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In this internet world I "meet" a lot of people... I've learned it's easy for people to re-create themselves and redefine who they are to fit the "scene" they are trying to be a part of... Why do I say that? Well, I met Trent over the computer but he has become a great friend who I am thankful for meeting... moral of the story is Trent is Trent at all times... what you see is what you get - much like his bikes...Trent has been building bullet-proof bikes built to look amazing and GO.... he has been consistent with his style for as long as I've known him, not being one to buy into the newest and latest trends... his bikes are timeless with classic lines and 100% solid. If you're not familiar with Atomic Custom you should be...I got to see BF6 before the show and I have to say I was blown away... the details are amazing and the craftsmanship is top-notch... I was honored to be able to run a feature on it in Issue 21. Good bikes... good friends...Tim



When I got the call from Grant inviting me to build for Born Free 6 I decide I was going to build a long and crazy chopper.. So I cut up a nice original wishbone, stretched it, raked it, mocked it up and it just sat there. I wasn't motivated to build a long bike. I had another bike I was building to spec/sell sitting on the other lift, just the bones.. stock frame, stock springer.... and decided that was the way I was going to go. I like bikes to ride, long bikes are fun.. but not as fun (at least for me) as cutting up roads on a stock geometry rigid frame.. I wanted the bike to be fully ride-able but able to stand up against other potential show bikes. So the picture was painted in my head. Stock frame, stock springer, mild chopper style.. solid. 64 Pan bottom end was mated to a 66 top (topped by some Throwback rocker covers), fully rebuilt with a mild cam and a slight compression bump. A rebuilt S&S L was sourced and some custom linkage was made to be clean and functional.. Hans at Cycle Goods whipped up a neat little bird catcher for me and Dave at Morris hooked me up with a one off mag that tucks in ever so nicely. Stock 4 gear was hooked up using a Primo belt drive and pro clutch inside one of Mr Phares awesome primary covers. Custom linkage was fabbed up to operate the foot clutch cleanly and efficiently. A shorty king/queen pan was fabbed and sent to long time friend Christian Marsh for his magical leather treatment. Dalton Walker made a set of bitchin round spoke invaders and that finished up the look. Way too many hours were spent twisting and hammering metal to add a little pop to the Browns chrome plating. Many more hours of fab disappear into the BF6 bike, but I like it to be just that.. invisible.. clean and functional.. yep, that's my style bro. My good friend John Stromberg laid down the amazing paint to finish off my effort for Born Free 6.. I am happy with how it turned out and have been putting down the miles since.. nimble and fun as hell to ride..

Thanks to Grant and Mike for allowing me to put something together for the show! It is always an amazing honor to be able to bring some Atomic style to Born Free.


Photos by Vic Macias


Owner name, location: Trent Schara, Atomic Trent, New Mexico

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 1964 bottom/66 top. Wiseco forged andrews A grind, custom Morris magneto, S&S L carb.



Frame: 1952

Fork: Inline

Chassis mods: Stockish



Tire/wheel size and style: 21/16

Favorite thing about this bike: Twists



Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: so many



Thanks to: John Stromberg for the paint, Browns plating for the chrome, Xian Leather for the leather!


Be sure to check out Trent's website,,and give him a follow on Instagram and Facebook.






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Commented on 1-26-2015 At 03:42 pm

F*ckin sweet

Commented on 1-26-2015 At 03:45 pm

Amazing. Beautiful bike! Killer detail!

Commented on 1-26-2015 At 04:18 pm

Great dude. Great bike.

Commented on 1-26-2015 At 05:58 pm

Slick ass ride!

Commented on 1-26-2015 At 06:53 pm

I've seen a lot of bikes on here,all nice,but this bike is killer.

Commented on 1-26-2015 At 09:47 pm

This is a head turner for sure. great work.

Commented on 1-27-2015 At 05:59 am

Trent does it again. Outstanding!

Commented on 1-27-2015 At 06:41 am

Don't some guys avoid 66 heads because the intake and exhaust valves are the same size? Really nice build though, it's a lot busier than his other builds but damn fun to gawk at.

Commented on 1-29-2015 At 06:11 am

She's a beaut.

Commented on 1-29-2015 At 12:54 pm

When you build bikes this beautiful (and Trent does regularly) you don't have to do anything to make the bike "cool" or to fit the "trends." Both "cool" and "trends" change to become this.

Amazing, as usual.

Commented on 1-29-2015 At 01:38 pm

Yeah Bud ! nice bike Trent !

Commented on 1-30-2015 At 06:28 am

Thanks so much for the feature ChopCult and thanks for all the kind words!

Commented on 1-30-2015 At 11:24 am

Bike looks so good, great job!

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