Snake's 1955 Panhead


Not many older bikes today are used as everyday runners. Most are kept clean, safe, and stashed away in a garage. Snake's pan, on the other hand, has the look that any hard ridden bike should have. They leak, they break, and the roadside repairs remain intact until the next run. They're dirty yet have more style than any other Harley you see. These characteristics are only obtained with miles.



Owner name, location: Snake, Los Angeles, Ca.

Bike name: Kelly Kapowski

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: ‘55 Harley Davidson Panhead



Frame: Original frame but was raked and molded at some point.

Fork: Not sure of the year but I think its 22” over.

Tire/wheel size and style: 18” Front / 16” Rear



Favorite thing about this bike: I built the bike for long trips, so I made it very comfortable. That's probably my favorite thing. She’s like a La-Z-Boy.



Any building or riding story or info you'd like to include: I’ve already told the story of building this bike a ton so here is a story about me falling. Last year me, Todd, and our other friend Griggs road up to S.F. for Todd's book release. On our way back down to L.A., we got caught in this gnarly rain storm. After getting hit in the face with a rock and shattering my glasses, we decided to pull over and get some better gear to ride in the rain with. We found a Big 5 (a sporting goods store) and bought goggles and shit like that. It was pretty funny. We looked like we were going skiing or something, but we could see, which was a nice change. The freeway entrance getting back on the 5 South was one of those cloverleaf jams. It was still pouring rain. Going into the turn, I thought to myself,” maybe I should slow… oh, there it goes.” Laid her down on the right side. It was so slick, it was like sliding on ice, and for some reason, I didn’t want to let go of my bike. So there I was sliding around this cloverleaf on-ramp holding on to the right side grip just hopping that nobody would run me over. It was like sliding around an asphalt luge. I slid about halfway around the onramp before stopping on the inside facing the wrong way. No one ran me over, and the bike was still running, so I knocked it into neutral, stood her up and we were on our way. I was later told that it was very graceful.



Thanks to Ryan Grossman, Sean Duggan, Davey Cooperwasser, Todd Blubaugh, Beaver, Eric Hobbs, Chase Stopnik, Peter Troy, Al Boy, Max, JD, and everyone else. Mostly just for being good friends. -Snake



Editor’s Note: Snake is also known for pulling 12 o’clock wheelies on this pan and always showing up with foxy babes all around him, so although it is now an internet cliché, in this case I really do recommend you hide both your kids and your wives if you see him on this pan!

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Commented on 7-10-2017 At 02:28 pm

Absolute ruler right there!

If you ever happen to get Montezuma's Revenge, Snake will be there to let you barf in his mop bucket, have rancid blowout diarrhea in his bathroom, and walk around in your boxers at his party.

Commented on 7-10-2017 At 07:19 pm

This dude rips. ^^^

Commented on 7-10-2017 At 07:21 pm

coolest bike I've ever seen featured on chopcults front page in the six years I've trolled this site. badass beyond badass

Commented on 7-11-2017 At 09:14 am


"Not many older bikes are used as everyday runners,"

This ain't the AMA kid. Where do we get these people and why do they think we think this way?

Commented on 7-11-2017 At 09:25 am

^^ Do you see a lot of old pans or even shovels on the road now days? because I sure don't.

Commented on 7-11-2017 At 09:57 am

Yes, I do. All the time. Ridden hard and put away dirty. You need pics?

Commented on 7-11-2017 At 09:58 am

But I've been reading this shit about the death of old iron since the mid 90's - its a cliche.

Commented on 7-11-2017 At 02:24 pm

I think you need a beer. Your taking the statement too personally.

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