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Eric Secor's well-ridden Triumph embodies perfectly the style of "sickle" you'll find on this SoCal resident's popular blog. is Eric's labor of love and personal homage to hot rods and bobbers, and his bike is that website's own best mascot.

Here's the details on Eric's Thunderbird, in his own words.

Owner: Eric Secor
Location: La Quinta, CA



Year, make, model, modifications: stock 1958 Triumph 6T Thunderbird 650
Frame: stock front loop with David Bird hardtail
stock front end with MCM fork covers
Tire/wheel size and style: 18" rear drum; 19" front drum with Avon rubber



Favorite thing about this bike: My friend found the tank at a swap meet and it changed the whole look of my motorcycle
Thanks to: Wes, Kutty, Papa Paul, Marty








Click the image above for a desktop background sized pic 


Eric's ChopCult profile

Sleds and Sickles blog


Photos: BFJosh




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Commented on 1-13-2010 At 06:32 am

this is my favorite trumpet period. that loop frame, that bitchin paint, just gorgeous

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 08:02 am

that is an awesome scoot. I'm starting a triumph build and this bike is definitely giving me inspiration!!!

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 08:38 am

Ahhm... nota 6 pra essa moto! Apesar de ser uma moto bonita em geral, suas formas e simplicidade não me agradaram!

(Great overall bike, I think the headlight is a little small... my 2 cents)

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 09:59 am

the end of the frame is so clean. this is a great SICKLE for sure.

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 10:08 am


... that's why I like him.

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 10:11 am

not usually a fan of sporty tanks on brits...but on this one it works so well.
love this bike, has a great presence to it.

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 10:21 am

yes yes! i think this thing is just dialed right in. really dialed in but not tooo far!

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 11:51 am

well done sir

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 12:57 pm

Sits nice. Frame is sweet!

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 01:53 pm

Fuckin gorgeous!!! And the bike is sweet too. haha

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 03:57 pm

sweet ride. i dig the paint. now i want a triumph

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 04:17 pm

Inspiring. Thanks.

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 04:22 pm

Thanks to all the guys who were willing to lend their time to help Eric make this bike happen. I don't see my thank you up there, but being good company helps, right?! :)

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 06:57 pm

great bike, makes me miss my old limey

Commented on 1-13-2010 At 07:51 pm

Yeh this was in another post earlier on wasn't it, I dig this ride, damn that's some amazing shine on the cases.

Commented on 1-14-2010 At 03:48 pm

Absolute simplicity at its best. Proving that less is MORE! Nice whip bro.
Truly inspiring.

PS. God IS love fosho! Plain and simple.

Commented on 1-14-2010 At 05:47 pm

I hate to throw a wet towel on everyone's comments, but that is NOT a Triumph... sorry.

If you look at the sand in the pictures, you will see pretty quickly that there is no oil spots beneath the bike. POSER!

( I may be jealous here... just a teeny bit)

Commented on 1-14-2010 At 09:14 pm

very cool, paint is on point, the whole set up is on point...good shit

Commented on 1-15-2010 At 10:27 pm

Thanks everyone

Commented on 1-16-2010 At 08:25 am

ERic! Wuz Up?

Commented on 1-17-2010 At 12:56 pm

Thats one sick bike Holmes

Commented on 1-18-2010 At 05:12 am

What's up Eric, bike is looking good man

Commented on 1-18-2010 At 05:12 am

What's up Eric, bike is looking good man

Commented on 3-2-2010 At 01:08 pm

All I can say is......WOW!!!!

Commented on 1-20-2011 At 09:57 pm

Love the killer paint.

Commented on 11-1-2013 At 12:17 pm

What are the dimensions on the hardtail?

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