “sportster” when you see it, besides frame oil tank, seat and sissy bar the bike is 100% Harley Fuckin Davidson one form or another



Thanks to The Retrofit crew for their amazing fabrication work and overall build of the Tingler, Matt Rush for rebuilding the engine, Bob of Toon Town for paint, Carl Miller upholstery work. Good group of people donated their time and the personal stash of parts to build this chopper, It takes a village of crazies to raise a chopper for Strange Days!!

Give them a follow: and

Instagram  strangedaysnjcaptcalsretrofit, and, rushcyclesnj.

Strange Day 4 coverage by Jay Cagney



If you dig the bike above, check out the Strange Days 3 giveaway bike "Voodoo Child". Click the image below to view.

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Commented on 10-9-2014 At 12:58 pm

I've known Kevin 15+ years or so. I'm don't even know exactly how long.But I do know that out of everyone I know, no one is more deserving to win something like this. The guy is supremely passionate about bikes and has been a regular presence on the forums here. He's been a loyal friend and for a guy younger than myself, a mentor and inspiration for the love of all things born from iron on 2 wheels. Everyone who knows him will back me. Dude is solid. This years Strange Days was my first and I had a great time with friends and meeting new heads. A real welcome having just moved to the East Coast from San Francisco this year. And whoever picked me up from almost falling in that bonfire after a few too many is also pretty solid. So thanks for that whoever you were! Killer bike, wicked weekend, rad times all around!

Commented on 10-10-2014 At 03:03 am

That bike has a good look going on. Nice.

Commented on 10-10-2014 At 10:37 am

great looking bike! what tail light is that?

Commented on 10-10-2014 At 10:54 am

It's a stock HD taillight, on a tucked and trimmed stock Sportster fender.

Commented on 10-10-2014 At 11:29 am

I was there and I must say that Kevins shorts were even more rad in person than they appear in the pictures.

Commented on 10-11-2014 At 09:36 am

sweet 1 cool.

Commented on 10-11-2014 At 01:00 pm

Great scoot and fantastic photography!

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