Slim's Trike


Slim's infamous trike has been a regular at bike events all over the southwest for some years now. Part three-wheeler, part dirt bike and part Kawasaki two-stroke triple, Slim's trike is a rusty reflection of its creator, and never fails to draw a crowd. This rattle trap is obviously not built for much more than sketchy wheelies and slack-jawed ogling, and that's just fine with Slim. Like the man who built it, Slim's trike is funky, original and fun to be around.


























You can see more of Slim's work here

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Commented on 1-28-2011 At 06:19 am

My girlfriend LOVES this trike. (We have not seen it in person) I have all the pictures I could find saved. She wants one like this for her. Thinking of trying to build one with smaller tires and possibly a 2 cylinder or go with a blast motor and see how it works out :D

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 06:19 am

Everything Slim does is done right.

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 06:29 am

I dig this trike since I saw it at the LBC swapmeet, Slim keeps it RAW! Great pix Bill.

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 06:37 am

this guy is as nice and cool as the come...

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 06:37 am

Mutha Fuckin Slim is da man!!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 06:37 am

i always am floored by Slms werk. i really dig the tail light too!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 06:42 am

Dude is a mad man. I love the work he did to JohnnyWolf's Sporty!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 07:10 am

never met slim, never seen any of his work in person, but i'm crazy about everything i've ever seen of his

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 08:09 am

The ultimate death machine. Sick.

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 08:55 am

Death throttle = new screen saver

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 08:55 am

That thing is knarley

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 08:56 am

NICE! I have not been able to check it in person YET. So I have been kinda waitin' to catch somemore views. EXCELLENT!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 09:21 am

It's pretty wild all right. Looks like something one would find in an old barn after sitting for years. The machine is so eclectic and I can just see a new magazine now called "Mad Iron" and the men who create them. There are plenty of people who build crazy motorcycle powered machines like this but they have not their own place...maybe I should trade mark the idea eh.

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 09:53 am

They made a movie about it... it's called Mad Max.

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 10:03 am

Slim is a humble and righteous dude, and how many times did you see that combo in a human being? His motorized vehicles are all top shelf, like where momma hides the cookies, and Slim is one of the reasons why the "scene" is just fucking awesome right now.

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 10:50 am

Slim is cool, love his style!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 10:58 am

The Arm Pit Burner rules!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 10:59 am

long live 2 strokes! schweet!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 11:33 am

Slim = Ruler

Truly inspirational builder if you want to get ideas for stuff outside the norm.

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 12:45 pm

Thanks to all for the support and comments, also thank you Bill for the write up,it was killer to have a few minutes to shoot the shit with you! I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone involved with or in CHOP CULT,our industry is growing out of control in a great way thanks to good people like you!! See you all on the road, SLIM Ps.... my new shop number is 951 217 8814 please spread the word!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 12:59 pm

LOVES this trike is cool!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 02:24 pm

slim is one sick it..

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 02:58 pm

Damn! thats hard as hell!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 04:42 pm

For sure the best raw fabricator out there! Love his work, always have. Met him at Alex's bar in LBC, hell of a nice guy!

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 09:13 pm

Need a:
Hard tail
Suppernarrow small tank
Bad ass bars
Sick frame
Bitchen fab work
One off what ever
Cool ass dude
Call Slim

Commented on 1-28-2011 At 10:07 pm

If there ever was a "WhackyKawasaki" this's it.
In the oldschool sense of the word, not as in "wack"

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 12:00 am

love this guy, love his work. Use him

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 07:05 am

Not Only is he a great artist, He is a really solid nice guy to talk to with huge amounts of good energy.
Great WorK Slim

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 08:14 am

I've never met the man, but have absolute respect for his vision, work, and work ethic. All his work I've seen is truly inspirational.

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 11:17 am

I have met this "Slim" fellow quite a few times and found him to be an abrasive asshole. This shitty trike only supports that assessment. The complete lack of chrome and gloss paint is unsettling, not to mention tires with no tread. That is just downright unsafe. This posting has convinced me to quite this crappy website and join American Iron.

Yours in sarcasm,

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 12:04 pm

Too much chrome.......

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 01:10 pm

And it looks like something that would belong at Slab City all
year round... very Mad Max.

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 03:38 pm

I always see Slim at the LBC swap meet and no matter how many times I see this guy in a magazine, he still always has a moment to say whats up to a nobody like me. Not only does he build the most off the wall machines, he's one of the coolest guys you'll meet in the business... Slim is the Man.

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 06:19 pm

very very awesome

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 08:34 pm

Hardest working motherfucker in "chop" business.

Commented on 1-29-2011 At 10:43 pm

What's not to like about Slim!? True genius.

Commented on 1-30-2011 At 03:25 am

Haha,last time I sat on this little beast,fucking tires tried to eat my ass. Only person who I think could ride it is Slim. Proud to call the crazy fucker my friend,even more proud of his blue collar work ethic and nose to the grindstone attitude. Can't wait until we unveil the "Lucky Fucker Special"

Commented on 1-30-2011 At 09:07 am

Good to see all this well deserved support.

Hi Slim

Commented on 1-30-2011 At 12:06 pm

Too cool. This is one of those put up or shut up builds, I love it

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 02:55 pm

Death Metal.

Commented on 1-31-2011 At 07:42 pm

pretty fun looking ride.

Commented on 2-3-2011 At 02:35 pm

psycho american made insanity. dig it!

Commented on 3-3-2011 At 08:09 am


The people that are trying to giving you gruff are jealous because they did not think of it first. They do not know you very well do they..... I do and you are a true chop artist in the things you create and you are on the cutting edge.... SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!! If we all were the same in this world it would be awful place to be...... All I can say is CHOP-ON DUDE!!!!!


Commented on 3-3-2011 At 11:43 am

In-Fucking-Sane! I would love to see into his brain sometime... This is a sucide sickle... be safe Slim... we want to see more projects.


Commented on 3-4-2011 At 08:19 am

Live Fast, Die Young, leave a beautiful corpse and a trail of broken hearts behind.

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