Show Class Magazine Presents Flyin' High


Words By Bram


Photos by Jelle and Bram


The bike was originally bought by a shop owner as a basketcase 10 ago. He rebuilt it completely and sold it to a girl that only rode it around the church and took actually good care of it. I bought this bike 4 years ago from her because she needed the money, stripped and changed it a bit and rode it like that for 2 summers. In the mean time gathering ideas & stuff for the big change.Had a tight plan which changed a lot throughout the build : different front end (the 33mm 4” over being a little bit fucked), tank, handlebars, oiltank, etc.







I ran in some trouble with the frame but that worked out pretty fine thanks to the guys from Iron Pit. Got the frame back, put the engine in (which didn’t need any work and hasn’t since), rewired it, mounted everything else, started it and rode it as much as I could. This summer I rode it to Germany, Denmark, Sweden (Jokers show), France and the UK (The Trip Out) without any problems!


Thanks to everybody that helped me out: Iron Pit, Sam (STC), Jelle




’75 Ironhead XLCH

Stock frame w/ custom made weld-on by Iron Pit (no stretch or drop)

Custom oiltank, exhausts & loads of other details by Iron Pit

Stock 35mm front end w/ 21” Avon

18” rear Dunlop K70

Stock lights

Modified ironhead rear fender

Cheap tri-dent sissybar

Cheap reproduction seat & p-pad

Frisco style gastank

Rattlecan paint job



Be sure to grab Issue 15 now!

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Commented on 10-21-2013 At 10:47 am

I love that bike!!!

Commented on 10-21-2013 At 12:01 pm

simple and really fucking clean style.

Commented on 10-21-2013 At 04:25 pm

hardtail lines are damn good

Commented on 10-21-2013 At 04:44 pm

I'll take one!

Commented on 10-21-2013 At 11:20 pm

God damnit this makes me want an IH...

Commented on 10-22-2013 At 06:06 am

Nice bike! Great job!!!

Commented on 10-22-2013 At 02:14 pm

This bike makes me want an "Ironhaid sportstah."
Although the last time I rode one I was not impressed with that drum up front.
Not even in the early 70's...

Commented on 10-22-2013 At 03:52 pm

Beautiful ride. Now I miss my IH. Dang.

Commented on 10-23-2013 At 05:39 am

Clean and simple scoot!!!

Commented on 10-23-2013 At 11:18 am

Thanks to Chop Cult & Show Class to feature my bike.
And all the positive reactions !

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