Slim's Fabrication of Riverside Country


Fabrication skills and a soul for originality are prized attributes among motorcycle builders, and the energetic fireball behind Slim’s Fabrication effuses both. At his cluttered shop/home interesting one-offs roll out the door regularly. Ironically, nothing Slim builds for his customers or his personal collection of trikes, two-strokes and wheelie-popping dragsters is more interesting or original than the man himself.  

Because he’s a fabricator, Slim understands the power heat and pressure wields over materials like tin and steel. When he isn’t bending metal, however, Slim uses his equally strong powers of persuasion to twist tales and stretch the truth for the entertainment of people around him. I’ve been a spectator during many of Slim’s enthusiastic rap sessions, and the stuff that comes out of his mouth is even wilder than the monsters in his garage. Slim’s ebullience trickles out on his blog periodically, but it flows full-throttle in a live crowd. Some examples*:

I grafted a Holley double-pumper onto an old RM390 Suzuki. Travis Pastrana wanted to jump it over the Grand Canyon, but I couldn’t get it jetted for high altitude.

My mid-engine Dodge van had a blown Mopar 360 and a driveshaft transfer case out of a drag boat. When I saw a dude flip his hydroplane on Lake Puddingstone I borrowed some SCUBA gear and salvaged the wreckage.

My dad races BMX in the 50-over cruiser class. He’s a national champion. I stopped racing a long time ago to take up free diving. One time I held my breath underwater for 87 minutes. Actually I didn’t hold my breath—I buddy-breathed out of a narwhal’s blowhole. Whale skin is a lot softer than you think.

I like using a TIG welder, but I’ve fixed broken frames with jumper cables and a toaster oven in a pinch.

America. Fuck yeah!

Not everything Slim conjures in the fertile mind beneath his well-groomed Mohawk is bat-shit crazy. Slim’s bolt-on sissy bar for rubber-mount Sportsters is simple, functional and easy to install—hallmarks of any great product design. His weld-on hardtails for ‘86–’03 XL’s require only mild fine-tuning depending on the model year, and guys we know who own one love their stance and build quality. In terms of their shape and size Slim’s gas tanks are also things of beauty, if you can overlook their diminutive volume. Slim usually trucks his art bikes to SoCal events, so fuel capacity isn’t a part of his chopper aesthetic.

To climb deeper into the mind of this American original, visit Slim’s blog. To speak personally about custom parts and fabrication services, call Slim at (951) 217-8814.

*Like the subject of this ChopCult feature, its writer is also a fabricator. Several Slim quotes may be customized for dramatic effect.

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Commented on 5-30-2011 At 05:32 am

He seems like a real cool kat been wanting to ask him about a frame just havnt been able to find his email.
Very cool article and great pictures.

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 05:42 am

This guy builds some sick ass shit.

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 05:51 am

Everything I have seen that has built has been nothing short of amazing.

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 05:55 am

Whole lotta rust and bad filled in welds would you take it down the highway ?

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 06:24 am

Skills and a heck of a nice guy.......

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 08:39 am

Awesome browski and an even better fabricator.

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 09:16 am

I'm pretty sure the rusty ones are just lawn decor. Slim did a weld on rigid on my evo sporty over a year ago and since thenive been jumping the shit out of it and it's still perfect. Thanks slim.

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 10:24 am

I like Slims shop. Simple with a nice woodburner. Fuck having a store front and people crawling up your leg all day. Home based shop/business is the way to do it. Slim has s good attitude. Met w/him a couple times and he's a fun cat to be around! I envy guys who do the Fab full time!

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 11:01 am

Nice shop, that tank is slick as owl shit!

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 11:07 am

Id take Rollo's Mom down the fuckin highway........Slim has done a few of my hardtails.....I ride the piss out of em daily.......rock solid.

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 11:44 am

This guy is a genious. I wish you had taken 1000 more pictures! Hahaha

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 03:07 pm

slims the man, great guy, excellent fabricator.
rollo's a bitch

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 04:23 pm

all the bikes ive seen by this guy have been sick as hell. you guys should do a full interview with him, or maybe get him to do a tech write up?

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 05:17 pm


Commented on 5-30-2011 At 05:20 pm

I dig those 2 stroker chops!

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 05:32 pm

love this guys shit..

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 07:21 pm

Super-nice guy.

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 08:18 pm

Met him at Slab city, heck of a funny, witty guy. Cleaver builds as well, slick shit. Cheers Slim!

Commented on 5-30-2011 At 09:03 pm

Thats my xs650 in the 5th picture, behind the trike. No disrepect, Rollo... one thing i know from dealing with slim is he rides the shit out of these bikes and stands behind his products and builds so, you can bet ya ass for a pack of smokes up in the folsom that those welds are as strong as tossed salad breath., I plan to ride it up and down the 14 from rosamond to palmdale and into the SFV too boot( with alot of stopping for gas). Peace.

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 04:23 am

Always like to see what Slim's been up to. Call those welds what you will, but they're a lot prettier than the ones I make, that's for sure. Same goes for his bikes.

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 07:40 am

Slims work is great. Ive had him do lots of work for me.

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 08:13 am

A guy truly doing his own thing and a GREAT person as well. Right on slim. Keep on keepin on brother.

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 08:50 am

I saw some of his stuff at the long beach swap, amazing work

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 09:01 am

Wanna put your money where your mouth is?

I'd take any of Slim's bikes down the highway. I've seen 95% oh his builds personally,and my current project is all fabbed by Slim(Hardtail section,fake oil tank for electrics,handle bars,sissy bar,plate mount,seat pan) and I can tell you,I am very stoked and assured you the quality of Slim's work,even his so called "art bikes",which are very functional.

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 10:41 am

AMERICA FUCK YA! been seeing his shit in mags for awhile he turns trash into treasure and to me thats what its all about.

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 05:15 pm

Slim is a very good dude. I ordered some stuff from him and he sent a personal letter with the order. Love his work.

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 06:58 pm

slim builds some really rad shit but we already n
know that

Commented on 5-31-2011 At 08:12 pm

Rollo is just pissed off cause Slim isn't a chromosexual like him. Do your thing Slim!

Commented on 6-3-2011 At 09:28 pm

Slim is an excellent fabricator and an all around great guy.
If you don't like his work, good, fuck off. Enjoy your bolt on live to ride bull shit and have a nice day.
Great write up.
Drink raw milk!

Commented on 6-5-2011 At 08:51 am

Met, Slim Last year @ SCR good dude, great work

Commented on 6-5-2011 At 08:31 pm

i got on his blog to see about a bolt on sissy bar he makes for rubber mount sportys, his number is up there, but i dont wanna bother the guy about somethin that simple... anyone know how much that little sissy bar runs for?

Commented on 6-9-2011 At 08:31 pm

call him up man,, he's down for a chat

Commented on 6-10-2011 At 03:10 pm

Slim kicks ass! I recently had him fabricate a few things for my sporty - hardtail, fender, oil tank, sissy bar, and seat pan. He did a kickass job. Now if only I can get some spare time to get it finished. I can't wait to get it done (paint, mild mods, seat covered, etc.).

I'll be going back to him for some exhaust.

By the way, his prices are reasonable.

Thanks, Slim!

Commented on 11-1-2011 At 02:50 pm

Keep staying outside the box

Commented on 8-20-2013 At 12:28 am

Does any one have a contact email for slim

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