Show Class Magazine presents: Snowblind


Well, it would be a lie to say that the first the idea of running Riley's bike came up my mind didn't race to Tony Hawk (Riley's world-renowned skateboarding father).... but, as soon as I saw the bike and learned a bit more about Riley I almost forgot all about his connection to the bird man and all the childhood dreams that are tied to him in my reminiscent mind.... Riley's bike is raw and built to be ridden... he has the same gnarly attitude about his bike as he does his skating and that's what makes his bike pure and amazing.... We are really stoked to be able to run Riley's sporty in the mag... thanks for all the support!



I bought this bike because I had just sold my iron head to a friend and really wanted something to ride.I had pretty much this exact bike visioned in my head so it took a while to get it how I wanted. My buddy Brendon helped me through the whole thing, I couldn't have done it without him, he the man. Also thanks to Chris Henry for his time and welding knowledge. The bike doesn't have a name but always wanted to call it Snowblind so guess as of right now that's it's name haha . Thanks for showing off my janky sportster in your guys' epic mag.




Fabricator Brendan Anderson and Chris Henry.

Year 1999

Model 883




Upgrade to 1200 kit

Carb CV

Air Cleaner lowbrow

Pipes Paughco




Painter myself

Color cream/off white




Year Stock 1999 Sporty with Haifley Bros. hardtail kit




Bars Harley buck bars

Risers Replica vintage Harley risers

Fender Haifley Bros.

Headlight Lowbrow triangle light

Taillight Double bullet lights from an old pan head

Front pegs Stock Harley

Rear pegs random ebay score



"Snowblind" was featured in Show Class Magazine's Issue 23. Do us a solid and give Riley Hawk a follow on Instagram.

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Comment with Chopcult (26)

Commented on 4-27-2015 At 11:08 am

This bike rules

Commented on 4-27-2015 At 01:26 pm

hmm, looks like 8 over forks? Should shave those legs. Nice looking motorcycle, gotta love that haifley kit.

Commented on 4-27-2015 At 03:02 pm

well... this just made me feel incredibly old.

Commented on 4-27-2015 At 06:42 pm

nice machine.

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 05:07 am

Sorry, don't think so.

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 10:22 am

freedom of speak, watch what you say...i guess

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 10:34 am

*edit* "speach"

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 10:53 am

I think "speech" is what you're going for there...

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 11:10 am

yeah don't see the big deal but that's me

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 05:36 pm

I think some people don't like this bike because they assume he's a rich kid...I think this bike is awesome I dig it!

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 06:25 pm

Bike Rules, follow all his homies on ig & their bikes are sick too. This LA photog named Morgan Newton took these photos I believe.

Commented on 4-28-2015 At 09:07 pm

Nice work. I see a really good Harley rendition of the Steve McQueen Indian chopper. Right down to paint color, side pipes and bed role. Was the McQueen bike the inspiration?

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 06:17 am

holy shit cisco, i just looked up that bike and you're on point.

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 06:54 am

long as he rides it whats the problem?? lol FTW

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 07:59 am

Riley rules and he rode the shit out of that bike. I personally witnessed him hauling ass two up through deep desert sand at like three in the morning just killing it for fun! So tight.

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 08:22 am

who did the flame job on the tank ?

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 02:54 pm

I'd be pretty happy if my evo sportster looked like that . . minus the rock of course!

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 05:14 pm

You don't get a bike that crusty without putting miles on it, dude built for himself not all of us...

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 05:14 pm

You don't get a bike that crusty without putting miles on it, dude built for himself not all of us...

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 05:22 pm

Dats a chop

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 07:26 pm

i think good ole riley has enough followers haha! the dude is a shredder and a legend! i think all the dudes that used to skate or still do are bike enthusiasts. good looking chick bike tho! <3

Commented on 4-29-2015 At 10:51 pm

Nothing too insane about the bike at all and was surprised to see a sportster engine- rockstar skater can't afford a big twin? Shovels go for 5 grand all day long. Never understood people putting a lot of work into sportsters.

Commented on 4-30-2015 At 04:32 am

I love the style of the bike but...., the much more than "road worn" look does not do it for me. I had bikes that looked like that when I couldn't afford crap and could only get a bike one step away from the scrap heap. I do not want to go back to that time. Why anyone would want to duplicate that...? I don't know. Doesn't have to be a show bike, just clean it up a little. Cisco nailed it. Definitely a Steve McQueen clone. A great old school style. One of my favorites!

Commented on 5-1-2015 At 06:27 pm

"Never understood people putting a lot of work into sportsters . . " WTF ?

Commented on 5-4-2015 At 07:35 am

I'd rather ride a sportster chop than fix a shovelhead any day.

Commented on 5-5-2015 At 01:24 am

As he said " Just sold my Ironhead and wanted another ride".Kinda.
This is it.
Keep riding mate.

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